[One31]Ruk Laek Pop : Film Thanapat/ Vill Wannarot/ Bifern Anchasa


sarNie OldFart
From the title and the "poster"update, sounds like a time traveling lakorn. So more than likely Vill is in the past and Bifern and Film are from the future. One of them is going to time travel and at the end Film will probably end up with Bifern.


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The title for this has changed to Ruk Laek Pop. Not sure if Bifern Anchasa is still in this. Bifern is still in this. She was at the blessing ceremony lol.


Credit ONE31 Facebook.


sarNie OldFart
This lakorn is OneHD's next big project.
There's not much info at all. Only thing is that it is a time traveling lakorn. Vill and Film are the lead.