[ONE31] Si Thep Poo Pitak: Tongtong Kitsakorn / Suzana Renaud / Kong Wittaya / Guy Ratchanont


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Saw this from a post in Pantip

15.ดิน น้ำ ลม ไฟ
นักแสดง: กฤษกร กนกธร,ซูซานน่า เรโนล
บทประพันธ์: -
บทโทรทัศน์: -
กำกับการแสดง: -
I also saw in Thai Wikipedia page of One31 that this might replace the currently-airing "Siang Euan Sateuan Dao". The title literally means "Earth Water Wind Fire". Could this be some superhero drama (as One31 tends to alternate that genre and country musical in the 1900H timeslot)?

No further info found regarding this drama yet, so feel free to move this around as suited.

EDIT: Looks like this will be a remake of the Channel 3 drama from 2009, starring Krit and Joy.

Ever since the Vietnam War, the USA sent their troops in to be stationed in Thailand. The drug named “heroine” becomes known all over the world with Thailand as the main producer and export. Outlaws start to rise and it becomes a drug selling ring across countries that has power above right in the country. Dealing with these outlaws is difficult when the law is unable to punish them. 4 anonymous heros, Din, Narm, Lorm, and Fai (Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire) become the headmen to gathering the villagers to go against the outlaws and they don’t want much except for the peace of the country.
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