{ONE31} The Frog Prince : Son Yuke, Vill Wannarot


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I love these two together! I watched their first lakorn together and they have always had good chemistry. Cried a lot watching Tae Pang Korn...we'll see about this one...wasn't a fan of the Taiwanese one...


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I want to see Film and Vill too lol I'm waiting for them..
I love Film and Vill too. Wish day they will be paired up in a good lakorn. However, Son and Vill are one of my favorite couple on screen. Happy to see them back together again.


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Yay! I've been waiting for them to reunite in another good drama. I never watched the Taiwanese version because pra'ake wasn't enough to pull me in. lol I heard that there's a Chinese version coming out soon too. Hopefully the Thai version will do the original justice but knowing it's One31, it might take a different route. lol Anyways, I'm excited to see these two onscreen together again. :D


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i was so excited that they were reuniting but as i read everyone comment and found out it was a re-make of Taiwanese drama of "prince who turn into frog"(didn't like the drama and also, it similar to their 2012 lakorn Sao Noi ) i was soooooooooo :mad:. why cant they just stick to thai.:sad6:
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I like the Chinese 1....it did drag a little bit for me but it was still good....


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........ The Frog Prince?? I watched the Taiwanese version, and its romcom. I was expecting something like hardcore angst, tense, and drama-romance. Hmmmm..... I guess I will just have to watch this for Vill and Son.
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I don't care what drama they remake, just make sure it's not like Tae Pang Korn. They barely even touched in there. Can we get plenty of really cute, sweet, passionate, and jin skinship in here? I've never seen any previous versions, so no idea how the storyline goes.


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OMG this is actually happening... TPK was such a disappointment and I just couldn't accept reality that that would be their very last lakorn together. I am super happy that they will once grace the screen together but then I am upset that it is another remake... sure not a Thai original but it is still a remake. And then I guess I ain't so mad either because I love The Prince Who Turned into a Frog... one of my top 20 all time favorite Taiwanese drama. Okay, lets just say it is complicated haha
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It was ok...it does drag and I skipped here and there. But since thai lakorns are generally shorter hopefully they don't at unnecessary fillers.
That's what I don't like about non-Thai dramas. So much dragging, although their storylines could be solid.