[OneHD] Roy Leh Sanae Rai (EXACT)

No doubt the younger lawyer guy can't act. Lol. He's worse than Bomb T. (I love Bomb btw). But, as much as I love Lily. I think Push is more suitable with Jui...so far. Gawh! Push! He's soooooo fineeeeeee!!!!!


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I thought I was the only one who wanted Aerin instead of Mali as Pornfah. Haha.
I think Tin is actually doing better in the second episode. He's definitely not as bad as Bomb T. lol
And my hatred for Kongpope is really growing lol I feel satisfied once someone interrupts him with Namneung. LMAO
Lily is doing a decent job, I have zero problems with her. Note is very cute and Chin is good. :D


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I am enjoying Lily in the Namneung role... I find her more convincing than Push a little (ok, I'm biased because I loved Tik as Kongpope). Regardless, I look forward to seeing their chemistry because I've never really followed either one before. I'm not sure what the hype is about Mo, but I've never been a fan... I think she's more nangrai material than n'ek, just my two cents.


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roselovesice said:
 I just don't like the lawyer friend, Tin/Tim. The way he talks and move his mouth bothers me. lol 
LMAO!  :lmao2:
I was going to point this out on my previous post also, but then I blabbered too much about everyone's bad acting so I decided to delete the lawyer part  :lolyup: .
Glad to know that others thought he was doing bad acting also.


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Mahalo said:
Mo also has the mean look to her that Aom had. Lol. That's why she kind of fits the original Neung. They're both petite and natural cryers. I like Lily so far but Mo is another alternative if they're trying to go by Aom and Tik's version. Push just seems comedic most of the time. The background music is messing everything up because it sounds too happy. I thought this was drama/revenge? I guess we can never have our hopes up for any lakorn. We always seem to be disappointed when the ones we weren't expecting to be good turns out to be good. *cough* Leh Ratree *cough*
When Mo first debuted in a lakorn, I thought she wasn't suited for na'ek material. Lol, Mo seriously does have that mean look too, but there's just something about her that I like, which is why I've always stated that she should work on toning down her expression. It's not like I never tried Aom's lakorn, but I just can't seem to like her enough. The only lakorn where I ever appreciated her acting was in Malai Sarm Chai.
I think I'm too used to the old version to expect any of the new version to be good, but I'll wait til they get to the climax of the story first to see how it is.


I'm watching this and thinking to myself, why hasn't Aerin been receiving better roles? She has been doing great ever since her debut. Lakorn world is so unfair sometimes. I would to see Aerin as n'ek sometime soon. I don't care if she started out as nang rai or if anyone argues that she's more fit as supporting or rai. In my eyes she deserves a n'ek character.


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Please tell me where I can find the english sub of this- I want to compare it to the older version.


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I did some gifs, if anyone is interested hehe





without the annoying ads and icons : 
I don't think I can catch up next week's episodes, not until 2 weeks from now. Hopefully, there will be some subs available once I'm back from my dreaded exam period lol 


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I think One/Exact is trying to raise a new generation of nang'rais. The current ones are getting older and some should watch out, they might get boost to 2nd or 3rd supporting. Lol


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Ncmeowmeow35 said:
I believe they broke up a while back
Oh :( I was hoping it'd last when they got back together after that first break up lol or maybe they never got back together .. I can get confused sometimes rofl. I remember them and a business together but I don't remember if this was after or before break up. 


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even though the acting doesn't impress me YET & the make up artist is blinding me w/ powder -- i do love the skinship & my greedy eye want more  ^^^ i wonder if they going keep the rscene ^^^  :dance1: