Our Destiny


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Coming Soon Next Month.
[ I wanted to make it different mixing up celebrties and culture. ] :)

Se7en is a very popular pop star in south koeran. Chompoo is a regular thai model in thailand. Meeting each other was fate. One day Se7en counld'nt handle being a pop star so he decide to hide somewhere in a town in thailand. Along the way Chompoo coming back from a photoshot she was drving and actdently hit Se7en. For the good of her career she didn;t want to lose it. instead taking him to the hospital she took him to her home. She tooked care of him. The sad part is that Se7en lost his momery about who he really is. He didnt know how to speack thai but english. Along the way he trap in Chompoo hand but really at the end they fall in love with each other. But what will happen if he gain his memory back? Would he still keep the love or leave?


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[ Se7en Make - up Room In Bangkok. Concert! ]

“ Sir, are you ready?” said one of the make up artist.

Se7en turn his chair around. “ I’m ready when ever I’m ready. Please leave me be.” said Se7en. After everyone left the room Se7en stood up and looked at himself in the mirror.

He tried to smile but he couldn’t. All he can hear is screaming fans from outside his room. “ SE7EN!!!!!! SE7EN!!!! SE7EN”

At that moment he looked very uncomfortable. He felt like he wanted to go somewhere alone.

“ I can’t take this anymore. I never thought being a pop star would be this much stress!.” While saying that he took off his jacket and grab his cell and called his driver. “ Come pick me up right now.” Then he open the door and cameras a new reporter was crashing down his door room and he was trying to shut the door. He think and then he looked up. “ The vents” he said. He open it up and with in it. His manger came in. “ Are you ready my pop sta..rrr.” He was shock that he disappear. He tried calling him and his phone was off. “ Damn you, how could you leave me with all these people.” He went to Se7en Make up chair and desk and grab the gel bottle and throw it in the mirror.

By now Se7en almost to his car. As walking to his car the driver said “ Where you want to go?” Se7en quickly grab him and put him of aside and took the car and drive away. The driver was surprise. He kick the ground.

Now Se7en is driving. He has flashback. Then it hit him. He stop and realize his car was out of gas. He got out and dam was he mad, he kick his car door and punch the window. After that he had a bloody knuckles. He slowly sit down and think.

Chompoo just got of a photo shoot. “ Thank you auntie for all your hard work. Thank you for giving me this job” “ No problem now go home its getting late.”

Chompoo grab her purse and left. Now she driving.

Se7en was touching his ring and he took it off his married finger. He now having flash back about his fiancée and how he can’t do anything about her and him. He stood up got mad and throw it on the ground and it was rolling down the street. Chompoo wasn’t looking since she was to busy searching her cell since someone was calling her. When she grab her cell she look up. Se7en was running to get the ring , he picked it up and Chompoo's car hit him.


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no!!! why quit so early? you barely posted chapter 1 yesterday & I just saw that you updated today T_T And I want to know if their relationship develops & if when he remembers he'll return to his fiance or stay with Chompoo T_T Please continue.


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Dont give up! you have too fight fight fight :] i like you fanfice; i love the way that diffent culture are mix; please continue;


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Chapter Two

Sev7en hit Chompoo car and roll back to the ground. Chompoo open the car door. first she saw somw blood flowing to her heels. She got scare. She slowly walk foward and slowly she saw Se7en body. Her hand started shaking. Herbody started shaking. The only moment she can do . She then fall backward and said " i killed him? I killed him? I killed him??" She got up and went inside her car and turn on her engine and turn left and started driving again. She look out her right door she looked up in her rear mirror and see the body moving.She stop.

[ Se7en laying down ]
" Ouuuch mmmy hheeaad hurt? " Se7en said. Then he looked at his left and saw a black car. since his head hurted so much it was bluring and he fainted.
[ Back at chompoo in the car ]
" He. He. he.... alive. " chompoo said nervously. She drove back and got out of the car. She open her car and walked to Se7en. She quickly listen to Se7en heart beat in his chest? [ beeat. beeat. beeat]
" He alive." Chompoo said in a relivef. She grab Se7en arm and slowly push and pull and carry Se7en to her car. Chompoo put him in theback seat and when she does Se7en started talking. " I miss you? I'm sorry? I love you?" [ in korean ]
" What is he saying? He.. Hee.. Korean? " said chompoo. So Chompoo let go. She went to her seat and started driving. " Should i take him tothe hospital? If i do I'll lose my job? No I'm not going to risk it. i'll just call uncle Tao to check him up? Yea. Yea. I'll do that." So chompoo grabher cell.

[ at Chompoo place ]
" Uncle Tao, is he going to be ok?" chompoo said whilce walkngback and fourth. " he got hit pretty bad? why not take him to the hosptail.? But lucky he wasnt hit that bad. " uncle Tao said when he bandge Se7en head. " Chompoo what really happen?"
[ Flashback (chompoo)]
Se7en runing to the middle of the road and he see me coming and he ran back but didnt ran back in time?
[ Back to realily ]
" Nothing uncle Tao." Chompoo said. " This fellow pretty lucky. He'll be ok but i recomment you to take him to the hospital. " " Ok uncle Tao" chompoo said.
Then he left. Chompoo looking at Se7en. She went to him and tuck him in bed.
"Hopefully your ok?"
[ The next day ]
[ In se7en dream ]
" Wake up? Wake up? (female voice)"
Flash back about the car accicent then he woke up?
Se7en looked around like where the hell am i? He touch his head " Ouch?"
he said painfully. Ugh where am i? Hello? Hello?
Chompoo got out of the shower and he looked at her all crazy n she scream and he towel came off. She screamed even louder. " AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
" Stop it my head hurt. " Said Se7en. Chompoo grab her towel and put it on again and walked to him and said in english : " Are you ok? " Se7en was like WTF?
" do you speck Thai at all?" Se7en think " Thai? Thai??" " Not Much. " in english. " Its ok you should rest. " Chompoo put on some clthes whileing
looking at Se7en . Se7en hithis head and lay back down. he stood back up and said "Humm who am I?"


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Luckily he isn't hurt too bad. Chompoo could've done even more harm to him by moving him LOL. I can't believe she was gonna leave him to die @ first. Thanks for updating.


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Chapter 3
" Who am I?" Se7en says. Chompoo look around " Humm Humm?" She look down and saw her mens magazines and saw the name Jan. She look up and said " Your.. Your.. names is Jan." She said stuttering.
" Jan, Why doesnt it sound familer with me?" Se7en said cluelessly. " I don't know? You said your name was Jan last night?" Chompoo reply. " Last night? What did we do last night????" Se7en said hitting his head. " Don't.. don't you remeber .... " Chompoo thinking" OMG, what am i going to do. I can;t lost my job and fame now!" Chompoo said . " Don't you remeber yesterday hubby? " Chompoo choked and turn her back. " What just happen did i really say hubby? Ohhhh Poo look what i got myself into.?" Se7en said " Hubby? I don't remeber getting marrying at all.? Se7en got out of bed and walk closer to chompoo while his head bruise still hurt from the accient. " Of course we are not marry at all, we are engage silly?" Chompoo said. " Enaged?" " Yea, see we been enage for almost 2 years now. Don;t tell me you forgot?" Chompoo fake crying to the bed. " you had an acciendt just 3 month ago and you just got better... the doctor told me you may forget about me alittle but i didnt listen." Wimping chompoo said. Se7en look at his hand and saw his ring on his marrying hand. he thought " OMG, i am really marrying? How can i forget"? Se7en got up and said " Give me some time to think?" Choopoo stood up wipe her tears and whiling she was at the door she evil smile and left. Se7en thinking and he was like its a lie. Its a lie. He decided to go look around and see if there any picture of him any where in her home.
" I dont see me anywhere?