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Chapter One:​

1945 Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia were in a war over the Philippines Island. Many great resources lays within the rice terrace with easy transportation to Japan and across to the U.S.A. The war started in 1930, Thailand and Laos were allies for an amount of time but in 1939 something went wrong and caused Laos to have ties with Vietnam and Thailand with Cambodia. Many men have died over this useless war, their streets are dangerous with enemies lurking everywhere.

Major General Wattanapanit was the in great power not letting Thailand lose to the enemy. He had two sons and one daughter, the oldest, Harit, Chanarong, and Lawan. They were descendants of the famous queen and kings o Thailand. After retirement, Harit came into power, he was strict and hard to approach, the man had a straight face the whole time but a kind heart. He patrolled the night and sometimes the morning.

The streets were abandoned, you could barely see anything even with the street lights on, the cold wind swaying at times, it was midnight beyond anyone's curfew. Harit was patrolling the night.

Harit: "Who's there?" The figure started running, "STOP!" He blew his whistle for back up. Harit step in front the intruder and tried to remove the mask, the person was wearing a black outfit, covering his or her face well. "I asked you, who are you?" Instead of answering the person tried to escape, but Harit was quicker, Harit pushed him back but felt something, "What the?" Suddenly the sound of sirens came and Harit looked the way it was coming. The figure covered her chest and ran for the alley.

Kiet: "Major, is there anything wrong?"
Harit: "No just patrol these streets better."
Sakda: "Major, a report from the General came in for you, he says it's urgent."
Harit: "Let's go back."

Soriya got home and took off her outfit. She ran to her mirror, "The perv, touched my (touches breasts).." She felt violated, who the hell was he, touching her like that? There was a knock on the door, "Soriya are you asleep yet?"
Soriya: "Not yet mom."
Rayli: "Don't tell me you were out on the streets again, you know there is a curfew now and with all this war going on you don't know what can happen to you."
Soriya: "Yes mom."
Rayli: "Now go to sleep."
Soriya: "(nodds head)"

Harit was sitting in his office, whoever he encountered was definitely a woman, but who was she?

Sorry couldn't think of any names, someone please help me suggest names rather than Harit and Soriya, I want new names but if I can't think of any, I'll just use these.


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Chapter Two:​

Rayli: "Wake UP!" She pulls Soriya's blanket over.
Soriya: "MOM! (Searches for blankets) I don't want to wake up yet."
Rayli: "Why do I have such a lazy daughter?"
Soriya: "(Gets up, her hair is disheveled)"
Rayli: "Look at you, just like your..."
Soriya: "Like who mom?"
Rayli: "No one, just go downstairs your Auntie Rita is waiting for you."
Soriya: "AUNTIE RITA!" She rushes down the stairs to greet, Rita sitting with her husband, she suddenly stops to fix herself and walks in calmly.
Rita: "Good morning Soriya."
Soriya: "Morning Auntie Rita, Uncle Sittichai."
Sittichai: "Morning Soriya."
Soriya: "Auntie Rita, mom told me you wanted to see me."
Rita: "Yes, (digs in her pursue and takes a box out) here is a mask and gown for you. Oh and (looks into the bag) here are your shoes."
Soriya: "Whoa! Auntie Rita, what are these?"
Rita: "That is your mask and ball gown for tomorrow nights masquerade party."
Soriya: "Auntie Rita, I think this is too much. (Pushes the box back.)"
Rita: "Of course not, you are my niece and besides I heard the Major General was going to be there, he's single, maybe you'll hook up."
Soriya: "Why don't you give it to P'Sansanee?"
Rita: "Because she has her fiance, now you need someone too."
Soriya: "Auntie Rita, let's not start this again."
Sittichai: "Rita, I think you should leave the girl alone."
Rita: "She's my niece, and besides I will help you find a good (looks at Sittichai) man."
Soriya: "Well I'm going to go shower." She rans upstairs not taking the things with her knowing Auntie Rita will surely leave it and goes into her room. Her mom walks in,
Soriya: "Mom, (Grabs her blanket while her mom takes the other side) how come Auntie Rita always wears a long sleeve shirt? It's so hot and I'm already dying looking at her."
Rayli: "Soriya, don't be so nosy in her business."
Soriya: "I don't want to be nosy, but it's weird and how come they don't have kids?"
Rayli: "Maybe they aren't ready."
Soriya: "But they..."
Rayli: "If your Auntie Rita heard you talk about this I'm sure she would be upset."
Soriya: "Fine."



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Chapter Two Continued....

Harit was in his office working when Lawan entered, "P'Rit!"

Harit: "Lawan you can't just barge in here like that."
Lawan: "(Rolls her eyes) So I heard you were going to the masquerade ball tomorrow night, any girl you are interested in?"
Harit: "How can I be there's a war going on?"
Lawan: "You are too caught up in this war stuff, we need to find you the perfect girl."
Harit: "Lawan I would appreciate it if you don't talk about this stuff."
Lawan: "I know why you don't want to talk about this...(waits for him to reply) it's because of Uncle Rome isn't it?"
Harit: "(Looks up.)"
Lawan: "I knew it but that doesn't mean you should stop you know."
Harit: "There is a meeting in fifteen minutes I need to gather my things and you need to get out."
Lawan: "Fine." She gets up and opens the door, a handsome man about his middle twenties, tall, chocolate eyes, and muscular stands there.
Pravat: "Excuse me miss, is Major General Harit here?"
Lawan: "(Bursts out laughing)"
Pravat: "Did I say something...?"
Lawan: "No it's just the name sounds funny to me that's all."
Harit: "Leave Lawan."
Lawan: "Yes Major General Harit."
Pravat enters the office, "Major, there is something serious going on around the Mekong River, I think maybe there is going to be another battle."
Harit: "Damn it, when do you think they will strike?"
Pravat: "Major General Aroon thinks maybe sometimes next month."
Harit: "We'll have to plan right away."
Pravat: "Yes sir." He exits as Harit decides to patrol the streets, "Men get the horses ready, we are going to look after the streets."

Soriya finished getting ready, grabbed her basket, and went out the door to the flea market. As she close the door Toey greets her.

Toey: "Morning Khun So."
Soriya: "Hello Toey."
Toey: "Are you going to the flea market too, if you are we can go together."
Soriya: "Sure." They get into a taxi and leave. There were still some people even though the war was going on, it was outside and crowded. Soriya bought some vegetables, pepper, and now she need some onions. Toey and her were walking in the middle crowd when the hoofs of horses came, "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY THE MAJOR GENERAL IS COMING!" Everyone back away, Soriya slipped from Toey's grip, "KHUN SO!" She fell to the ground her grocery fallen everywhere, Harit stops abruptly. He gets off his horse goes to her only his boots are heard as he makes his way to her, Soriya turns around and he is mesmerized by her beauty,

Harit: "Are you alright miss?"
Toey: "Khun So." She rushes to Soriya's side picking up her fallen items.
Soriya: "I'm fine." Everyone still stares at them.
Harit: "If you are not hurt then I suggest you be more careful and move faster. If my horse did not stop in
time you would have been crushed, now move out of the way and let us pass."

She gave him a look, JERK! He was nice to her one moment and the next he tells her to move faster, why doesn't he slow down or go into the street, riding in here for? Idiot! She moves away limping.


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Chapter Three:


Rita: "Where is he?" She paced back and forth in front of the coffee shop. She spotted him, "ERIC!" Why wasn't he responding? Rita walked up to him and tapped his shoulder, "Eric you jerk, why didn't you reply?" The man turned around, Rita: "Shit."
Rome: "Are you talking to me?"
Rita: "Sorry sir, I didn't mean to, thought you were someone else."
Rome: "That's okay but next time make sure you have the right jerk."
Rita: "I said sorry geez." She walked off, "He really is a jerk." As she was walking her skirt caught onto something, "Are you kidding me?" She tried to yank it off, "Come on." It ripped up near her thighs, Rome happen to look and got a glimpse of her undie and smiled proactively. She was all red like a strawberry, "PERVERT!" He went over to her, "This is a pervert." Wrapped his hands around her butt and gave it a squeeze, she had a loud gasp, "Get off me you PERV!" She hit him with her purse but he wouldn't let go, the more she hit the more he squeezed. "You like that don't you, that's why you keep hitting me to not stop." He chuckles, she was heated, Rita used her force to push the man to the ground and started beating him, but really like she could punch, "I see your black undies."
"AH! You nasty, perverted jerk!" She got off him."


Couple days later...........

Mrs.Jensen: "Rita, darling tonight we are hosting a party, Mr.Nampan's son is coming back."
Rita: "Ew...mom that freak, I don't like him."
Mrs.Jensen: "SRIRITA!"
Rita: "Sorry mom, it's just I've never really like him."
Mrs.Jensen: "I didn't tell you to marry him and besides Mrs.Nampan warned me he has a playboy background, I was just telling you to be careful. Watch that mouth of yours."
Rita: "Sorry mom, I'm going to get ready now." She finished her make up and went downstairs to help greet the guests, every since Rayli left the mansion to get married she had been her parents center of attention. Rita was outside leading them into the backyard where the party was being held,

Mrs.Jensen: "Rita!" She turned. "Honey, Mrs.Nampan wants to introduce you to her son." She rolled her eyes, turned around smiled, and went to greet him.
Mrs.Nampan: "Rita, dear how are you doing? Beautiful as ever. (Rita smiles and nodds.) This is my son Rome."
He comes into view, he says with a smile "It's been a long time Rita."
She looks at him and is about to explode, this is the perverted jerk who was looking at my undies the other day, the weak guy I made eat mud, I'm going to kill him later just watch.
She says with a calm voice, "Hello Rome."
Mrs.Jensen: "Rita, I think there are other guests why don't you go greet them."
Rita: "Yes mom." She was glad to get away from that perv. When the guests had all arrived she went upstairs to the balcony for a bigger view. The lights shined bright tonight, many people attended, soft music playing then someone's voice interrupted her,

Rome: "So you surprised?" She looked his way,
Rita: "Surprised at what?"
Rome: "I know you aren't dumb enough to forget me, so what color undies did you wear tonight?"
Rita: "Shut up pervert." She was still turned to him, Rome reached around her waist and sniffed her scent, "What are you doing?" She backed away in case anyone may see.
Rome: "(Let's go of her) Just wanted to get your attention."
Rita: "Ew pervert."
Rome: "(Laughs) Funny, I thought girls like these things, how about we get a private room so I can really show you how big of a pervert I am."
Rita: "(Looks at him disgusted) You have no manners."
Rome: "You know I like girls like you, innocent in the front, wild in the back."
Rita: "How do you know anything about me, stalker."
Rome: "Just by looking at you and your attitude I can tell, so tell me how wild are you really? (Sly grin)"
Rita: "(Slaps him and leaves)"



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omg more..... !!!!!!!!!!!! me want more.... rome is such a perv, but cute at the sametime... Harit and So.. cant wait


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Chapter Three Continued:


Rita woke up at five today her morning exercise, before this war she didn't have to wake up so early. She finished her Pilate, 6:45 a.m. she would wait another fifteen minutes before she could go out. Rome on the other side of the neighborhood, just woke up and decide to go for a drive. He sprang out of bed with messy hair, looked into the mirror, "Good morning handsome, you're looking mighty fine, ladies surely love you." He smiled to himself and went to get ready. Rita dashed out the door and put on her earphones. She decide to go jogging near the park, she turned the corner and was waiting for the sign to say WALK. Rome pulled up, only seeing her back, "Well what have we here..."

"Sup, sugar you up for a run early this morning?" She didn't reply, was he loud enough or was she just deaf?
"Hey! I'm talking to you." Still no reply. The sign said WALK and Rita jogged on ahead. Rome thought she was crazy or something not to hear him, he had a gorgeous voice, Rome smelled his breath mighty clean, did he stink? Could she smell him? A car honked, and he drove on.

Rita finshed her lap and rest on the bench near a lake. She felt so good, her thoughts ran to Rome, she remember pushing his face into the mud and telling him to eat it. Now he was so different and perverted, wait why was she evening thinking about him? She continued on and put on her headphones. Rome thought maybe he score some chicks at the park, don't they always come here to run or get into shape, he thinks he will too. Just then he spot the lady from the streetlight, Rome smelled his breath, clothes, and brushed back his hair for confidence. He started a mild jog and caught up to her and pretend to bump right into her path.

"Oops, miss I'm so sorry." he tried to pick her up, "RITA!" She looked at him,
"Hey pervert, watch where you are going." She got up by herself and brushed off the dirt.
He felt a warm sensation, "It's just you, (notice her earphones, that's why she didn't respond he knew it wasn't him)"
"Yes it's just me, why you think to score some chick over here?"
"No, just coming for a regular jog."
"Yeah sure." She started her path again this way back home.
"HEY! Wait up." No, she couldn't hear him. Rome caught up to her, "Rita! Hey you!" He waved his hands, jogging backwards now, "So nice day huh?" She didn't pay attention to him. "Can I take you out some times?" Still nothing, he was getting frustrated, he knew there wasn't anything wrong with him, must be her he concluded. Rome stop running when they reached his car, and he just stood there as she carried on with her jog.