Paen Din Khong Rao


sarNie Juvenile
Exact lakorn ~1996

i was browsing through johnny's old lakorns and found this. it's quite a sad lakorn. sam didn't get his first love so he stayed single until he met mai. sam married mai, who was the youngest of his best friend's daughters. there's a huge age gap between them according to the story (but same doesn't look old lol). not long after mai had an affair with johnny, who was her older sister's fiance. on their wedding day, mai and johnny ran away leaving everybody miserable and disappointed. her sister went to sam's farm house to deliver her baby (who was johnny's). mai and johnny grew poor and even so he was still a player and had other girls. he became sick. mai became a prostitute to get money to cure him. johnny later found out and left her. she went back to her sister and sam to apologize and finally died of aids.

i don't understand why everybody loved johnny, the bad boy. mai turned from this good girl to someone who was totally obsessed with johnny like how did that happen? sam was so good but no one loved him. even though i didn't like the storyline, going back to watch old lakorns make you realize that the new actors cannot compare to the old ones. people back then were really good.