Painful Love (MTeam) RATED R Chapter 42


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Chapter 3

"Mint I don't want to wear a dress" Wa whine and look at herself in the mirror it was a blue strapless dress up to her knee's with a pink flower on the side waist
"Wa you look amazing" Gib said walking out of the bathroom with a purple dress with pink butterflies everywhere, knee length and strapless
"omo I wanted that dress but you had to get it first didn't you" Yaya said looking at her dark pink dress with white hearts, knee length and also strapless
"I think mine makes my butt look big" Ja complain look at her butt in the mirror
"Jae you look fine in the gold dress and it's strapless and also up to your knee which it is very beautiful on you" Kat said and cat walk around the room wearing a pink sparkly dress, an inch above her knee and fluffy stuff on you the end of the dress and above
"I look amazing" she said and did a 360 degree spin and kiss her hand and blow it at Wa
"ewwwwwww Kat" Wa said laugh at Kat's action
"I know you love it"
"hey gorgeous you look beautiful" Yaya said and sat down next to Mint
"thanks Yaya you too" Mint said and smile
"look at this my best friend is becoming my sister in law and we are going to become one" Gie said and sat on the other side of Mint and hug her
"I know"
*Knock Knock*
"girls get ready wedding is starting in 5 mins" said Mrs W
"thanks aunty/mum" they all said
"look at my beautiful daughter getting married today it was like yesterday the day you were born and now getting married the next day" Mrs W said and smile
"oww mae I will always be your little Minty"
"ja, ill be outside waiting, maids of honor don't forget to who your partner is ok 5 minutes bye"
"so may I ask who you guys are paring up with" Mint asked
"I'm aie Top" Wa said
"I'm p Phet's partner" Sie said
"I'm p Nadech's partner" Yaya said
"of course you are Yaya" Gie said and wink at Yaya who blushed
"anyway I'm Boy's partner" Gie said
"I'm that falung's partner" Ja said
"ohh he is so cute" Kat said
"cute whatever"
"I'm FILM'S PARTNER" Kat said excitedly
"I'm O's partner" Gib said
"nice I would love all you guys to smile and not fight with the guys today and night please... For me your best friend"
"nooooooooooo" they said not sounding happy apart from Sie, Kat, Yaya and Gie
"pleaseeeeeeeee" Mint asked again
"fine for our Minty fresh" said Wa
"WA" Mint said slap Wa's head
"oh time to go, see you out there gorgeous" Yaya said and walk out the rest followed along

Gie and Boy were the first one to walk out arm lock than behid them was Yaya and Nadech next was Gib and Mario and than Ja and Louis and Kat and Film and Wa and Top and lastly Sie and Phet.
Mark who was waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle and couldn't wait to see how sluty she was, the music started playing and Mint finally walk down the aisle with her dad smiling at Mark who just ignore her. Mint finally arrived in front of the priest and Mark. Mark just smirk and turn to the priest.
"do u Mark Parin Suparat, take Mint Chalida Vijiwongtong as ur beloved wife, even" the priest didn't finish as Mark butt in
"I do" the priest nod at how impatient Mark was
"do u Mint Chalida Vijiwongtong take Mark Parin Suparat as ur beloved husband, to care and protect him with ur life and bring happiness to him"
"I do"
"would u like to say anything to eachother"
"I Mint Chalida promise, that I will protect Mark Parin with my life, I will love him with all my heart, I will protect him from all danger.... I love u Mark" Mint said smiling at Mark
"I dont need to say anything" Mark said
"does anyone object their marriage?"
Toey was about to stand up but Mrs S stopped her
"I now pronounce u as husband and wife, u may kiss the bride"
Mark smirk at Mint before giving her a peck on the lips

"khun mae" said Toey
"don't worry noo Toey" Mrs S said and smile evilly at Mint
Everyone cheered
After the congratulations, everyone was eating dinner and dance.
Mint watch everyone enjoy the party and took pictures herself until someone special was standing at the door way cought her eyes
"Mike" Mint said and ran to him and hug him
Mark was sitting down at the table with nothing to do saw Mint hugging a guy
"whoring urself to a guy at ur wedding day ha. I'll make sure I do u until u can't even walk slut"

*Mike and Mint side*
"Mike I thought u would never come" Mint said and pull away from the hug
"I'm sorry I was late I was stuck in the traffic light"
"that's okay Miky at least ur here"
"Miky ur here" Mike smile as he recognize that sweet voice
"Sie how r u" Mike said and hug her
"good thank u, Miky come on let's go c the other girls they would be so surprise to c u here, u too Mint come" Krissie said and drag Mike and Mint to the table

*Girls Table*
"girls guess who is here" Sie said
"Choi Seunghyun TOP oppa?" Kat said almost screaming
"no Kat he is still in South Korea singing his sexy songs"
"um G.Dragon" Eye said
"Taeyang" said Gie
"Let's put it this way Big Bang, B.A.P, SHINee, DBSK, Beast" said Ja
"no no no no and no"
"who than" Yaya asked
"it is MIKY"
"Miky where" Gie stood up and look left to right, up in the sky and down under the table
"I'm here Gie, geez u haven't change one single bit" Mike said and laugh
"where is Wa" Mike ask sitting down next to Mint and Yaya
"well hahahaha she is" Gie got inturrupted by Wa's voice
"I'm back (put the tray on the table) I got oyster, chicken, beef, ham, stir fried hokkien noodles, honey soy chicken, fried rice..." Wa couldn't finish because Mike inturrupted
"u haven't changed either Wa"
"of course not y wou.... (turn her head to Mike) Miky.... ur back"
"she finally notice" Ja said and took a sip of wine
"sit and let's talk" Mint said
"so when did u come back Miky" Jie started the conversation
"well 4 days ago but I was too busy to c u girls"
"ohhh well how was Japan was it fun"
"did u meet anyone u like"
"did u enjoy the food"
"are the food better than Thailand"
"did u date anyone or meet anyone nice"
"Kat that's what I just asked him" Wa said
"well u said anyone u like not anyone nice"
"well its... It's simaliar ok"
"yeah whatever u lose"
"girls geez, okay, I did meet lots of girls that I like but not love, I did enjoy the food there, the food in Thailand is better, no I l didn't date anyone and they were all nice"
"u sound like u had lots of fun Miky" Sie said and put some rice in the mouth

"all right everybody it's time for the bride and groom to cut the cake" Mr S announce
"Mint up u go" said Yaya
"ka" Mint got up to the stage which Mark was already up there waiting for her impatiently. Mint order the cake herself it took her hours to find the one that Mark like, the cake was a vanilla/chocolate cheese cake with beautiful patterns on it. Mint finally got to where Mark was and grab the long knife as Mark grab on to her hand roughly and cut the cake, usually the brides and grooms would cut down slowly but Mark just straight through and walk off leaving Mint behide. Everyone clap and got up to have some cake. Mint stood there with the help of the girls handing out the cakes and cutting it. Mark was at his table drinking his 9th glass of red wine watching Mint.

It was time for everyone to leave. After saying bye to everyone Mint, Mark and their parents when back into the house to Marks room

*Marks Bedroom*
"noo Mint I know that we live in the same roof but I want u to love and take care of Mark" said Mr S
"Mark my daughter is now in ur hands so please take care of her and love her if u can" said Mrs W
Mark never gave an answer and sat there quietly
"well I wish u two the best" Mr W said and got up and hug Mint same did Mrs W
"goodnight gorgeous"
"ka khun por"
After the parents left the room. There was silence until Mark got up and walk into the bathroom and had his shower. While Mark was showering Mint looked at his room. Soon Mark came out and Mint turn around to see Mark only with a towel around his waist and he was walking towards at her.


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Chapter 4

Mark grab Mints hands roughly and push her against the wall. 
"what r u doing ka khun Mark" asking Mint moving away from Mark as Mark got closer
"what do u think u slut" Mark said
"I'm not ready"
"I don't care if ur ready for not u whore, don't act innocent, u must of done this a lot haven't u? Sleeping with men's, to get rich, ur still the same"
"no khun Mark, I'm not" but Mark cut in
"oh please, like I'll believe u and it's a wedding night, we r suppose to have sex not sleep"
"no" Mark cut Mint of with a violent and rough kiss pulling her in closer and she trys to pull away and said
"I'm going to do u all night slut"
Mark through Mint on the bed and climb between her legs
"n.." Mark forcefully kissed her again
"shhhhh.. It will be fun" Mark try to kissed Mint again but she moved
"please don't"
"I don't care, when I want something I get it, u slut, whore, gold digger"
*SLAP* Mint slap Mark before he can say more hurtful things about her, Mark then turn to Mint with his cold eyes and grab her hands
"NO ONE SLAPS ME, NOT EVEN MY PARENTS" Mark rip Mints wedding dress and bra off and climb on top of her and kissed her everywhere leaving love marks
"no please, get off me" Mint cried but Mark just ignore her and pull the towel around his waist off and rip off Mints undies. Without warning he violently push his "thing"  in her
"AHHHHHHH" Mint scream. The pain was unbearable, she couldn't take it, she let out more cries as Mark kept pushing in and out of her violently. His palms was on her thigh pushing her legs wider apart
"So tight.." Mark groan
"p-please s-stop" Mint said while crying
"Never" Mark whisper and went faster ignoring her cries.
For the rest of the night Mark kept repeating it over and over again. While Mint lay there feeling hopeless, helpless, a shamed and dirty because she was rape not once or twice but many times by the person she loves.

*End Of Rated*


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Thank u nklue1 mark is such a brute so not deserving ! he needs to apologise to mint! thank u nklue1 u wrote this chap so well!


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Chapter 5

*Beep beep beep*
Mint reach out and tap the clock and look at the time
"6o'clock that means I only had 2 hours of sleep" Mint whispered. Mint stretch her arms and legs
"Ahhhh" Mint touch her legs. She felt sore all over her body especially down there.
 Mint turn to the other side and saw that Mark was still asleep 'ur still the same Mark' she slowly and quietly got out of bed but had trouble
"Ahh" Mint cover her mouth and took the second layer of sheets and went into the bathroom.

Mint looked at herself in the mirror and cried. She looks horrible she had bruise all over her body, love marks too and the pain between her legs didn't help at all . 'Mint u idiot why are u crying this is normal' Mint wipe her tears and struggled to go into the shower but had the wall to support her.

Mint walk downstairs carefully holding the rail and walk into the kitchen and already found Gubgib up and making breakfast with the maids.
"Goodmorning n'Gib" Mint said.
"p'Mint ur up already?"
"ja, making breakfast I see"
"ka, bacon and eggs, pancakes and omelets ka"
"wow so many dishes, let me help"
"oh no, Mai ka p'Mint, go sit down"
"n'Gib ka, please let me help, Na na na naaaaa nong khon suay kon p'Mint"
"but... I can't"
"Na ka n'Gib"
"ok ka"
"kob kon ja"
"ok ka, let's get cooking"
 Mint nod her head so did Gib and they continue cooking food for the family. But Mint had troubles at time because of the pain, Gib looked at Mint and notice the love marks on her there was so many and she notice the bruises as well and could tell that Mint was having trouble cooking but try to ignore it and continue cooking.


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Hi nklue1 thank u ure so fast. Its a painful morning after i admire mint for taking her pain in silence n alone! thanks to gg at least a kind soul is wif her! i look forward to read further ur ff is v interesting. wif appreciation key.


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Karma will hit him.

Chapter 6

When everything was done, the maids took the food out and a few minutes later Walin and Tawanchai came down first and greeted Mint and Gib with a kiss on the cheek and hug, Ann and Ken were next then Aff and Aum and Mr and Mrs S and Mark was the last to come but he did sit down he was heading for the front door.
"p'Mark ka were r u going?" Yaya asked
"but what about breakfast n'Mint cook some and it's really good"
"ha... Well if it's her food then I wouldn't eat it u never know if she poison it or done something to it" with that said Mark walk out and left.
"MARK" Margie yelled and look over at Mint
"Mai ben rai ka, khun Mark is probably not hungry ka" Mint said
"Mark is probably right why did I even sit down when ur here" Mrs S said as she got up and gave Mint a dirty look and walk back up stairs
"Mint, don't worry about them two, just ignore them I do that" Aff said
"ka n'Mint. Mum is always like that and same as Mark" Ann said
"but p'Mark never skips breakfast mum" Tawan said
"p'Tawan shut it" Lin said and put food in his mouth
Mint smile and said it was ok but deep down she was sad and upset.


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Oh mark is so bad ,, I want to know if Mint doesn't sleep with another man , what should he do ? If he is first man for her


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hi nklue1 thank u. more sufferings this time verbal n in front of everybody! mil is a witch! only consolation is every1 understands n sympathies mint. mark needs to grow up n not a bully to his own wife! wif appreciation key


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Coca said:
Oh mark is so bad ,, I want to know if Mint doesn't sleep with another man , what should he do ? If he is first man for her
You can tell she's a virgin when you read there bed scene. Lol I think he will live her if he knows the truth


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Mark will find out the truth but when he does, will it be too late?
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Chapter 7

Mr S called Mark and told him to be back before 10am for their (Mint and Mark) honeymoon. If not he will loose his drivers license. Because Mark didn't want to loose it and he love his cars he went back home.

"Mint don't forget to take it" Boy said and hand Mint a bag
"What is it? I want to know" Yaya said and was about to grab the bag until Nadech came up behid her and hug her around the waist and spin her around.
"Ahhhh p'Nadech ploy Yaya daew nee" Yaya scream
"mai" Nadech reply and spin her around again and Yaya scream again. Mint, Boy and Margie were standing there laugh
"p' Margie why ain't u helping me!" Yaya said
"because it's funny" Margie reply
"well it's just ur face reaction when Nadech does that, it's too funny"
"wahhh p'Nadech and p'Margie jai rai" Yaya pretended to cry "I'm going to kill u p'Nadech"
Margie, Nadech, Boy and Mint laugh. Nadech said bye and let of of Yaya pushing her away from him and ran out. Yaya face planted into the ground, the cold hard ground making everyone laugh, Nadech ran back and started laugh as well.
"P'NADECH IM GOING TO KILL U!" with that Nadech ran out like crazy with Yaya behid him with the scariest face ever. They ran past Mark, Nadech glare at Mark before continuing to run away from Yaya but Yaya stop and gave Mark a kiss on the cheeks before running after Nadech again. Mark shook his head and continue walking to his room. When he got there he saw Mint packing her bag and Margie and Boy standing there talking with Mint.
"ahem" Mark pretend cough
"ah n'Mark ur back. Come on pack ur bag, u got a honeymoon to go to"
The room was filled with silence. Margie turn and saw Boy glare at Mark and Mark glaring back straight at him. Mint saw it as well and signal Margie to do something. Margie shook her head and signal Mint to do something.
"um p'Boy ka, I'm a bit hungry could u please get me something to eat" Mint said
"chai Boy, the trip to the beach is 2hrs long. Why don't we go tell the maids to prepare something for them to eat" Margie added
Boy nodded as Margie pull him out and closing the door as they walked out. Again the room was filled with silence until Mark spoke
"if seems that ur brothers still hates me, don't u think so"
"umm.. Mai roo ka"
"what would he do if he found out that I raped u"
Mint didn't reply and continue to pack her things and didn't hear anything else from Mark, but soon felt a hand sliding up her dress and felt hot on her neck. She turn around and found Mark behid her. Mark push Mint down onto the bed and with hold Mint wrist with his hand while he continue to kiss Mints neck leaving love marks.
"khun Mark stop please" Mint cried
Mark didn't reply and continue sucking on her neck leaving more love marks.
*knock knock*
"n'Mark, n'Mint hurry up, time to go" Ken said and left
Mark got up from Mint and grab his suitcase and walked out like nothing happen. Mint got up and grab hers.

Mark was already in the car waiting for Mint to get in.
"n'Mint ka have fun at ur honeymoon na" Yaya said
"I'll c u in a week na p'Mint" Gib said
"bye ka/krub p'Mint" Lin and Tawan said and hug Mint
"bai gon na ka" Mint wave and got in the car and they left for their honeymoon.