Pancake Khemanit&Porshe Saran (LISA Vol.14 no.16 May 2013)


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
Ew, these two are not an attractive couple. :yuck: They have nothing awe-inspiring about them. Nothing at all. She looks like his mom. He looks like an over-grown kid. :facepalm:
*Sigh* I'm truly sorry about my mean opinion, but Pancake is hideous here. :sweat: Ok, she's not that ugly here, but it grosses me out when she tries too hard to be cute and pull those "cutesy" faces (and poses) that turn out more scary than cute. :nono1: Even her outfits are cuter than her looks. But maybe...just maybe, her personality is a little bit better. Oh, what am I saying?! I can't stand her personality. Something about her, sorry. Some pictures, she's ok looking. :D Like the one in which she's by herself. I love the pink backgrounds of the shoot. :) Porshe doesn't look handsome here; he comes off more like an annoying wannabe man. :wink:
kimsaj said:
Thanks alice! 
porshe looks so gay in here.  :rofl:
...Yes, he does. What the heck was he thinking? Sometimes, that boy doesn't think. He needs to grow up. -_-