Paranormal Activity


sarNie Elites
did anyone see this, i just saw it tonight, its pretty the whole theater screaming


I never even heard of this movie until a friend told me about it. She also said it was quite scary so I might need to check it out.


sarNie Hatchling
Watched that movie yesterday night and it was CREEPY!!! If you want the best seat for the movie, I suggest to the far left of the theater (when facing the screen). :) It will scare the shit outta you!


sarNie Adult
I saw it last Thursday. Made me jump a few times lol. I was reading this article about interviewing the director and he said before he ever made the movie he had paranormal activity in his house. The house in the movie is the director's own house. He would scare the actors and they never knew what he was doing so it made the movie more scarier!!

Steve Spielberg watched the movie at his house before the movie came out and he started having paranormal activity in his house...he said that after watching the movie...his bedroom door would slam inside the house and it locked from the inside!

article link:


Just plain obsessed
I watched this last definitely had some really creepy moments in it...a lot of crazy bizaare stuff, man...


sarNie Hatchling i dread horror movies or what now? i hate hate horror movies..but i went along with my friend to make it up to him cuz last time he wanted to catch a movie, i missed he wanted to watch this one out of all of them..and it was exceptionally scary!!! i get spooked soo badly even when its sunny and bright outside >.<"

kaab nis

sarNie Hatchling
I went in watching this movie not know what it was about and during the first I think 20 minutes I though it was HELLA BORING but then towards the end it got HELL F2CKEN SCARY! it's like not knowing what's going to happen mix in with thinking it's actually a real documentaryof a also knowing that some of the things that occur in the movie are base on true events that's happened to some of my relatives made me if this movie was an asian movie it would have been even better with all the supersticious thing that asian people it was a good gave me what I was looking for...scary the shit outta me lol and that's rare in American movies.


Most of it was nonsense and pretty boring. The best two parts were: The girl got dragged out of the bed and the end.

Cupid Candy

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It wasn't scary the end kinda was when she cut her neck. I was hiding behind my cousin's shoulder at that part but the rest of the movie sucked.


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did anyone go see paranormal activity 2? how was it? i haven't even watched this one yet, but i was thinking of renting it for a little get to gether to make up for the ''scary'' aka comedic movies we ended up renting from redbox on halloween.