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Ok, since Angel is going to end pretty soon .. I might as well start off with this one. Enjoy~



[ Chapter 1 ]

In a low-cost apartment, live a pretty well-known playboy -- Ken Theeradeth. This man can't be labelled poor nor rich, maybe slightly above average. Then, why is he living in an old rusty room again? Good question. Ken loves to work hard and play even harder. Clubbing is his life, women is his needs. There's where all of his monthly salary is often donated too. Yes, he's a man with such big heart; he loves sharing his love to all of his girlfriends. Up-to-date, he's currently dating 6 women at the same time. How convenient. A man with such good looks and charming aura, it is no wonder that even the gay community idolizes him.


He find it rather, scary.

So, what do a guy like him do during his free time? He try serching for more women in the internet! How interesting. Ken was nicely surfing the net while slurping down his curry-flavoured instant noodles, when suddenly -- something caught his attention. It was a homepage of a woman, entitled - Vickilicious - very sexy, he thought to himself. He scrolled down further and saw her bulletin board.

- Guys .. real guys .. click here. -

He clicked of course. This woman is getting more and more interesting in his eyes, he even stopped eating. He placed the noodle at the right side of the table and glued his eyes on the laptop's LCD screen. The message stated:

Guys, regardless whether you're rich or poor - I don't freaking care. I'm tired of love and I hereby declare that men are just useless creatures! You lie, cheat .. you people are morons! I dare any guys out there who wants to prove me wrong .. although I doubt any of you would be able to impress me .. haha! Dumb ass .. but still, if you think you're capable .. add my msn .. we can have some hot discussion .. see ya, bastards!

He's truly impressed. Not only is she sexy in her own way, she's one vicious beast. This is one challenge he can never miss! He quickly added her into his msn and waited patiently to be approved. It was not long until his wish was finally granted. What is there to wait? Chat!

virgin_boy: NUDGE!
virgin_boy: Hello .. :huh:
Vicky_bitch: who r u?
virgin_boy: i'm a man :p
Vicky_bitch: Oh .. shuddup .. that's lame ..
virgin_boy: fine .. fine .. I'm Ken ..
Vicky_bitch: So KEN .. wat do u want frm me? I don't provide service to un-virgin you :rolleyes:
virgin_boy: wells, not to wry really .. i'm not even a virgin anymore .. bitch ..
Vicky_bitch: haha .. now you're talkin my language! So I'm guessing .. erm .. you found my msn frm my webbie?
virgin_boy: Yeps.
Vicky_bitch: and??
virgin_boy: I'm accepting your challenge ;)
Vicky_bitch: Oh really?? COOL! Finally, my first contestant!
virgin_boy: What? You mean I'm the first??
Vicky_bitch: Yup. ok anyways, i gtg. Let's meet tomorrow at Coffee Beans, 2pm .. ks?
virgin_boy: That's fine with me :)
Vicky_bitch: ok then .. can't wait to meet ya .. boy.
virgin_boy: same here .. see ya bitch!

Ken closed the window and smiled as if he'd already won the battle. He thought that his years from being a playboy would certainly win him this challenge. Think again, he might be wrong. Vicky, she's certainly not the girl-next-door material. Easier said, this might just be the right woman for Ken afterall.


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:eek: he's dating 6 women what a man whore lol :loool: love vickys Description of men cracks me up it so true lol they gonna meet tomorrow, they're gonna get on like a house on fire lol exactly the same exept she not dating 6 men lolz

thanks for the update love this already :clap:


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one word wow no it the comedy and the names and "Vickilicious" lol great start...can't wait for more


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LMAO An, this is funny. a lot of people commented on the 6 girlfriends, but i like there screen names: virgin_boy and Vicky_bitch :loool: and especially since he's the first one to respond to it ahahah.


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virgin_boy and Vicky_bitch are so funny! :loool:

that was fast though... they're about to meet up soon... vickilicious... hahahaha... but I think DONNALICIOUS sounds more sexy.. :loool:


LMAO An, this is funny. a lot of people commented on the 6 girlfriends, but i like there screen names: virgin_boy and Vicky_bitch :loool: and especially since he's the first one to respond to it ahahah.
I'm with RR on that. And loved how Ken called Vicky bitch That was just too funny! Great update An. Ah, I'm hooked on this already! Cant wait for more! Love the poster btw! Ken, very hott!​


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[ Chapter 2 ]

Vicky .. Vicky .. Vicky .. licious .. vickilicious .. delicious ..

Vickilicious sounds very tempting -- delicious. It rhymes too! He thought to himself as he switched off his laptop. He looked to the right and saw his instant noodle; it was cold and the noodles had turned all huge and puffy. He rolled his eyes, there goes my dinner. How could a mere woman get him so excited? This is certainly the first time and he's loving it! The excitement was a good sign but the curiosity was killing him. He couldn't bare the torture of not knowing how Vicky looked like. Still pissed with his un-answered question, he gave out a sigh and crashed on his bed.

This can't be happening!

He can't seem to sleep. He tried real hard but it obvious he failed. He was rolling on the bed for God knows how long. Fine, since sleeping was not really an option anymore -- why waste the precious time? It's time to put on his playboy cap and start thinking. It didn't take him long to sort everything out. Ken is just a confident man to begin with. He never failed in any relationship; why would he want to doubt his credibility now?

Plan A: Although it is a known fact to Vicky that he's not a virgin anymore -- play safe. Don't act too cocky and be a gentleman. Charm her with politeness and his trustworthy look. Pay the bills although he's almost broke. Smile always.

Plan B: Once Plan A succeeded, there shall be immediate action taken to exercise Plan B. Find a nice hotel room, give her a nice present; a set of red hot lingerie, get naked, help her get naked and then -- get down and dirty! Yummy!

His mind was going wild. One temptation after another, he was born with great imaginations -- even his mother said so. He couldn't control himself anymore as the steam wouldn't subside. There shall only be one solution to such situation; masturbation. The night seemed rather shorter that it used to be when someone's busy with their 'errand'. He finally slept around 2am and woke up late for work -- as always. Work seem to be such a burden today when there's something more exciting going on later. He kept on looking at his watch ticking away as each second pass.

Finally, his wait is over. It was almost lunch time.

Being a 'good' employee that he is, he rushed out of the office even before anyone did. Not wanting to give a bad impression, he raced to the exact venue and took a seat near the glass-panelled window. He ordered his drink and waited patiently for the clock to strike 2. Unfamiliar faces kept on going in and out of the coffee shop. He started feeling anxious, when would Vicky show up? That was when ..

"I'm searching for a guy named virgin boy .. so anyone here who's called that way?? Although you're not a virgin anymore .. haha .."

A voice of a woman echoed through the shop. How embarassing it was when he heard that. There's no choice now but to reveal his true identity; he raised up his hand and said,

"The not-so-virgin boy is here!"

"Oh there you are!"

"Err .. yes .. here I am."

Though still feeling awkward, Ken couldn't help himself but to feel amazed with Vicky's beauty. He was totally analyzing her from top till bottom as she walked towards the table. She's funky yet elegant, how stunning.

"So .. you must be Ken .. I'm Vicky."

"Nice to finally meet you in person."

"Same, same .. So, you're supposed to convince me that .. men aren't really that useless after all?"

"Err .. I guess .."

"Gosh, why the sudden doubt? Are you planning to give up already .. Virgin Ken?"

"Hahaha .. shut up, bitch!"

"Now that sounds wayyyy better!"

"Ok Vicky .. since you're totally hating men at the moment .. while I on the other hand just love women .."

"Yea .."

"So, why don't we play a game?"

"A game .. erm .. what kind of game?"

"Well .. do you have any boyfriend?"

"Hello Mister .. I hate MEN as a whole. So nope, I'm single."

"Ok .. ok .. got the point Miss Single. Well, I don't have a girlfriend too .." He lied.


"So .. why don't I be your boyfriend for 30 days and you'll be my girlfriend?"

"Erm .. weird but somehow interesting .."

"Yep, it's a great plan actually .. so what do you say?"

"Well .. I'll agree to play this game .. IF--"


"Yeah .. if you play by my rules .."

"Err .. rules?? What kind of rules??"

"Haha .. chill virgin boy .. easy, if you can't convince me during those 30 days that man is trustable and .. useful .. you'll have to be my slave for the whole year! How about that? Hahaha .."

"Whoa .. challenging .. scary too .. but I like it .."

"Good .. and if you're able to convince me. Easier said, I'll let you un-virgin me .. haha .." She winked.

"Gosh, you're still a virgin?" Ken was getting more excited. "Fine .. I like that .. deal!"

Vicky smiled and stood up. She went over to his seat and sat on his lap.

"Nice doing business with you .. my .. part-time lover."

She ended their conversation with a passionate kiss; locking her lips to his.


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wow a kiss so love their meeting and vicky shouting "I'm searching for a guy named virgin boy .. so anyone here who's called that way?? Although you're not a virgin anymore .. haha .." and un-virgin too keep it up..can't wait for the next update


:loool: cracked me up when vicky said "I'm searching for a guy named virgin boy .. so anyone here who's called that way?? Although you're not a virgin anymore .. haha .."

they kissed lol the game has began


Ken and his naughty minded. Lol. Vicky is hilarious! Love her intro to search for Ken and the restaurant! Pretty sure Ken is excited to "un-virgin" Vicky...soon. Lol.​


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you know what .. i never watched Vicky acting before .. but im starting to like her as I'm writing my fic (isnt it weird? 0_0)