Passionate Vengeance - Chapter 17

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sarNie Egg
Chapter Seven

Lalin laid in the bed rolling around thinking of a way out, that’s right, Lalin has failed a couple of times but she is still not giving up, all the windows were locked. She heard footsteps outside the bungalow, quickly siting up and looked around her surroundings, she got under the bed and hid there waiting for the person to walk in. Mim looked at the door of Lalin’s bungalow, feeling nervous and hoping Lalin does not plan anything on her again today. “I swear, if you plan anything on me again, I just won’t fall for it, I won’t” Mim said to herself. She unlocks the door walking in.

“Lalin, I bought breakfast” Mim said putting the plate down on the table. With no response, Mim looked around the room “Lalin…. Lalin” Mim repeated starting to panic a little, slowly peeking through the toilet and turning around “Lalin! Not again!!” Mim screamed running out the door.

Lalin waited a couple of seconds and got out, smirking she folded her arms together. “Silly girl, how can I escape when the door and windows are locked” Lalin said and quickly ran out the door stopping and looking around “If Mim is running left means that San’s house is that way, which is where I should avoid going so… I always run right which never leads anywhere so… Straight!” Lalin said running straight.

Mim ran up the stairs and into the study room. “Lalin is escaped again!”

Phet jumped up pushing his chair back while San sip his coffee out coughing. They ran out the door and to the bungalow. Reaching the bungalow San told Mim to check left side, Phet to run right while he ran straight.

Lalin ran out the forest and found the beach. “Beach, Yes!!” Lalin cried in happiness and kept running around trying to find a boat, “The boat has to be somewhere around here” Lalin said running. Lalin’s eyes widen and stopped running, “Canoe” Lalin said and ran faster, she pushed the canoe out and hopped in the canoe paddling away, “This is it, I’m free” Lalin said happily smiling.

“Lalin!” San yelled.

Lalin froze in her position, quickly turning around, she saw San standing there and screamed quickening her paced.

“Stop right there, you won’t get far” San said as he ran into the water after her.

Lain looked back and saw San in the water swimming after her, she screamed again and paddle faster, San quicken his pace catching up with her, San got to her and grabbed the canoe. Lalin looked down and saw San holding the canoe, she got the paddle and started hitting San with it.

“Lalin, stop it” San said grabbing the paddle.

“Never” Lalin said and pulled the paddle back.

“Really, we’ll see about that” San said and pulled the paddle harder this time making Lalin fall into the water with it.

Lalin swam up and looked at San, scared she started swimming away. San laughed holding onto the canoe.

“Even willing to swim away from me, just because I feel nice, I will give you a 5 second head start” San said and started counting then] swam after her once he reached 5. It didn’t take him long to reach Lalin and grabbed her waist stopping her from swimming further. Lalin faced San and pushed him away but he dragged her along with him as he swam to shore, San pull her up out to the water as she fights back.

“Let me go” Lalin yelled pushing San’s hand off her waist.

“Stop struggling will you” San said getting exhausted.

“No, until you let me go” Lalin said hitting him.

“Stop struggling” San said getting frustrated.

Lalin looked at him frowning and turn to his shoulder and bit it. San screamed feeling the pain and looked at her, he threw her to the ground and got on top of her.

“You seriously won’t stop will you” San said putting his hands on both sides of her.

“Get off me” Lalin yelled pushing on his chest.

“You caused so much trouble, I should teach you a lesson” San said leaning closer to her and captured her lips kissing her deep.

Lalin’s eyes opened wide and started pushing against San harder only to have him move closer. She kept hitting him and pushing away but he still didn’t budge, he grabbed both of her hands and moving it over her head as he kissed her top lip, sucking it and moved down to her bottom lips biting and pulling it. San let go of her lands and stopped kissing her, he moved off her a bit and looked at her dead in the eyes. He grabbed her shirt with both hands smirking.

“San…” Lalin said scared of his next move.

With that San ripped her shirt open and smiled. He lean back down but didn’t get far as Lalin kicked him off her and got up running off as fast as she can. San got off the ground, grabbed his phone and sprint after her. Catching up to her, she threw he over his shoulder and walked about to the bungalow. Lalin scream, kick and hit his back consistently, he got to the bungalow and threw Lalin on the bed, he grabbed his phone out of his back pocket and called Phet.

“Phet, I found Lalin, go grab me some spare clothes” San said and hung up. “As for you” San said walking up to Lalin and grabbed her pulling her to the bathroom and closed the door, he stood at the door leaning on it “will take a shower and I won’t go anywhere until you finish” San said smiling.

Lalin crunch her fist and bit her lips. “I was so close to escaping from you” Lalin said and walked to the shower and closed the curtains, she started stripping and looked at her rip shirt sighing. She turned on the water and washed her hair, body and scrub her lips. Stepping out the shower and wrapping her body with a towel, she soon realized she didn’t have any spare clothes since she has been wearing the same clothes for days. She walked to the door and slowly opened it hoping that San has already left, she couldn’t see him and sigh in relief, about to walk out but San cam around the corner smirking at her, gasping she saw that he had to shirt on and backed away as he stepped forward.

“Don’t come any closer” Lalin said pointing at him.

San looked at her from bottom to top and smirk, walking in the bathroom with her, he closed the door behind him, he threw her some clothes and walked to the shower, turning around he point his finger at her.

“I’m going to shower here and you will stay in the bathroom until I am done” San said closing the curtain.

Lalin grabbed the handle and twisted it, San quickly open the curtain and point his finger at her. “And if you leave this room, I will make you my wife right there” he said staring at her right in the eyes.

Lalin looked at him back and saw that he was not lying, she pout at closed the door again. “How am I going to put the clothes on then?” she asked staring at clothes San threw at her.

“The curtains are closed, I can’t see you” San said washing his hair turning to the curtains seeing a faint figure of Lalin.

Lalin hesitate looking at San. “well he can’t see me…” Lalin thought placing the clothes on the cupboard and quickly took the towel around her body off and grabbed the bra and clipping it on, she shirt throwing it over her head, flipping her hair out of the shirt, she quickly looked over at San again to make sure hasn’t finished showering, relief she put the rest of the clothes on.

Prima was in the garden digging holes to plant the roses she just bought, Sai was out with her friends to get Lalin off her mind for a bit, Lumpao left for university and Kawin was upstairs in his study room reading through some documents while waiting for Meka to contact him back. She put the trowel down and grabbed the roses and put it in the holes covering it up with new soil, moving onto the next hole she did the same thing. Kawin walked out the door and towards Prima, seeing her in the garden, he smiled and walked towards her, kneeling down to her height he pat her head.

“Ahhhhhh” Prima scream in fright falling over. Quickly looking she saw Kawin and sigh. “Kawin you frighten me” Prima said.

Kawin laughed and helped her get up and dusting her pants for her, Prima stood there and smiled at him. “Thank you” Prima said and kneeled back down.

Kawin stood there looking at her, not knowing what to say he just watched her. Prima could feel him staring at her and felt nervous, she looked up at him and gave him the trowel next to her, “Are you just going to stand there all day, if so, then help me garden” Prima said covering up the hole and moved to the next hole.

Kawin kneeled down and started digging holes for Prima, he took glance at her once in a while, still stressing over Lalin but there next to him is his wife, whom he must also care for, but not knowing what to do, he just stared at her. Prima knew he was staring at her again but ignored it, she knew he is over stressing himself about Lalin, so she is just doing what she must as a wife and that is being there for him. She covered the flower and grabbed Kawin’s face making him face her.

“What is it?” Kawin asked her.

“Nothing, just trying to cheer you up” Prima replied and smudged more dirt onto his face and started laughing.

Kawin touch his face and realized and point at Prima smiling, “you’re starting a terrible war, my love” Kawin said putting the trowel down and rubbing his hands in the soil.

“Kawin!” Prima screamed realizing his revenge and got up running away from him as he chased after her.

They were running around the garden laughing, both covered in dirt however not caring as all they know was that moment was a moment to enjoy. Kawin caught Prima, picking her up and spinning her around in circles laughing…

Lalin was fiddling with her fingers while waiting for San to come out of the bathroom, he let her out while he got dressed. San walked out throwing his towel at her, Lalin grab the towel and stood up, throwing the towel back at him.

“I’m going to stay here and watch you all day, Mim bought food for you to cook for me, I wasted so much energy on getting you back here, I’m hungry.” San said grabbing his paperwork and chair, taking it outside where the kitchen was.

Lalin followed behind, walking into the kitchen, she saw the food Mim bought and looked over at San. “I’m not cooking you anything, if you’re hungry then go back to your house and eat there” Lalin said walking away.

San blocked her way by trapping her against the wall, having her between his arms. “It’s either I eat food you will be cooking or…” he looked at her from bottom to top touching his lips, “Or I eat something else” he said smirking.

Lalin followed his eyes and realized what he meant, she screamed pushing him back “Pervert!”.

San put his hands up smiling at her “So what is it going to be?” he questioned.

Lalin turn around and walked to the kitchen again, she looked at the food and sigh, she hasn’t been eating properly either, days of thinking and running with not enough rest or food. She grabbed the rice cooker pouring rice and water in the bowl, rinsing it a few times she plugged it in the power point, taking a pan she turned the gas on, she got a bowl out cracking some eggs into the bowl and started whisking the eggs while putting some lime juice and chicken powder in it. Once the oil was hot enough she pours the eggs in and started cooking, in no time the eggs was golden and crispy, she put it on a plate and threw some vegetables in the pan to make some stir fried veggies. 15 minutes she finished up with some cashew nuts on top, the rice was cooked and she grabbed a plate, scooping some rice on the plate and grabbed some eggs and stir-fried veggies on her plate, she grabbed a spoon and fork and walked passed San who was sitting next to the door. San watched her walked pass him, smiling he put his paper work on the side and got up walking to the food.

“Decent looking…” he said while scooping some rice onto his plate and pouring the rest of the food onto his plate, sitting down again, he took a bite of the stir-fried, swallowing he nod and continue eating.

Lalin was eating her food inside, drinking water she looked out the door. “Just because you caught me again today, won’t stop me from trying again” Lalin said and continue eating to regain her energy.


sarNie Oldmaid
Yay!! Love the update. I can’t decide. I love both couples so much. & I know you set this out to be a Toey & Mint, James & Yeena story but I picture Jalida & Toey with Mew instead. Hope you don’t mind. I still love it so much. Keep it up! San and Lalin are getting spicy.


sarNie Egg
Yay!! Love the update. I can’t decide. I love both couples so much. & I know you set this out to be a Toey & Mint, James & Yeena story but I picture Jalida & Toey with Mew instead. Hope you don’t mind. I still love it so much. Keep it up! San and Lalin are getting spicy.
Not at all, I'm glad you are enjoying it! Here is a rough poster of your couple, hehe... it's a bit rough but enjoy!!

Thank you!! Looking forward to more!!!
Thank you for following on!!



sarNie Egg
Chapter Eight

Lumpao was at university, in the lecture she sat there quietly fiddling around with her pen, for days she wasn’t able to concentrate, worrying about her sister, since young they got along the most, not because they were girls but because Lalin was willing to give Lumpao her dolls and clothes…


Young Lalin and Lumpao was playing with their new dolls in the garden, San was at Kawin’s house playing games there. Sitting down under the tree with the maids, they were getting their hair braids by the maids and also learning how to braid on the dolls, once they finished, Lalin and Lumpao show each other the dolls hair.

“Miss Lalin, you did a wonderful job!” one of the maids said, touching the braid on the doll.

Lumpao looked at hers and look down in sadness, the dolls braid was messing, hairs sticking out everywhere.

Lalin saw Lumpao and said “Yours look amazing too Lumpao.”

“I like yours better” Lumpao said.

Lalin picked up her doll and gave it to Lumpao, Lumpao looked up smiling and accepted the doll…

A few days later, Lalin and Lumpao was playing dress up in Lalin’s room, Lalin came out wearing a bright yellow dress and a crown. Lumpao mouth widen.

“I love the dress and crown” Lumpao said.

“Well after we get change again, you can have it” Lalin said spinning around.

“No, it’s okay, it is yours” Lumpao said.

“What is mine, is yours, always” Lalin said holding onto her sisters’ hand.

Lumpao smiled at her sister and pulled her into a hug. They hugged it each tightly and continue playing around.

End of Flashback

Lumpao sigh heavily, she is broken that she cannot do anything to help find her sister when Lalin has done everything for Lumpao, yet Lumpao cannot do anything at all, she looked down at her note pad and realized she has not taken down any information from this lecture but wasn’t that bothered since she will go through the slides on her break. The bell rung and the teacher dismissed the class, Lumpao and her friends packed up their things and got up leaving the room the go have lunch.

“Lumpao, is everything okay, we have been noticing that you look upset and have been drifting off into lala land for the pasted few days.” Mint asked.

“Yeah, if there is anything you want us to help you with let us know” Susie said taking a bite of her chocolate bar.

“Just stressed over Lalin, it’s been days and we haven’t gotten anywhere” Lumpao said taking money out of her bag.

“Ooh…” both Mint and Susie said with an O shaped mouth, they both looked at each other and each grabbed onto Lumpao’s hands.

Lumpao looked up at her friends and smiled. Mint and Susie have been her friends since they were in elementary school, each followed each other to be in the same school and university they all decided they wanted to acting. Lumpao thanked her friends and started ordering their meals, getting their meals they sat down eating, not long, Natt and his friends came over to them sitting down.

“Natt, what are you doing at my table, get lost” Lumpao said folding her arms.

“I will but all I want to ask… Have you considered turning into a raccoon because those circles around your eyes are making me think you are one” Natt said laughing with his friends.

Lumpao mouth open in shocked and got up, along with Mint and Susie.

Natt continue on “I thought I had a dark heart but than I look at your eyes, I found something wayyyyyyy darker!” Natt said louder this time.

Everyone in the canteen started laughing, while looking at both Lumpao and Natt, they all knew this was starting a war again. Lumpao grabbed her plate and threw it at Natt’s face and started laughing along with everyone else, from laughing at Lumpao they laughed at Natt. Natt froze in place and smelt his shirt, the smell of papaya salad was nice but the fish smell was awful that Natt almost threw up, holding onto his nose, Natt looked at Lumpao laughing at turn to grab Susie’s bowl of food, threw it at Lumpao, Lumpao stopped laughing turning to Natt.

“You are dead!!” Lumpao screamed and grabbed Mint’s food throwing it towards Natt but Natt dodged it making it fly across to one of the other students, getting into his mouth, he stopped laughing and grabbed his food threw it at Lumpao, but she also dodged it as it landed on another student.

They all froze and looked at each other. One student stood up and yelled “Food fighttttt!!. Everyone grabbed their food and started throwing it at each other, the canteen ladies started screaming at them to stopped but none was listening. Natt and Lumpao was pointing at each other before Lumpao threw at punch at Natt making him fall, Lumpao laughed and walked away, but not making it far, Natt tripped her over, they both started pulling each other’s hair. Not long, the teachers came running into the canteen.

“Stoppppppppp!!!” she yelled hitting the table with a stick.

Everyone froze standing up and dusting food off their uniform. The teachers was going to walk in but stopped looking at area, food was everywhere, the ceiling, walls and even in the garden.

“Who started this!” another teacher said folding his arms.

Everyone turned to each other and pointed at Lumpao and Natt. The teachers turn to where the students were pointing at, not surprised that it was them, they pointed at Lumpao and Natt.

“Natthadet Pongsakorn, Lumpao Wongwilai! Go to the cleaner’s room and clean this canteen up, we want this place well clean and back to normal, include the garden, you both will not leave until it is perfect, even if you have to stay until tomorrow” the teacher said.

“As for you other students, for your punishment into joining in, you will go shower and dry your clothes, afterwards, you will stay back for an hour after university time meeting us in the library to study, you will be given 30 minutes” another teacher said smiling.

“and we will start the time… now!” the athletic teacher said clocking onto his watch.

Everyone grabbed their bags and started running into the bathrooms, Lumpao and Natt glared at each other before walking separate ways to grab things to clean the area. They came back with bin bags and gloves, they took one last glare at each other and started cleaning…

It got to 7pm, Natt and Lumpao sat down on the bench breathing heavily. Exhausted this both looked at each other and stood up. Lumpao stepped forward and fold her arms.

“I will get you back for this, but for now, I’m going home” Lumpao said grabbing her bag and throwing it over her shoulder, walking away to her driver.

Natt shook his head and grabbed his bag as well. “What a day” he said scratching his head and got out his car keys walking to his car and drove off.

Lumpao got out of the car, walking up the stairs she gave the maid her bag, the maid looked at her and covered her nose, smiling at Lumpao. Sai walked to her daughter and went for a hug but stopped a few feet from Lumpao.

“Lumpao what happened, how do you have food on your clothes and… smell, like this” Sai asked, touching her daughter’s uniform.

“I got into a food fight and had to clean up, that is why I am late” Lumpao said holding onto her hands.

“Well go wash up and give the maids your uniform so they can soak it overnight, before it stains.” Sai said pushing Lumpao towards the stairs.

Kawin and Prima was in the living room and saw Sai pushing Lumpao upstairs, Lumpao said she will explain after showering, before Lumpao could make it to her room, there was a knock at the front door… everyone turn to the door as Meka walked in with a file.

“I think I know who took Lalin” Meka said walking up to them.

They all stood up smiling, Lumpao ran back downstairs to Kawin smiling. Everyone sat back down as Meka sat in front of them.

“We searched through all the security cameras for that day, almost losing hope but came around to this” Meka said pulling out some photos he printed out. “There was another car following Lalin’s car, her car pulled over on the side of the road but the driver that got out was not Lalin, it was this man, following this man getting out of the other car” Meka pointed at the photo.

Everyone took a look at the photo, Lumpao turn to Kawin “Kawin, this is Sak and Pon, San’s man, I remember them from that day” Lumpao said taking a closer look at the photo.

“The area where they pulled over didn’t have a security camera but lucky for us, the people in that area installed it a few weeks ago. So those men must have not known that and pulled over there, thinking no one would be able to have evidence of them” Meka said.

“But why would Sak and Pon take Lalin” Prima asked holding onto Kawin’s hand.

“I don’t think it is them, it’s San” Kawin said clutching his fist.

“Not only that, but I had some of the guys to watch over San’s house for the pasted few days and San has not been home, he goes into his office once in a while but he doesn’t return home, which means he must have kept Lalin somewhere else” Meka stated.

“It’s because of me, isn’t it” Prima said tearing up. “I did this…”

“No, you made the choice, San is the one in the wrong” Kawin said pulling Prima in.

“So are you darling” Sai said.

Kawin looked at his mother and at Prima, he knows that he is also in the wrong, but to bring his sister into this, is far out of this game, Kawin nodded. “I will go find him then I will bring Lalin back, I swear, if he had laid a hand even a finger on Lalin, I will kill him” Kawin said looking at the photo.

Meka grabbed onto Kawin’s hand and said “Well don’t go punching him straight away, from what you have told me about San, he might be doing this to hurt you and not tell you where she is.” Meka said “I have to get going now, I have to go to a meeting, do call me if you need anything otherwise my men will continue watching over San’s house until we find Lalin” Meka got up and bow down, leaving the room.

Everyone looked at each other smiling, at least they now know who is with Lalin, next thing is to go to San and get her back…


sarNie Egg
Chapter Nine

It was late at night, the rain still hasn’t stop, better yet was getting worse, San was in the bungalow with Lalin, sitting on the chair reading the documents, Lalin was sitting on the bed under the cover, she was tired but not wanting to fall asleep with San in the same room. San was going to leave earlier but it started raining so he decided to stay to wait until it stopped raining but it hasn’t. Lalin sigh loudly hugging the pillow.

“Don’t you think you should go home now?” Lalin question getting tired of waiting for him to leave.

“No, I’ve decided to stay the night, I’m not walking back in this weather” San said closing the documents, walking to the bed.

Lalin backed up to the headboard and threw a pillow at him to stop him “Well you aren’t sleeping on the bed; the floor is where you will be sleep” Lalin demand.

“No, I am sleeping the bed, I make the decisions not you” San said getting on the bed.

Lalin push him off the bed, blocking his way “I will not share a bed with you” Lalin said raising her hands.

San stood there with his arms on his waist looking at Lalin, exhausted and annoyed, he didn’t want to deal with her at the moment… Though he did actually like the view in front of him, Lalin was wearing a white shirt with shorts, San smirk touching his lips while looking at her fine body, Lalin frown looking at his expression, then knowing what he was thinking she grabbed another pillow, throwing it at him but this time he caught it and threw it on the bed.

“Really, if you didn’t want to sleep tonight and wanted to do something else, you should’ve told me earlier instead of waiting this long” San said smirking at Lalin.

“What, no!” Lalin raised her voice getting scared, she tried backing away but San grabbed her pulling her into him.

Pushing her down on the bed with his weight, with one hand hold her neck while the other grabbing her legs, San was kissing her neck, smelling, sucking, moving down to her chest, Lalin was yelling at San to get off her with both hands pushing against his chest. San moved off her a little and smirked.

“You’re smell is luring me” San said while moving one of his hands up her legs to the edge of her shirt and gently tugging it, he knew what he was doing, teasing her like this was fun, the look in her eyes was filled with many things, frighten and wondering whether she is a goner or not.

Lalin was kicking her legs around trying to get San off her but without her realizing she was creating a great friction against San’s weapon, San could feel it growing and looked down at her grinning, he could tell she doesn’t know what she was causing, Lalin looked up at San and saw him looking at her with a big grin, closing her eyes, she could tell she was a goner, what has she done! San bend down again but this time catching her lips, kissing her deep, soon opening her mouth with his tongue he welcomed himself in without her permission. Lalin scream but of course no sound was coming out, her eyes wonder around the room, no way is she letting him do this to her, she is not becoming his wife. Lalin could feel his hands on her shorts, unbuttoning the buttons, next minute hearing a ZIP, she knew he has gotten her pants, panicking even more, she looked on the right and finally caught sight of the clock, she reach for the clock grabbing it, she hit San on the head just as he slightly pulled her pants down, San groan falling off the bed onto the floor. Without hesitation she pulled her pants up and fixed it before running into the bathroom and locking the door. San got up holding onto his head, he looked at the bathroom door and walked to it, banging on the door.

“Lalin, how dare you” San said in anger.

“If I don’t, then you would’ve raped me” Lalin yelled back pushing her weight against the door, touching her chest, she sigh in relief, breathing heavily, she slowly sat down against the door, she was not leaving this room until he leaves.

San sat down on the bed touching his head, lucky she didn’t crack his head, he took a glance at the door and sigh, the pain replaced his lust for her immediately, he got under the cover and turn the light to deem and closed his eyes. Exhausted he soon fell asleep, Lalin whom was still in the bathroom also fell asleep on the floor…

Morning came, San was already up, he was well asleep last night but didn’t hear Lalin coming out of the bathroom. Walking to the door, he knocked on the door, waking her up, Lalin quickly stood up looking around her, relief that she was still in the bathroom, she turn to the door.

“What” she asked.

“Time to get up, I’ll give you 2 minutes to wash up, you won’t be laying around anymore, I’m going to give you some chores” San said smirking.

Lalin turn to the sink and looked in the mirror, god she is a mess, sleeping on the floor was hard and cold but it was better than sleeping in the same bed as San. Quickly washing her face and brushing her teeth, she looked at her reflection and sigh, when will she be able to go home, she miss her family. Slowly opening the door, she took a peek out the door, not seeing any sight of San, she smiled and walked out, closing the door behind her she walked to the bed and looked at the open door, before she could make another escape, San grabbed her hands and spun her around, sitting her down, he tied her hands together.

Lalin struggled but San pulled her up “What are you doing, stop! Untie me right now!” Lalin yelled swinging her hands around.

“Like I said, you are doing chores from now on” San said pulling her along.

“Well why are you tying me up like this, I’m not an animal” Lalin question pulling against San.

“If I don’t then you are going to run, am I right” San asked her turning to her.

Lalin raised a brow and nodded, he did have a point, finally getting to San’s house, they ran into Mim and Phet in the garden.

“San, we figured you were going to stay with Lalin last night, I hoped you didn’t mind us not double checking with you” Phet said leaning on the shovel.

“That’s fine, Mim, I want to ask you a favour, can you go buy some clothes for Lalin at the market please” San asked smiling at her “Also while you are there, Phet and yourself can grab lunch or so, Lalin will be taking over your chores”.

“Just Lalin, that’s a lot of work San” Mim stated with worried.

“That is the point, that way she is too busy working that she won’t have time to escape” San replied pulling her upstairs.

Mim and Phet looked at them walking, both turning to each other with questioning looks. They put their things down and headed to the boat, Mim sat down next to Phet as he started the boat.

“Darling, have you found anything out about Lalin” Mim asked looking at the view.

“I still don’t know, but since we have the whole day free, I will call Sak and Pon to see if they know what is happening, knowing San, these two are the only people San would trust” Phet looked at his wife smiling…

San closed the door and locked it, he then untied Lalin pointing to the cupboard, “the things to clean the house is in that cupboard, I am free all day today so you can take all the time you need, I will be sitting right there” San said sitting down on the couch, turning the TV on and opened his bags of chips. “Also, if you plan on escaping, there are only two doors in this house, the front door here and the back down, but the back door is locked and the only way to open it is with this key” San said showing Lalin the keys grinning at her.

Lalin sigh looking at San watching TV, “great not only is she being kidnapped but being forced to do chores of her captive’s house” Lalin thought as she walked to the cupboard opening the door, looking in she grabbed the cloth’s and a bowl, filling the bowl half way she started wiping the tables and benches. Soon she was wiping the windows. She took glances at San here and there, hoping he would either fall asleep or go to the bathroom, but he was just sitting there watching TV, eating. She looked around frowning, he was right, she checked all the windows in the rooms, but the windows are all locked and the back door was locked like San had said. Lalin got to the last room, which might be San’s room but the door was locked.

“Hey, there is one room that is locked, come open it” Lalin yelled at San.

“If it is locked, it means don’t go in there, not hard to understand” San yelled back shaking his head.

Lalin frown, rolling her eyes and continue on, finally hitting 12:30pm, she was done cleaning the house, by the looks of it, Mim and Phet also lives the house with San, as one of the rooms have their things, she thought Mim and Phet would have their own house. Lalin put the things back and stood in front of San blocking the TV.

“I’ve finished, what now” Lalin asked.

“That was quick, well it’s lunch time so get cooking” San said grinning at Lalin pointing to the kitchen.

Lalin opened her mouth wanting to argue but stopped, “quickly get thing done and then she will be able to leave without San trying to rape her” she thought clutching her hands.

At the main land, Phet and Mim was at the noodle restaurant in the markets with Sak and Pon as they explain what had happened. Mim and Phet looked at each other with an oooooh look.

“So that is why, we did asked San but he wouldn’t tell us” Phet said eating his noodles looking annoyed.

“Since you two live on the island and grew up with San, we are telling you, apart from that no one else knows about this, only us four, so for safety, do not tell anyone and do not tell Lalin where we are, make sure all technology and phones are off in the house as well.” Sak ordered eating the chicken.

“Sak, I am not one of the workers, I am your friend, having San boss me around is good enough” Phet said throwing a spoon at Sak.

Sak and Pon laughed shaking their head, “We have been around San too much” Pon said eating. “Just wondering how is Lalin doing” Pon asked.

“Well she has been trying to escape many times already, I don’t know if she knows how to get tired, San is getting her to do some of our work now so she isn’t laying around like before” Mim said frowning. “I feel sorry for her, she doesn’t have anything to do with this”

“I know, nor does Prima, it was a fight between the Pongsakorn and Wongwilai mainly their fathers, San is not only our friend but he is our boss, we cannot go against him” Sak said.

“There is n0thing we can do without getting San into trouble is there?” Phet asked putting the chopsticks together while leaning back against the chair.

They all nod in agreement and got up, Mim and Phet excused themselves to go shopping as Pon and Sak went back to work.

Lalin pour some soy sauce into the pan, stirring the sauce into the noodles, smelling the food she smiled, smells exactly how her mother makes me, she looked over at San whom looked like he was not going anywhere anytime soon, sighing she just wants to go home, she doesn’t want to be part of this game, she frown taking a deep breath in, annoyed she grabbed the bottle of soy sauce looking at it.

“Why not” she said giggling taking the lid off, about to pour more in the pan, a hand came stopping her.

“I know what you are thinking, if you put more in, I will force you to eat it all” San said appearing out of nowhere standing behind her holding onto her hand.

Lalin closed her eyes, turning to San with a surprise look, not realizing that his face was a few inches away from her, their nose touch, eyes looking at each other, everything seems to have stopped, San looking at Lalin smiling, he never knew how cute she was, her frowning eyebrows with small brown eyes full of confusion, moving to her nose then lips, heh stared at her lips, soft with a shade of light pink, remembering the taste of her lips last night, he slowly lean towards her, for a change Lalin didn’t move standing there looking back at San as he came towards her and with just one more second their lips would touch, however Lalin’s hand came flying across with the spatula and hit San sending him across the room and falling on his face.

“Lalin!!” San yelled rolling over onto his back touching his head, “Not my head again” he groaned.

“Nice try” Lalin said turning off the gas and put some of the stir-fried noodle onto the plates.

San got up touching his face staring at Lalin as she sat down on the couch, he frowned grabbed his plate “What are doing, sit on the floor” he said sitting next to her pushing her away.

“No, if you have a problem you can sit on the floor” Lalin replied eating.

San shook his head and ate, really not knowing how to argue back nor wanting to since he wants a break from all the running around and arguing. They both just sat down eating in peace for once, San was enjoying one thing for sure and that was her food…

“What do you mean he isn’t in again” Kawin asked on the phone as he spun his chair around in his office.

“He hasn’t come in all morning and I asked around, the staff’s told me he will for sure be in tomorrow morning” Meka’s men said assuring Kawin.

“Good, I will go tomorrow” Kawin said hanging up.

Prima knocked the door and walked in “Kawin, the meeting is about to start”.

Kawin nodded and got up grabbing some files walking to Prima, he smiled and held her hand as they walked to the meeting room together. The workers all looked at them smiling and whispering at each other.

“How cute are they” one girl said.

“Totally agree with you, Ya” replying another staff.

They got to the meeting room, Kawin went to sit at the front desk bowing to everyone as they bow back and sat down.

“So, our next project will be starting a new resort somewhere new, I want this company to spread and be well known for tourist attractions, I’m looking for something along the line of lots of nature and animals, also being not far from attraction areas, our past resorts have been in the city and all high in technology, I’m looking for something… simple” Kawin said opening his computer while looking at his team.

“Good idea boss, well if we are looking for something with a lot of nature and attractions then I would recommend Koh Yao Nai, or other islands, there’s so many islands to visit including diving areas and rock climbing” Tom suggested.

“But I’m thinking of going North, somewhere around Chiang mai or Chiang rai, its surrounded by mountains, lots of flower fields and animals, I went with my boyfriend to Chiang mai and it was incredible, elephants and tigers” Kate point out.

“I like both options, though Chiang mai sounds like a great choice for this project, Tom write your idea down for the islands, that will be our next project.” Kawin said typing down the ideas.

“Kate, Tom, have both your teams research for areas that won’t involve cutting down many trees and with great top view, Prima, Mook and Peter your team will start designing ideas, I want something simple, nothing high technology.” Kawin explain again.

They all turn to each other nodding, started to discuss the ideas and researching. Kawin looked at Prima smiling, Prima hasn’t worked with his team for long but was getting along with everyone well, Kawin grabbed her hand getting her attention. Prima turn to him smiling.

“I was thinking, when we go have a look at the area, why not have our honeymoon there” he suggested kissing her hand.

Prima blushed looking down “We are going there for work” Prima said looking at her computer.

“Have your honeymoon boss, work won’t intrude when you have us” Mook said giggling.

“Why not do some homework while you’re on it” Peter said winking at them.

Everyone turned to Peter throwing pens and books at him while holding back their laugh, Mook pinch his arm then hitting it constantly.

“Peter! This is our boss, don’t be inappropriate” Mook said glaring at him.

“I do agree with Peter” Kawin said laughing along with everyone.

The team all looked at each other covering their mouths and giggled. Prima turn to Kawin hitting his arm, blushing even more. Kawin laughed rubbing her hand with his thumb. He stared at her while she stared back. Kawin knew he definitely still loves this woman, Prima on the other hand, he doesn’t know if she is doing this because of a duty as a wife or she is actually starting to accept him...

Reaching the garden, San pulled out the chair and sat down opening his book, Lalin stood there holding onto the basket and looked at San, there was many types of vegetables including fruits.

“You want me to be harvest all of these fruits and vegetables?” Lalin asked in shocked.

“No, I want you to harvest the ripe fruits and fully-grown vegetables” San replied smirking at her.

Lalin took a deep breath in and breathe out through her mouth “work for now, look around your surroundings and plan an escape” Lalin thought and bend down picking the vegetables.

San sat there looking at her, he looked down at his book and continue reading. Lalin looked at him and look back at the plants, looking up at the sky she felt the sun ray hitting her, closing her eyes and pouting. Mim and Phet walked towards them and looked at Lalin, sighing they both sat down next to San.

“San, isn’t this a bit too much work, Mim and I can do it” Phet suggested worried about Lalin.

“Keep her busy to avoid escaping” San point out looking up at them both.

Mim got up putting the shopping bags on the chair and walked to Lalin grabbing another basket carrying it with her. “I’ll help pick the fruits” Mim said to Lalin.

Lalin looked up at Mim smiling, “Thank you” Lalin said.

“No need, this is also my job” Mim laughed.

“Mim” San said with a warning voice.

“San” Mim said back at him playfully.

San looked at her with one eyebrow up, “Mimnarit”.

“San, this is my garden, I wanted this so I have the right to do as I wish, I’m the one not wanting to buy things from the main land and grow my own garden so of course I have to help Lalin, so don’t stop me” Mim fire at him.

San and Phet’s eyes widen in shocked, San turn to Phet with questioning look but only receive the same look back, they just nod at each other and looked at Mim and Lalin. Lalin chuckled and mouthed thank you to Mim, Mim smiled back while climbing the ladder with the basket in one hand, Phet saw his wife and ran to her, grabbing the basket from her, holding it so she can climb up the ladder properly, Mim pinch his cheeks and thanked him. Lalin smiled at the sight and turn to San frowning, she continue her job but also looked around for an escape…


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haha , i spend a good hour reading this . im loving it . update soon .


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I want a remake. I have so many pairings i want to see as leads. First pair right now is Nadech and Mew.
Any chance you'll be updating again soon??
I totally agree with a remake and definitely for Sawan Biang! I've been watching both dramas and hoping they pick a good pairing.
I'll be updating tomorrow afternoon!