Passionate Vengeance - Chapter 17

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Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I totally agree with a remake and definitely for Sawan Biang! I've been watching both dramas and hoping they pick a good pairing.
I'll be updating tomorrow afternoon!
Sawan biang....Right now i want all the buppaesunniwaat cast hahahaha.. and i want too see Earthz paired with Yam because of the mv they had together...

Yay thankyou!! You're really spoiling us all this week with so many updatess.


sarNie Egg
Chapter Ten

Walking out of the shower, Lalin laid down on the bed sighing in relief “Finally I can relax… What a day” Lalin said looking at her clothes, smiling she smell them, the smell of fresh new clothes filled her nose, standing up she went to the small table opening the food Mim had packed for her to eat, eating she thought back at the house and garden, the back door is lock, San has the keys so she has to find a way to get it from him, the garden, there was a path way, might be the way to the boat. “Just wait, a few more days and I will find a way-out San” Lalin said eating more food…

Kawin and Prima walked out of the restaurant holding hands, Kawin decided to take Prima out for dinner since they haven’t gone out anywhere apart from work, they got in the car and Don drove off.

“Prima, I want you to know that, what ever the out come is with San, I am doing this to get Lalin back, not for revenge” Kawin said grabbing her hand.

“I understand, let it end with us” Prima agreed smiling at him.

“Thank you for understanding” Kawin smiling at his wife rubbing her hand…

San got on the boat staring the engine, he looked up at Phet and Mim. “I trust you two to keep an eye on Lalin, do not take the rope off her, do not unlock the back door or my room, get her to plant more plants if she finishes early, I will be back in tomorrow afternoon.” San instructed and waved bye.

Mim and Phet walked to Lalin’s bungalow and unlock the door, opening it Lalin was laying face down on the bed.

“Lalin, let’s go” Mim said pulling Lalin up.

“Mim, I want to go home” Lalin said looking at both Phet and Mim.

“I know but you have to stay” Mim said with a sorry look.

Phet came over and tied one of her hand, he said sorry and pulled her along. Lalin sigh and followed Phet and Mim, getting to the house, Phet untied Lalin and stepped out of the door.

“Lalin, San is my best friend but he is also my boss so I have to do what he tells me, don’t be mad a me please as I am only doing my job.” Phet said closing the door and locking it.

Mim smiled at her husband and waved from the inside, “Please don’t be mad at us” Mim said opening the cupboard and grabbed the broom and cloth’s out. “I will be helping you today, I can’t sit down and do nothing all day, like San has asked, Phet is outside cutting the tree’s, so he will be keeping an eye out for you in case you escape” Mim explain handing her the broom.

“So, this means, I have no way out since you both are on me 24/7?” Lalin asked.

Mim nodded and grabbed the bowl walking to the kitchen. Lalin rolled her eyes in annoyance and started sweeping, she looked out the front door and saw Phet cutting the tree’s.

“Just because you both are watching me, doesn’t stop me from trying” Lalin whispered to herself.

San was in the meeting room with his team, Mike and Bee had inform that opening a new resort will increase the rating of the company as it has gone down due to Kawin’s company, San agreed with the idea and listened to what his made come up with while he was away.

“Where do you recommend building our new resort?” San asked.

“Chiang mai” Risa suggesting opening pictures on the screen. “I have seen some of the resorts in Chiang mai but most of them aren’t as spectacular”. Showing some photos of the resorts around Chiang mai.

“And from what I have heard, our opponent is planning to build a resort in Chiang mai” Mike said smiling at San.

“I see, well let’s get started then” San ordered.

The meeting went on as San’s team put in idea’s on the new resort and area’s they have found around the area, San smiling at his team, since he had worked this the team in front of him now, he has never been disappoint at the outcome and brilliant imaginations they have. There was a knock on the door and the security guard came running in.

“Sir, Kawin is outside of the company and wants to see you, he doesn’t look happy” he said breathing heavily.

San got up smirking “hmm, finally” he thought walking out of the meeting room, entering the elevator, he closed the door and waited to reach the ground floor. The team ran out looking at each other.

“What should we do?” Risa asked.

“Follow our boss of course, have his back” Tan ordered running down the stairs.

Everyone else followed behind him running as fast as they can, they all knew about Prima being taken by Kawin, they were all there at the wedding, through thick and thin, they always have their boss side. San walked out of the elevator smiling, he could see Kawin standing outside with his men, he walked passed his staff’s as they all stared at him walking towards Kawin. By the looks both men had, they all knew it was not going to be nice. Tan and the team made it down stairs holding onto each other almost out of breath from running down 10 floors.

“Why didn’t we take the elevator?” Mike asked holding onto his chest leaning on the wall.

“Why didn’t you all stop me from going down the stairs” Tan asked looking at all of them.

“We were too busy following you and didn’t what to miss out on the scene” Bee said walking to the door. “Come on” she said.

San walked out and down the stairs to Kawin smiling. “Kawin, what brings you here?” he asked stopping in front of Kawin.

“Where is my sister, San?”.

“You sister? How would I know where she is, she isn’t my sister” San said smirking at Kawin.

“You know where she is! Tell me where she is” Kawin said stepping closer to San.

San looked at Kawin tilting his head a bit, he smiled “Really, why would I know?” he said smirking.

“We found photos of your men getting out of Lalin’s car, but Lalin was not in it, her car was found on the side road” Kawin said throwing the photos at San.

San picked up the photos looking through them “You can barely see the faces in these photos” San said raising a brow.

“Why…” Kawin asked fisting his hands.

“Why what?” San questioned.

“Why take Lalin, she has nothing to do with this” Kawin yelled pulling on San’s collar.

“Boss!” his team yelled running to him.

San put his hand up to stop them “You’re telling me Lalin has nothing to do with this, then what about Prima, Prima has nothing to do with this but you took her and forced her!!” San yelled back pushing Kawin back. “You took her from me, I love her” San said punching Kawin.

Everyone stood there shocked, thinking that their boss was going to get punch but instead was the one punching. They watched as San was throwing punches at Kawin, Bee and Risa pushed Mike and Tan to go get San off Kawin but they stood there shaking their heads not wanting to get fired since San isn’t the one getting hurt.

Kawin kicked San off him and punch San back while his men came in holding San.

“Hey, hey, now we can go in!” Mike said pulling Tan along with him.

Mike and Tan pulled Kawin’s men off San pointing their fingers at them. They helped San get up and stood by his side.

“I understand, you are doing this for revenge from me taking Prima right, you’re mad that I took Prima and made her my wife so now you are taking Lalin” Kawin stated.

“Lalin?” Bee whispered to Risa, Risa shrugged her shoulders.

Mike looked at Tan but Tan was as confused as he was.

“In the end Prima choose me, all I want is my sister back.” Kawin said wiping his lips.

“And all I want is my wife back” San fired back.

“Prima isn’t your wife anymore, she is my wife” Kawin said smirking at San “the hands you used to hold, I now hold, the smile you used to see is now I want see, the love you used to receive, I now receive, the lips you used to kiss, I now kiss but with more passion, everything you had with Prima, I now have… though I forgot one thing… I am one with her but you aren’t, I get her soft smooth skin to… join with mine” Kawin continue on laughing.

San’s anger rosed up in a split second and came flying at Kawin punching him continuously, he was angry, mad, frustrated, how dare Kawin say that, Kawin had not right. San’s anger was growing and growing. Kawin’s men came running and pulled San off, Kawin took the opportunity and fired back at San with stronger punches.

“Give me my sister back San or I will kill you!” Kawin yelled.

Mike and Tan pulled San away from Kawin and Kawin’s men did the same. San pulled his arms away from Mike and Tan walking to Kawin but stopped once Mike and Tan got a hold of him again, Risa and Bee came in helping them to hold San back.

“I don’t know where your sister is… Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you, look at you a mess, just what I wanted” San said pointing at Kawin.

“San, you bastard, fight me you coward, leave my sister out of this” Kawin yell while his men pulled him into the car and drove off.

They all stood there looking at the car drive away, San stood there the feeling earlier was still there but this time, the feeling of lose came in hitting him with Kawin’s words, slowly he fell to the ground, on his knees he looked down holding his knees, looking up he was crying. His team looked at him with sadness, Risa and Bee kneeled down next to San hugging him from both sides, Mike and Tan touch his shoulders…

In the car Kawin was raging, punching the car seat he looked away out the window. “Why did you pull me away?” Kawin asked his men.

“You were getting out of control” Don said looking back at Kawin.

“We’re sorry if we did wrong but if we didn’t stop you, the only result we would get to day is bruises” Buri said handing Kawin a napkin.

Kawin took it wrapping his hands, not long they got to the house, Kawin opened the door walking into the house, Prima and Sai was sitting in the dinning room making Thai desserts, they saw Kawin walked passed.

“Kawin, what happened?!” Sai asked getting up. Prima stood up and watch her husband walk upstairs, Don and Buri came in stopping in front of them. Sai wiped her hands staring at them. “I want an explanation of why my son came back looking like that…”

Prima walked into their bedroom, Kawin was sitting on the bed, putting the first aid kit down on the table. Sitting next to him she opened the box and grabbed his face applying medicine on his lips and cheeks.

“He wouldn’t tell me, he said that even if he knew, he still wouldn’t tell me” Kawin explain grabbing her hand from his cheeks and held it. “This is all my fault” Kawin said as tears fell down his cheeks.

Prima sat there staring at Kawin saying nothing, she wanted to say something, she wanted to tell him it is his fault, she wanted to tell him that he was an idiot but she didn’t, she couldn’t…

Risa closed the first aid box putting it away in the cupboard. San got up grabbing his coat and bag. They looked at him from their table. San turn to his team and smiled.

“I’m sorry about today, I’m going home, send me whatever you have found and think might be great for the resort” San said and walked off to the elevator.

Everyone turned to each other and sat down round Mike’s table.

“Kawin has two sisters Lalin, she is a nurse at Bankok’s international hospital and Lumpao is a university student.”

“So Lalin is Kawin’s sister… So, Kawin took Prima and made her his bride, now Lalin is apparently missing and Kawin thinks it’s San…” Bee concluded.

“I think Kawin is overthinking this whole revenge thing, boss would never do such a thing” Risa said with confidence.

“But he doesn’t come into work as much and he drives to work now, Pon and Sak doesn’t drop him off as often…” Tan pointed out.

Everyone turned to him, Mike got up and hit Tan’s head with a book “How dare you suspect our boss!” Mike said sitting back down glaring at Tan.

“I was just saying… Jeez, of course I will always have his side” Tan explain rubbing his head.

Everyone looked at him nodding, Tan smiled and drank coffee nervously…

San was driving back to his parent’s house, his phone started ringing, looking at the screen it was Phet. Pushing the answer button “I’m on my way to my parents, what is it”.

“San, Pao called me just before… Pu is back, he got his lawyer and is pushing them to move out” Phet explained.

“This guy, he really isn’t giving up” San said frustrated “Pack the bags for a couple of days, make sure everything in the house is off and locked, I am heading back now and we will head to the island.” San said hanging up. San selected his contact clicking his mothers name, the phone rung, his mother picked up “Mother, Pu is back and I have to go sort out the problem, I can’t visit you today, I am so sorry” San explained feeling really bad since his mother had planned this dinner for days.

“That is okay honey! I understand, call me if there is any problem and your father and I will go help out” Kaew said through the phone.

“Thank you, I love you” San said smiling.

“I love you too sweetie” Kaew said hanging up.

San did a U-turn and drove back to the boat dock, parking his car, he got on the boat and left, with the speed he was going at, he would reach the island soon.

Phet was packing San’s clothes, he already packed his clothes, zipping up the bags he walked out the room and locked the doors, checking everything, he locked the front door and made his way to Lalin’s bungalow where his wife and Lalin was.

“Where are am I going?” Lalin asked looking at Mim packing her clothes in the bag. “Am I going home?” Lalin continued smiling.

“Unfortunately, not, there is an emergency so we need to go for a few days” Mim replied with a sorry look. “Here” Mim handed Lalin the bag.

Lalin took it while Mim tied the rope on Lalin’s hands. Lalin sigh, she couldn’t get made and Mim or Phet, they are doing their job. Lalin just followed Mim out and saw Phet, Phet got to them and told them they had to go to the boat dock as San is almost here. Phet got out his tie and covered Lalin’s eyes.

“Sorry Lalin, San said we have to cover your eyes or you will know the way out” Phet explain “Let’s go” He said grabbing Mim’s bag and lead the way.

Reaching the dock, they saw San’s boat. San reached out for their bags putting it on the seat, he grabbed Mim’s hand as she got on the boat, seeing Lalin, he smirked and pulled her down.

“Ahhh, San! I know that was you” Lalin said pulled the tie down.

“Mim pull it up and hold her hands down” San said sitting down on the driver’s seat.

Phet pushed the boat away from the dock and jumped on board. Sitting next to San and looking forward. “What are you going to do” Phet asked.

“I will make sure this is his last visit” San said speeding up.

Getting to the island, San saw Pao and Harn waving at them, stopping the boat, Phet threw the anchor down and grab his and Mim’s bag, San went to Lalin and united the tie and hands. Bending down to her “This island is also mine, these people are mine, there are no other people living on this island, if you try to escape and I catch you, we know what will happen, so be good for your sake” San finished off and grabbed his bag walking to the ladder. He got down and waited for Lalin.

Lalin threw the bag over her shoulders and got down, looking around the island, it was beautiful, small but it was clearly looked after. Walking behind San they got to Pao and Harn.

“How are you San” Pao said shaking his hand.

“Is Pu still here” San asked following Pao and Harn.

“Yes, he is talking to general right now” Harn said annoyed.

“Mim, Phet go unpack, Lalin come with me.” San said grabbing Lalin’s hand and walking off with her.

“Wait, who is that girl” Pao asked.

“A friend…” Phet said looking at Mim with a nervous smile.

“We are going to unpack and go say hi to everyone, see you soon” Mim said pulling Phet with her…

They got to the house and went upstairs. They were greeted by a lady in her mid-40’s, she hugged San and held his hands.

“San, they are in there” she said pointing to the door.

“Okay, if I can leave Lalin with you would that be okay.” San asked putting his bag down and walk inside.

The lady made her way to Lalin and told her to sit down on the ground with her. “Sit down darling, I am Thip, Pinit’s wife” she said. “What’s your name?”.

Lalin sat down across of Thip and smiling at her. “My name is Lalin”.

“Pu, what are doing, have I not told you many times that this island is not for sale these lands are not for sale.” San said standing next to Pinit who was sitting down in front of Pu and his lawyer.

“San, you’re here because our boss has a bigger offer for you’ll, if you sell this island, your people can still stay here and work for us instead and general just think about it, your people will have so much money and a better life style” Pu said handing him the papers.

“I am not selling this to your selfish boss, I know why you want this island, no matter how much you offer my answer still stands.” Pinit replied back pushing the papers away.

“San, Pinit, what can you get from this island, it is just trash, sell it, make it big” Pu suggested.

“Pu, the answer will always be the same, no, means no, take your papers and go” San said and opened the door for Pu and his lawyer to leave.

Pu pushed his papers back to Pinit and smiled, getting up and nod to his lawyer. “keep the papers, have a look and contact us if you change your mind” Pu said walking out.

Pinit picked up the papers giving them to San, San took the papers and followed Pu out. Lalin and Thip got up seeing Pu, he walked down the stairs, he stopped hearing San calling his name. Pu smirked and turn around.

“Changed your mind” Pu asked.

San walked down stairs as everyone followed, San gave the papers to Pu “Take it, we won’t change our mind” San said turning around.

“Take it, I don’t need it until you sigh it” Pu said smirking.

San was getting annoyed as Pu kept going, San grabbed the papers and ripped them throwing them at Pu.

“You” Pu’s lawyer said approaching San.

Pu held him back “It’s fine, we can print out more, let’s go” Pu said dusting his shirt, glaring at San he walked off with his lawyer.

San sigh heavily and turn to Pinit, Thip and Lalin. He walked to them smiling. Going back upstairs and everyone sat down.

“Thank you general for not selling this island” San said drinking his tea.

“I should thank you, as much as I am the owner, but if it wasn’t for you, my people and I would have no where to live and be left in a mess” Pinit said smiling at San.

“Anyways, I think you and Lalin should go unpack and get some rest” Thip said.

San nodded and grabbed Lalin’s hands walking off. As they walked the villagers bow and waved at San, as he smiled back.

“You don’t have to hold me, I can walk, push by the looks of it, there is no escape” Lalin said pushing his hands off her.

“Glad you know that” San said.

As they walked, there was wooden houses, they stopped at a small wooden house, Lalin looked at San and looked back at the house, it was decent and beautiful.

“This is where you will be staying, I am staying at the house right in front of you” San said want walked to his house.

Lalin turn to the house, walking in, there was a small bed in a corner with a side table, and there was the bathroom. The dresser was across from the bed, Lalin put her bag down on the bed which was not made. Looking in the cupboard she found the bed sheets and grabbed it. After finishing her there was a knock on the door, she opened it, seeing San she rolled her eyes.

“Come with me” San said pulling Lalin along with him.

“You don’t have to hold my hand” Lalin said getting annoyed.

They got to the kitchen, there was a few villagers in the kitchen cooking food. They saw San and got up, bowing to him. He let go of Lalin and bow back.

“This is Lalin, she will be helping out while we are here” San said smiling, he stood behind her and whisper in her ear “Don’t say anything you shouldn’t” he said pushing her towards them and left.

“Lalin, I’m Namfon” Namfon said getting up and pulling Lalin to sit down on the table, “I am in charge of the kitchen” Namfon said handing Lalin some vegetables to peels.

“And I’m Ratee, the best-looking female on this island” Ratee said waving at Lalin.

“That’s what she thinks, just let her believe it” Pim said getting up and introducing herself.

Everyone introduced themselves and continue cooking while talking to each other. Stirring the curry, Lalin turned off the gas, grabbing a cloth she carried the pot over to the dinning room with others.

“So, the schedule is, we wake up at 7am in the morning to prepare food, 8:30 is when breakfast is served, we have an hour rest before starting work at 9:30, lunch is served at 12pm then we continue working until 4pm, dinner at 6:30. We switch roles every 2 days so the others can have a sleep in.” Ratee explained placing the pot on the table.

Lalin nod in response and stood next to Ratee, 6:30 hit and the rest of the people in the kitchen came with the food, they waited for the villagers to come and scoop some food for them. After everyone sat down, Lalin went to go sit with Ratee and Namfon.

“So, how did you know San, and what brings you here” Namfon asked.

“Ughh” Lalin didn’t know what to say stirring her food she nervously smiled at everyone.

“She is an old friend of mine sister, a nurse so I thought I might bring her along to check on the little ones” San said standing behind Lalin.

Everyone nodded and smiled, after finishing the boys took over an washed the dishes while the girls made their way home to wash up and sleep. Lalin got to the house and turn on the light, Namfon came in and gave Lalin a small bag.

“Here are some things for the bathroom” Namfon said, kneeling down she put some batteries in the clock and arrange it “I put the alarm on, have a good rest” Namfon said smiling as she closed the door behind her.

Lalin opened the draw and grabbed her clothes walking into the bathroom to shower. Closing the bathroom door, she put the things back on the cupboard and hung her towel, she turned to the bed stretching, not realizing that San was sitting there. Seeing San, she quickly put her arms down and stepped away.

“What are you doing in here” Lalin asked.

“Just checking on you, seems like you’re doing well” San replied getting up.

“Well now you know so you can get out, I want to sleep”.

“Sure” San said walking out the door, he stood there looking at Lalin smirking, Lalin frown walking to San pushing him back but he took the opportunity to grab hold of her hands and pull her into him. He took a deep breath in smelling her scent, smiling “refreshing” San said.

“You!” Lalin said raising her voice, San quickly kiss her lips and ran across to his house, smirking at her from there and walking into his room. Lalin fist her hands and closed the door, sitting on the bed punching the pillow “stupid, stupid!” she yelled and laid on the bed. Trying to escape from San on the other island was already hard but now with more of his people, she is never going to escape, Lalin thought to herself…


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Thankyouuu!! You've made my day!!!
Im hoping san and lalin will have some alone time...
Im beginning to imagine all these different scenarios between san and lalin. Romantic dinner between them, taking care of each other, san taking her to somewhere meaningful to him..... i have so many ideasss running in my head and i cant stop smiling.


sarNie Egg
Thankyouuu!! You've made my day!!!
Im hoping san and lalin will have some alone time...
Im beginning to imagine all these different scenarios between san and lalin. Romantic dinner between them, taking care of each other, san taking her to somewhere meaningful to him..... i have so many ideasss running in my head and i cant stop smiling.
Hahahaha, I'm glad this is making your day! Hehehe who knows what is about to happen next, might surprise you hehehe. Thank you for reading :icon12::icon12::icon12:


sarNie Oldmaid
Yes! 100x Yes!! I’m so happy with the new update. You don’t know how many times a day I check the FF forum to see an update. I’m so hooked. I love your writing style! Can’t wait to read more surprises.


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Yes! 100x Yes!! I’m so happy with the new update. You don’t know how many times a day I check the FF forum to see an update. I’m so hooked. I love your writing style! Can’t wait to read more surprises.
I feel like im checking every hr now. Hahahah i cant want for more..


sarNie Egg
Chapter Eleven

The sound of the alarm woke Lalin up, slowly turning the alarm off she sat up on the bed stretching, sighing she smiled, it was the best sleep she had since being kidnap, there was a knock on the door, getting up she opened it, greeted by Namfon.

“Morning, I just wanted to come you up, 10 minutes to get ready and meet us at the kitchen, you remember the way?” Namfon asked smiling.

Lalin nodded watching Namfon walk off, she closed the door grabbing her towel and clothes for the day…

Walking into the kitchen, she was greeted by the villagers, Namfon walked up to her and pulling her in “So today’s breakfast is sticky rice with sweet pork and beef along with vegetables.” Namfon said smiling at everyone.

Lalin stared at everyone, seems like everyone knew what to do as everyone jump straight to work, who cut the meat, mix the sauce and everyone, she smiled thinking of her work at the hospital, oh no, she has been busy escaping and thinking about her family she completely forgot about her work, what if by the time she gets out she is fired and job-less, Mor, her partner. She whinges to herself while everyone looked at her with a funny look.

“Lalin, is everything okay?” Ratee came up to Lalin touching her shoulder.

“Yes, sorry” Lalin said scratching her head.

“Come let’s get you cutting the pork” Ratee said pulling Lalin down on the table.

Lalin smiled sitting down and started cutting the pork, while watching everyone work, Namfon was mixing the sauces and tasting them as she walked pass, smiling she check on the meat making sure there was enough.

“Namfon is Thip’s and Pinit’s daughter, Thip used to be in charge of food but Namfon wanted her mother to take a break so Namfon took over, Pinit and Thip eat at their house” Ratee explain.

Lalin smiled looking at Ratee wondering how Ratee read her mind. Nodding she continue cutting the meat. Ratee giggled looking at Lalin. Mim came into the kitchen and sat down next to Lalin, helping her. During breakfast Lalin couldn’t see San but shrugged it off she continue eating. After breakfast was done, Ratee gave Lalin a hat.

Lalin took it smiling “Where are we going?” she asked.

“To the farm, it’s harvesting day” Ratee explain putting her hat on.

“Mim, do you know what happened to San, he got bruises on his face and lips” Namfon asked walking next to Lalin and Mim.

“I don’t know” Mim replied tying her hair up and putting the hat on.

“It looked like he got into a fist fight with someone?” Ratee said frowning “Who can hurt San, he is an angel” Ratee said blushing touching her cheeks.

Lalin turned to Lalin with a cringe look “more like the devil” Lalin said quietly.

“Don’t let me find out who” Namfon said fisting her hands and punching the air.

Cringing even more, Lalin looked at the two of them shaking her head “clearly San is like some kind of goddess for these people” Lalin thought following them.

“So, you can harvest anything in this area” Namfon said showing Lalin the farm.

Lalin was amazed, it was beautiful, the field was long and wide but it the best thing was the view, nature and the breeze was refreshing, Lalin smiled grabbing the basket and went to the apple tree, Mim followed her and climbed up the tree next to her. Lalin saw and smiled nervously.

“San said to keep an eye on you” Mim whispered while picking the apples smiling at Lalin.

“So Lalin, we just harvest once every 2 days, we harvest just enough vegetables and fruits so they won’t go all soft so squishy, otherwise the other days we find other things to do such fixing the houses, making clothes or just relaxing if there isn’t anything.” Namfon explain

“How you do get things that can’t be made or found on the island?” Lalin asked putting the apples in the basket on her back.

“Simple, every Monday morning there are 2 or 3 boats that come pick up fruits, veggies and fishes that we catch, the make a request and we give them the amount, since it’s just us villagers that live on this land, we don’t need that much money but instead make a swap for soil, fabric and books to teach the young ones.” Namfon said. “And if there are any need of medical treatment, San does all the payments” Nam finished off.

“San is such a hero” Ratee squeal. Namfon rolled her eyes and continue on.

Looking around, Lalin realized she hasn’t seen San all morning, she brushed it off and enjoyed the time without him watching her all the time.

San was walking around the island with Pinit and Thip. They were checking the area and houses. “Are you sure you don’t want anything else done to this place” San asked.

“No, this place is perfect plus if we need anything major then we will contact you, apart from that we have people here that can do it.” Pinit said patting San’s shoulder.

“Who is that young one you bought with you?” Thip asked.

“An old friend” San replied shortly.

Pinit looked at Thip nodding, “What about Prima, you didn’t marry her did you?” Pinit asked.

San stopped walking and turn to the couple, San sigh smiling at them. “It’s a long story but in short, she married someone else” San said smiling.

“We thought something must off happened since you haven’t bragged about being a married man since you got here but look I know Lalin isn’t just an old friend, by the looks of it, she isn’t willing to come with you” Thip said. “You kidnapped her here, didn’t you?” Thip asked.

San was shocked looking at both Pinit and Thip “I can explain” San quickly said.

“Explain what son, you bought her here because you have interest in her but her family doesn’t approve?” Pinit laughed off.

San frown looking at them, smiling and nodding his head. Thip laughed and held her husband hands. “Don’t be shy, Pinit did the same thing as you, he was going to marry who he thought was the one but she turn around and married someone else after that he meet me and we fell in love but my parents didn’t approve a simple island man so they split us but Pinit didn’t stop there and bought me here to his family, and here we stay together.” Thip said holding onto San’s arm while he just smiled at them. Thip and Pinit walked off together leaving San confused…

Kawin came downstairs with Prima, today he was taking her out for lunch, Prima request it since she wanted Kawin to relax. Seeing Sai, Prima went up to her mother in law and held her hands.

“Mother, we are going to lunch, would you like to join us?” Prima asked.

“That’s okay sweetie, go on your date, I will wait here” Sai replied and continue on reading her book.

Prima smiled and walk to Kawin, getting in the car, they drove off. “Where to today?” Kawin asked driving out of the driveway.

“How about the mall, I want to buy some book for mother” Prima said smiling.

Kawin smiled nodding, he held her hand with one of his and continue on driving. Prima smiled looking out the window, they got to the hall and went inside, Prima chose a Japanese restaurant for lunch. Sitting down, they ordered sushi, noodles and miso soup. Smiling as the food came, she started eating straight away, Kawin looked at her laughing, grabbing the sushi with his chopsticks he fed her, she took it eating it and laughed.

“Have you tried the miso soup, it’s amazing” Prima said after swallowing her sushi and feeding Kawin some soup.

“Delicious!” Kawin said smiling.

“Eat more” Prima said feeding Kawin some noodles.

Putting his thumbs up, he smiled as Prima kept feeding him more food, finished the meals, they went to the book store, Prima went to get more novels for her mother in law, Kawin walked through the kids section and smiled, seeing a pregnancy book, he grabbed it walking around to find Prima, seeing her looking through the novels, he stood next to her, shyly showing her the book, Prima looked at it, her eyes widening, she pushing Kawin and turn around blushing, shaking her head, she laughed and went to the check out, Kawin followed and put a book down with Prima’s. Looking at it was the pregnancy book, Prima glared at Kawin but he ignored it, paying for the books, he grabbed the bag and with the other hand he grabbed hers. They walked passed a playground with a photographer, Kawin stopped and looked at Prima with pleasing eyes, laughing she nodded as he pulled her in, the photographer got them to sit on the swing, pushing her they made eye contact and smiled, the guy told Kawin to kiss Prima’s forehead, Kawin smiled and kiss her, staring at each other, Kawin took the opportunity and kissed her lips giving her a peck, Prima pulled back turning away blushing. The guy put his thumb up and smiled. Getting their photos, they walked up the escalator to the top level. Kawin bought movie tickets and some popcorn, holding Prima’s hand, then walked in with her.

Lalin sat down on the table fanning herself, it was a hot day but the view kept her going, she grabbed the cup opening the lid of the bucket, scooping some water she drank it smiling, icy cold water on a nice hot day, Namfon, Ratee and Mim sat down with Lalin, drinking the water as well.

“Lalin, you seem to be catching some attention from these guys” Ratee said fanning herself.

Lalin looked around, realizing that she was getting many looks from the guys, smiling at them and turn to the girls shaking her head, they laughed looking at the guys. Laying down on the table Lalin stretch and smiled, she frowned once a shadow blocked the sun, opening her eyes she quickly got up.

“San!!” Ratee said blushing.

“How are you Ratee, Namfon” San said smiling and patting their heads. “Sorry I didn’t come say greet you when I got here”

“Great, that’s okay, you were busy” Namfon said fanning herself.

“Anyways I came here to get Lalin” San said looking at Lalin.

Lalin sigh rolling her eyes, she was enjoying her stay on this island but now that San was here, she hated it, San nodded and told Lalin to follow him. Getting back to her house, San stood at the door opening it.

“What do you want?” Lalin asked not going inside.

“5minutes to shower and we will go check on the children and elderlies” San said laying down on the bed.

“I don’t have the equipment’s” Lalin said crossing her arms.

“We have a doctor on this island but he is sick at the moment, so you will use his things” San said closing his eyes.

Lalin sigh and grabbed a new towel and clothes, rolling her eyes once more before she went into the bathroom to shower. A few minutes later she walked out, San was faced down on her bed, rolling her eyes again she threw her towel at San, he turned to her and smirk, grabbing her pillow, he breathed it in, smiling.

“Smell amazing, unbelievable, you only slept on it one night and it’s got your scent” San said getting up and winking at her.

Lalin looked at him in disgust and walked out the door, waiting for him outside folding her arms. San stood next to her grinning and pulled her along, Lalin whinge giving up letting him pull her. Reaching the house Lalin walked undercover where the kids where sitting and elderlies, Lalin smiled at everyone and sat down on the chair, pulling out the equipment’s, going around to the kids first she tested their heart beat and grabbed San’s wrist checking his watch for time.

“Perfect, now open your mouth and say ahhhh” Lalin said showing the example.

The kids laughed at Lalin and sat in line waiting for her, Lalin shine the light in his mouth and smiled, moving onto the next kid, again she checked San’s watch and check the heart-beat. Reaching the last kid, he grabbed Lalin’s hand while she checked his wrist and moved it to his heart.

“Miss, I think there is something wrong with my heart” he said.

“What is it?” she asked listening to his heart beat.

“It stopped beating since I saw you and now that you are closer it’s beating like crazy” the kid said putting his fingers into an I love you sign and winking at Lalin.

Everyone broke into laughter, Lalin shook her head smiling “you are crazy?” Lalin said pinching his cheeks, she put her hand out for San to give her his wrist but he didn’t, she look up and saw him glaring at the boy, smirking she hit him making him look at her. “Your wrist” she said, after checking she decided to tease San and kiss the boy’s cheeks and got up to go check on the elderly.

San frown looking at her actions, walking passed the boy, San glared at him while he glared back. He stood next to Lalin again while Lalin check on the elderlies, finishing off the last person, she got up and faced San.

“I recommend getting shots to give to them, they are all doing well but with this weather, it’s getting cold and living on the island with mosquitos is very dangerous” Lalin said putting the equipment’s away. San nodded and turn away, Lalin shook her head at San and smiled at everyone. “Thank you for the patience, I will get San to order some shots for everyone” Lalin said and left but made sure to wink at the little boy one last time.

San looked at her glaring as she walked off, turning back to everyone, he smiled and followed her, catching up to her he spun her around facing him. Lalin looked at him with one brow up.

“What now?” she asked annoyed.

“What to do think you are doing to the guys here?” San asked glaring at her.

Lalin frown confused at what he was saying then she realized, smiling at him, she blinked her eyes consistently. “You mean, the guys in the farm and that little boy” Lalin said smirking.

“Are you just going to flirt around like this?” San asked pulling her closer.

Smiling she nodded her head “Why can’t I? I’m single plus they are all so cute” she answered “Thinking about it, they are all a better choice then you” Lalin said lending closer to San.

Glaring at each other San pulled Lalin into his embrace, holding her, Lalin pushed against his chest, smirking at her, he held her there. “Don’t go around flirting with my people or I will announce that you are my wife” San said smiling at her before letting her go.

Lalin stood back and saw his face, bruised, remembering that Namfon said that his face looked like he had gotten into a fight, she smiled, now that she had properly looked at his face it is true, “What happened to your face?” Lalin asked folding her arms.

“Why, you caring now?” San asked back.

“No, I want to go thank whoever did it” Lalin said mocking San.

“You really want to know?... Well it was you---” San didn’t finish as Namfon interrupted them. Moving back, he smiled at Namfon.

Namfon scratched her head “I was looking for Lalin, was going to see if she wanted to go play with us” Namfon said holding onto Lalin’s hands

San nodded and walked away not forgetting to take the medicine bag with him. Namfon pulled her along with her, to the beach.

Sitting at the dinner table, they were having desserts Sai had made while everyone was away, Kawin pulled out the pregnancy book to show everyone, Prima spat her drink, wiping her mouth, she turned to him blushing. Everyone laughed and took a closer look at the book.

“Kawin, put that away!” Prima said biting her lips.

“Kawin, you want a little one, don’t you?” Sai asked shaking her head.

“Definitely, after finding Lalin though” Kawin said putting the book down next to his plate.

Sai and Lumpao paused, Lumpao looked down, picking at her dessert, Sai touch her daughters’ hands. “We will find her” Sai said rubbing her hands.

“I am waiting for San to get back and have a talk to him again” Kawin said lending back on his seat.

“Make sure you talk and not stir the pot this time” Sai said.

Kawin sigh rubbing his eyes “It’s hard when he throws back my words mother”.

“Then how do you expect to find Lalin, sit there all day waiting for him to come and when he leaves follow him back” Lumpao said shaking her head.

A lightbulb turned on in Kawin’s head, he turned to Lumpao smiling, “That is brilliant sis” he said getting up, “I’m going to go call Meka” Kawin said as he got up and left the room.

Lumpao smiled turning to everyone, “I think I did something good”.

“Speaking of the Pongsakorn, you haven’t done anything to that boy have you” Sai asked eating.

Lumpao frown at her mother “of course not mother, I kn0w Natt would have nothing to do with this, his brain is the size of a nut to have a clue that his brother took Lalin, and if he does know, I will be sure to make him talk” Lumpao start stabbing the mango and eating it.

Prima shook her head and turn to her mother smiling, holding her hand “We will find a way, I will make sure of it” Prima said letting go as she continue eating her food, “I hope I don’t have to use my plan, I know Kawin would not like it” Prima thought looking upstairs.

Patting the sand together, Lalin looked over at the kids, smiling she shaped the sand into a gate around the sand castle she was building with the kids. It was their turn to have a break and relax while other villagers make the meals. Namfon walked back from the kitchen and over to Mim and Ratee, sitting down on the sand, she turned to Mim.

“Mim, is Lalin really just San’s old friend?” she asked.

Mim stopped what she was doing, looking at Namfon, she slowly nodded. “… Why” Mim asked feeling nervous at the question.

“Because since you guys got here, San and Lalin have been really weird…” Namfon said looking over at Lalin.

“Like…” Ratee question lending forward.

Looking around one more time Namfon whispered “I saw them kiss the other night”.

“What!?” Ratee yelled getting up.

Mim closed her eyes pulling Ratee down, Namfon hit Ratee’s arm putting her finger on her lips. “You were probably seeing things Namfon, they are just friends” Mim said biting her lips.

“You’re lying” Namfon said, “I may be just an ordinary islander but I am not dumb, I can tell there is something between them” Namfon said pointing at San

They turned to the shore and saw San whom was sitting down of the swing looking at Lalin. Mim smiled awkwardly and scratch her head. Ratee fold her arms turning away. “Don’t ask me I don’t know” Mim quickly said as she got up and ran to Lalin helping her build her sand castle.

“I am going to shower” Ratee said getting up and dust the sand of her knees, looking over at San once more, she faked cried walking away.

The kids where whispering to each other and stood near Lalin, in a second water come flying at Lalin, screaming she got up, looking over at them she gave them an evil smile before splashing water back at them, running around the started splashing water at Mim, Mim quickly got up and ran away to San, sitting next to him on the swing she wiped her face. Phet came up to them and stood in front of Mim wiping her face with his napkin, she smiled and held his hands.

“San, honestly I don’t think Lalin is a bad person” Mim started looking at him.

San turn to them “Everyone in the Wongwilai are horrible people, traitors, taking anything, they want without care, I’m thankful my father was able to figure that Sak was stealing and fired him before he took the business first” San said glaring at Lalin.

“But” Mim begun but San cut her off by glaring at her, Mim stopped and smiled putting up the okay sign before getting up and left with Phet.

Turning back to Lalin, San sat there staring at her playing with the kids, the sun slowly set, making an beautiful orange sky shining at Lalin, San lend down looking at his ring, it was his engagement ring Prima gave him, he closed his eyes, only to see Prima’s face, quickly opening his eyes, he looked back up at Lalin, only to see Prima’s face once again…


sarNie Egg
Chapter Twelve

Kawin laid down next to Prima on the bed. Turn to her, seeing her reading a book, he moved over to lay on her lap, moving the book over a bit Prima stared down at him smiling. He closed his eyes, hugging her lap he sighs.

“What is it?” Prima asked closing her book placing it on the side table.

“I already called Meka but it… It just feels like I am not doing much, by now I still haven’t gotten her back” Kawin said turning over to look at her.

She scratched his head “You have done so much, you have done everything you can, you know who took him, now it is to only get San to tell us, do not over stress yourself Kawin” Prima said smiling at him.

“Thank you” Kawin said moving off her to lay on his pillow. “Mor called me today, Lalin’s friend at work, he has told work that Lalin has an emergency and has to go up North for a while, he doesn’t want any news getting out that she has been kidnap” Kawin said staring at the roof.

Prima laid down as well and dim the light, giving him one more smile before turning away, Kawin stared at her back, sighing he knew that she is doing this because she is his wife, though he is trying to convince himself that she is moving on, but he can see in her eyes whenever they talk about San, that it sparkles and misses him, turning away, he looked at their wedding photo, what if the only way to get Lalin back is if San ask for Prima back, what will he do, one is his sister and the other is his lover…

Lalin was enjoying her sleep in, today was a sleep-in day for Lalin, deep in her sleep she was loving the moment of not being disrupted. Not long she could hear yelling and screaming outside, getting up slowly and yawn, she threw the blanket and opened the door, freezing in her spot as she was greeted by a blow of strong wind, she saw the villagers running around and things getting blown around. Ratee was at her door breathing heavily.

“Lalin, there is a storm heading our way, go to the farm to help us carry over the vegetables and fruits to the kitchen” Ratee said and ran off to the other houses.

Lalin saw Mim running off and followed her. “Lalin, I’m glad your awake, come help me check on the farm” Mim said leading the way.

Getting to the farm, everything was getting blown around, Lalin grabbed the basket and throwing them over her shoulder. A villager fell over, Lalin quickly ran to the girl while covering her face with her hand, pulling the girl up Lalin grabbed the basket off the ground and gave it to her. She thanked Lalin and ran over to grab more baskets. Mim ran over to Lalin.

“Lalin let’s take these to the kitchen and come grab more” Mim said.

Lalin nodded and grabbed 2 more baskets before leaving with Mim and other villagers. Getting to the kitchen, Lalin quickly put the baskets down and ran back, Mim stayed to organise the baskets…

San was with Phet, Pao and Harn, they ran around the house, locking the windows and doors. Pulling the covers over the kitchen area making sure to tie them down tightly. “Pao, go check on Pinit and Thip, make sure they have food and their house is well locked.” San ordered running into the hospital building…

“Ratee is that all of it!?” Lalin asked as the wind blew against her pushing her around.

“That is all” Ratee said shielding her eyes. “Come on, we have to go check the hospital rooms” Ratee yelled pulling Lalin and Mim with her.

Running pass, the house, everyone was locking the windows and doors making sure nothing gets blown out, Lalin ran to the nurse room closing the windows and locking the door and pulled the patience down on their bed, she went to the draw grabbing more blankets for the patience “It will be a bit chilly tonight” Lalin said handing out the blankets. Running to the other rooms, she saw Mim, Ratee and Namfon giving out the blankets and food next to the patience beds. Seeing that, she ran down the stairs bumping into San, she screamed holding onto San tightly.

“San” Lalin said realizing that it was him, moving away she wiped her face.

“Go back upstairs and check all the rooms again, I’ll check down here” San said turning back and ran down the stairs.

For once he wasn’t yelling at her or glaring at her, shaking that thought off she ran back up, Lalin checked all the windows, Mim came to her with a box of food.

“Lalin, this is food for the day, best for everyone to stay in their houses until the storm passes by” Mim said handing Lalin the box “I am going to go check on Phet now” Mim said running off.

Lalin looked around before leaving to her house, being blown around by the wind and soak wet by the rain she looked around the houses as villagers closes the doors to their houses. Lalin got to her house, opening the door with difficulties, before walking in she saw San standing at his door looking at her.

“San, San, the dam broke” Pao yelled running to San.

San looked over at Lalin one last time before running off with San as other villagers followed them

“Don’t tell me he is that crazy to think I will run off in this weather” Lalin said as she put the box down on her bed, closing her door she followed them, running into Mim and Phet.

“Lalin, where are you going?” Mim yelled pulling Lalin back.

“I heard about the dam breaking, I’m going to help” Lalin yelled back cover her eyes from the rain.

They nodded and ran over to the dam together, not long they got there, water was running everywhere, villagers were carrying logs, passing them to each other, she saw San, Pao tying the rope around the logs. Mim tapped onto Lalin’s shoulder pointing at the logs, without hesitation Lalin carefully climb up turning around to pull Mim up. Carrying the logs, Lalin carefully walked over to the villagers.

“Pao, what do you want me to do?” Lalin asked covering her eyes.

San heard Lalin voice, looking up he got up, “What are you doing here?” he asked grabbing the logs off her.

“Helping can’t you see?” Lalin fired back.

Glaring San kneel back down placing the logs down and cross to Harn, that was on the other side, Lalin ignored it and went back over to get more logs, grabbing it from the person below she passed it on to Mim and Phet, the rain was getting worse the wind was getting stronger but no one was giving up, they couldn’t, if the dam completely broke, the village and farm would be flooded. Everyone was putting in everything they got, hearing a crack Lalin looked up to see a branch falling down to Mim.

“Mim” Lalin yelled running to her and pulling her away falling down, holding onto Mim tightly, she sigh and checked on Mim.

Phet quickly ran to his wife and helped them both up as San looked over, relief he continued on. Mim thanked Lalin, holding onto her hand. San got up smiling at everyone as the dam was fixed, everyone jumped down to go back, Lalin walked over to the end about to climb down when she heard another crack, looking up she saw the branch above her falling down, San looked over, seeing the branch he quickly ran to her, pulling her away causing them both to fall down with a great impact on the ground.

“San, Lalin!!” Pao and Harn yelled jumping down and grabbed hold of them pulling them up.

Lalin touch her elbow whinging at the pain she looked over at San, seeing him with blood dripping down his head as he touched it, she went over to him ignoring the fact that they were all covered in mud even more. “Take him to his house, I will get the medical pack” Lalin said leaving to the hospital building. Going through the cupboards she grabbed what she needed in a bag and ran off to his house, Pao and Harn had laid San down on the bed. Washing her hands and legs with the bucket outside, she walked in, sitting down she had a look at his head, “Mim get a bowl of water and clean his head and face area so I can clean his head.” Lalin instructed and went into the bathroom to quickly wash up.

Mim put the cloth in the bowl and wiped around the wound to clear the mud off his face, Namfon came in with spare bedsheets and food. Touching his face, she took a look at the wound. Mim washed his hair getting all the dirt off into the bucket and pat it dry making sure she doesn’t hurt him.

“How is it?” she asked him.

“Painful” San replied about to touch his head.

“If you touch your head with that dirty hand of yours, I will inject you with 5 shots” Lalin said walking out of the bathroom all clean, moving the chair over, Lalin put the box down on the side table “You all can go wash up and rest, I will clean his wound, it’s dangerous to have dirty surround with open wound, not to offend anyone” Lalin smiled at everyone before squeezing salt water onto San’s head causing him to whinge in pain. Smiling to herself she was satisfied seeing him in pain for once.

“Take good care of him Lalin, we need him” Namfon said closing the door.

Squeezing more salt water onto San’s wound, he held onto the bed while glaring at Lalin. She smirked at him before continue on. “If it wasn’t because of my wound, I would take it as you are getting me back” San said closing his eyes

“I am” Lalin admitted without hesitation, wiping the bloods she threw the cotton buns in the bin and pressed against is wound hard with the pad of medicine.

“Ughh, Lalin!” San yelled pushing her hand away.

Lalin fought against it and stick another pad on and wrapped his head, standing up she closed the box, “Go shower, don’t let the wound get wet otherwise it can get infected, once you are done I will vaccinate you to kill any bacteria that got into your body and hopefully help your mental health as well” Lalin mocked sitting down on the table.

“Last time I check, I’m not mentally disabled, change my bed sheets while you’re here” San ordered walking into the bathroom. Grabbing the rim of his shirt he slowly lifts it up, stopping half way he groaned in pain, trying again but failed, sighing took his belt off, unbuttoning his pants and shook his legs to get them off and used his legs to kick it to the side, giving his shirt one last try he still couldn’t take it off, looking at the door with hesitation he grab a towel wrapping it around his waist, opening the door he saw Lalin putting the dirty sheets in the basket, smiling he shook his head.

Hearing the door open, Lalin turn around expecting San to finish showering already “That was really quick” Lalin said to him “Ahhhh” Lalin scream seeing him with the towel and still in his shirt covered in mud. “Why haven’t you showered?” she asked facing the wall.

“I can’t take my shirt off” San said raising his hands, “come over here and take it off for me” San ordered resting his hands on his waist. “I have bruises all over myself just to save you” San continue on.

Feeling that she did owe him one, Lalin walked over, hesitating she grab his shirt, looking at him she quickly pull it over his head causing his hands to fly up, holding onto his shirt she faced him again, only to blush seeing his naked chest, looking at his eyes, she threw his shirt at his face. Seeing her face, he chuckled and spun her around making her face smash into his chest, he grabbed her head and rubbed her face into his chest, Lalin scream pushing against his chest while San laughed at her. Finally letting go and walking back into the bathroom to shower. Lalin sat down on his bed opening the box, getting the needle ready, setting in to the side and grabbed the box of food, she grabbed the banana out and ate it while waiting for San, lending against the wall she was slowly falling asleep, her eyes open and close consistently. San came out barely dressed as he could only get his underwear and pants on, he saw that Lalin was almost falling asleep so he threw his shirt at her waking her up. Lalin quickly stood up and cough.

“Sit down, so I can vaccinate you” Lalin said sitting down on the chair next to the bed. “also put your shirt on” Lalin said giving him his shirt.

San took it and sat down on the bed “I can’t put it on” San said giving her the shirt back.

Sighing she took the shirt “Can you put anything on?” she said putting the shirt over his head and lifting his arms up carefully.

“Look, be thankful I can put my pants on, otherwise you will see my little weapon” San said smirking at her.

Lalin pulled the shirt down quickly and looked at him in disgust, taking a clean cotton she wiped his arm area where she was going to inject him and got the needle out pushing it getting the air out, aiming it she took a peek at San, smirking she jabbed into arm and slowly push the liquid in.

San slowly breathe out and glared at her, “I don’t know if saving you was a great idea anymore” San said as she pulled out and put a bandage on it.

Lalin grabbed the needle up and threw it in the bin, standing up she went to the door. San looked over and got up.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“What does it look like, back to my house” Lalin said.

Pushing his hand against the door and locked it “have you seen the weather outside, you will get blown away instantly” San said pulling her arm to the bed.

Lalin knew he was right so she sat there while he went to the small fridge and grab some food out, Lalin looked on the floor and saw mud everywhere, knowing she wouldn’t be able to sleep with that, she got up and grabbed a cloth, going into the bathroom, she wet the cloth and clean the floor, San sat there eating looking at her. Finished she dried the floor and put the cloth in the basket, washing her hands she walked out of the bathroom, seeing San eat, she touched her stomach, grabbing his bowl she took it and sat down on the bed, San followed her actions and glared at her, swallow the food, he got up and grab more food. They both sat down looking at each other while eating but neither said a word…

Prima and Kawin got out of the car, holding onto each other they walked against the wind into the house, taking off their shoes they walked inside getting to the living room they were greeted by Mor sitting with Sai and Lumpao.

“Mor, how are you?” Kawin asked getting the cloth off the maids and wiped his face and hands.

“I’m well, thank you” Mor said smiling.

“Is there something you need?” Kawin asked grabbed the tea and drinking it.

“I wanted to come check if there has been any further information about Lalin?” Mor said rubbing his hands.

“Unfortunately, not” Kawin said sighing.

Mor nodded and rubbed his eyes “if there is anything you need help with, let me know, I will do my best to find her” Mor said tapping into Kawin’s shoulder. Kawin nodded as a thank you. “I should get going now, thank you for the hospitality” Mor said getting up.

“Wait, Mor, the weather is horrible outside, stay the night, I don’t want you driving in this type of weather” Sai said getting up.

“That’s right, dinner is being served soon, you can borrow Kawin’s clothes?” Lumpao suggested.

“Thanks for asking me first, Lumpao” Kawin said shaking his head.

“That is okay, I have some spare clothes in the boot” Mor said “Thank you Mrs. Wongwilai”.

“Well you kids should go shower, don’t want any of you getting sick” Sai said as she also walked up stairs to shower.

“Ya, take Mor to the spare room please” Prima said as she left with Kawin.

Mor nodded and followed Ya. Lumpao ran upstairs passing Kawin and Prima. Prima shook her head and smiled at Kawin…

Sitting down at the dinning table, everyone waiting for the meals to be served. Lumpao sat down smiling as she quickly grabbed her bowl of porridge and fried chicken. Sai flicked Lumpao’s arm and shook her head.

“Slow down sweetie, the food is hot” Sai said.

In a split second Lumpao coughed and fan her mouth, everyone laughed and shook their heads.

“I’m hungry, I went all the way to university to know that it was cancelled and ran into Natt, ooh that ash---” Lumpao didn’t finished as Sai flicked her again. “Ouch, mother” Lumpao whinge rubbing her arm.

“What did you do to him this time” Prima asked laughing.

“me?! It was him, he pushed me into the mud and mocked me saying that I was a fat pig in my natural habitat” Lumpao said before eating her porridge.

“No wonder you had mud all over when I saw you” Kawin said shaking his head.

Lumpao poked her tongue at her brother and continue eating. Kawin turn to Mor and smiled. “I’m glad that Lalin not only has a very nice co-worker but a great friend like you, Mor” Kawin thanked Mor.

“Not a problem, she has been a great friend of mine since young, I will do my best to help” Mor replied nodded his head.

Continuing on eat, Prima looked down at her food sighing, hoping she is not the cause of all these troubles, taking a bite of her porridge she swallowed, looking around, the Wongwilai are not bad people nor are the Pongsakorn. When will all this end, consistently getting back at each other will only bring trouble to those around them, such as Prima herself. Kawin touch her hand getting her out of her thoughts, turning to him she gave him a small smile before eating again. Looking over at him again, she appreciated that he has kept his words to being nice to him, but why… She loves San and that is all she knows…