Passionate Vengeance - Chapter 17

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sarNie Egg
Chapter Thirteen

The sun shine into Lalin’s face, making her groan in annoyance, yawning she turn around cuddling the person next to her, smiling she snuggle in. Frowning she slowly open her eyes seeing San fast asleep next to her, she was hugging him!

“Aaaahh, San!” Lalin screamed getting up.

Stretching San opening his eyes and smiled “You fell asleep and I wasn’t going to sleep on the ground, I’m ill” San said putting his hands under his head.

Lalin nodded and folded her arms, smirking San continued looking at her. “What are you looking at?” Lalin said looking down at him.

“The view, you do realize you are wearing my shirt right and I can see your black undies and hmm, a small amount of your breast” San said sitting up and blowing her a kiss.

“You crazy thing!” Lalin yelled kicking him off the bed.

San landed on his face, screaming he touch his head and nose, rolling over, he pointed at Lalin, “You brat!” he yelled standing up.

“You started!” she yelled back.

San leaped at Lalin, but she was quick and jumped off the bed and ran to the door, opening it she saw Namfon, Pinit, Thip and Mim at the door.

“Lalin, is everything okay, we heard yelling and screaming?” Namfon asked coming inside, seeing San on the bed, she smiled, “San, how are you feeling?” she asked standing next to him.

“San is having a headache so he started screaming” Lalin lied glaring at San.

San nodded and touched his head, Mim handed Lalin a box and went to go sit down on the chair, “I bought new pads and medicine for San”.

Lalin took it and placed in next to the bed. Pinit and Thip went to San, sitting down next to the bed, “How is your head son?” Pinit asked placing his walking stick down.

“Let me see, dear San, helping us and getting hurt, we are so sorry” Thip apologies while checking his head, she turned to Lalin “Lalin, I will take care of San for today, you must be exhausted so go shower and rest up” Thip said.

“Thank you, I was thinking of helping clean up, seems like there is a lot to do” Lalin said going to the door, smiling to everyone before leaving.

Namfon gave San a container of food, “breakfast, you will have your resting for the day” she said leaning on the wall.

“Guys, really, I’m fine, I’ll just take my medicine and be fine, there is a lot to do and I don’t want to sit around doing nothing all day” he said opening up the container.

“If that is what you want, eat up and I will change your pad afterwards.” Thip said.

Nodded San started eating while everyone except Pinit and Thip left the room to clean up, Namfon went to the kitchen with Mim to clean there, getting there, they all grabbed the rubbish bins and put gloves on, looking at each other they nodded and started picking up the rubbish. Lalin sat down on her bed drying her hair, yawning she looked over at the clock, it was 8am, she was surprised that no one commented on her wearing San’s shirt since last night, throwing his shirt in the basket she touch her stomach hearing it cry, she put the towel on the clothes hanger and went outside, walking to the kitchen, she saw Namfon, Mim and Ratee, walking to them she smiled nervously.

“Is there by any chance, some fruits I can eat, I’m hungry” Lalin said nervously.

“Of course, but there are some porridge in that pot, just take your time, no rush to help us” Namfon said throwing the logs in the pile.

“Thank you” Lalin went over to the pot and grabbed a bowl, sitting down she quickly eat her porridge and went to help clean up.

“How is San doing?” Ratee asked.

“Fine, his wound was not that big, just some medicine and rest and he will be better in no time” Lalin explained.

“That’s good, scared me to death last night, thought I was going to lose my future husband” Ratee said giggling.

The girls looked at each other shaking their heads, smiling they continue cleaning, looking around, Lalin sigh, hoping that these villagers did not have to go through this often, it’s a big mess and dangers, if the dam broke, they would lose everything and wouldn’t be able to sell their fruits and vegetables, curious Lalin turn to Namfon.

“Namfon, does this place always storm this badly?” she asked.

“Not so much, we get it once in 4-5 months, normally just raining and strong wind but this is the first in 1 years, we thought we were lucky to have no storm for such a long time, I spoke to soon” Namfon said smiling.

“It’s so dangerous, what if it puts everyone in danger” Lalin said worrying.

“We have enough medicine and more than enough equipment’s for surgery, if anyone got hurt” Ratee said.

Nodding Lalin smiled in response, “why is it that you guys do not want to sell this island, by the looks of it, you will all get enough money for a very long time” Lalin question sweeping the leaves.

“Because this place is our home, selling it will be like selling our ancestors, there is so much about this place that we cannot give away to those ambitious rich people” Namfon said leaning on her broom.

“Plus, money can never replace the things we have here, the high views of mountains, waterfalls, animals, especially the sun set and sun rise we have, nothing can make us sell this place and turn it into a casino which will just trash this place” Namfon said.

“Waterfall?” Lalin said in excitement “… When we have time can you take me?” Lalin asked with pleasing eyes.

“Of course, we always go in big groups though, for safety” Ratee said.

“That would be great for me as well, I haven’t been to the waterfall in ages, you will be stun, Lalin” Mim said excited to go as well.

“Then, once we finish clean up today, we will pack lunch and head over, sounds good?” San said appearing next to Lalin, making her jump.

Sighing, she was annoyed, “of course, you have to hear this and come along” Lalin thought moving away and continue sweeping ignoring him.

“Oh my gosh, thank you San” Ratee said hugging his arm, “But are you sure you are able to come with your head?” Ratee asked looking up at him.

“I’m fine, thank you” San said patting her head and walked off to the farm to help.

“My angel~~” Ratee giggled watching San walked off.

Namfon turned to Mim shaking her head and laughed and continue on, Lalin looked over and sigh heavily, excited yes but with San, definitely not…

Piling up the rubbish, it was hitting 11, they went into the kitchen to prepare some snacks for the trip and preparing meals for those who aren’t going…

San count the last basket of fruits and wrote down the amount they have left that was good quality, looking up to Pinit, he smiled “thankfully the fruits and vegetables were not damage during the storm and still good quality to use and sell.” San said giving Pao the book.

“Thank goodness, thank you son for still working when you are unwell” Pinit said tapping his shoulder, smiling he carried some baskets over to the kitchen, placing them down, he smiled at everyone.

“San, just give us a couple of minutes to go pack some swimmers” Ratee said running off.

“Okay, anyone who isn’t going to the waterfall, carry the meals and out and watch over each other, just in case some has caught the flu overnight” Namfon instructed leaving to go pack her things as well.

“Lalin, I will give Phet the food to carry over, you go get ready” Mim said taking the basket of food and went off leaving San and Lalin alone.

Lalin looked at San with a blunt look before leaving, San smirked and followed her. Getting to her house, she realized she didn’t have any more clothes since the storm came, she didn’t do any washing, groaning opened her door. San was at her door and threw her a bag.

Lalin screamed in fright, “San, what are you doing?” she asked glaring at him.

“I figured Mim didn’t pack you enough clothes for the trip so I borrowed some clothes from Namfon” San said and walked off.

Still glaring at San, she looked down at the bag, opening up the bag she went through it, putting some clothes aside and packed spare clothes in the bag, she grabbed a towel and walked out of her house. Seeing everyone at the front waiting for her she smiled and walked over to them.

“Sorry, I did I take too long?” Lalin asked scratching her head.

“Not at all” Namfon said giving the food bag to Pao.

“Let’s go!” Ratee said grabbing San’s arm and led the way.

Lalin walked over to Mim and walked with her and Namfon, they talked and talked not long getting to the waterfall.

“Lalin, Mim, look” Namfon said pointing at the waterfall “we have arrived” she said.

Lalin looked over, stun she stopped walking “amazing…” Lalin grasped as her eyes wonder around the area, it was magical, crystal blue water running down hitting the surface of water below with a gentle calming sound, as she walked closer, the sound got louder but calmer making her wanting to fall asleep, smelling the air around her was refreshing, the smell that she sense this morning from the heavy storm of an earthy and lightly green grass that has just been cut, liking that rich sort of smell, Lalin sat down on a rock talking her slippers off, there were many flowers surrounding the waterfall, gently swirling around in circles. Slowly dipping her feet in she felt the cool impact of the water touching her, making her shiver but she continued on until both feet were in and she was standing in the water.

“Isn’t it just wonderful Lalin” Mim stated as she stood next to Lalin playing in the water.

“So magical, I understand now” Lalin said before slowly putting her entire body in the water.

“Come on Namfon” Ratee said as she swam to them.

Smiling Namfon quickly put her bag down and jumped in the water, causing a big splash, making the girls scream as the coo water hit them. “Namfon!” they screamed before started a water fight.

San was on the other side of the waterfall watching them, Pao, Harn and Phet sat next to him, taking off their shirts.

“Coming in?” Pao asked.

“In a bit, I can’t really get my wound wet while that brat is here” San said forgetting Pao and Harn no nothing about Lalin.

“Brat? You mean Lalin?” Pao asked raising a brow.

“I think she is beautiful” Harn said as he slid into the water closing his eyes.

San stared at them shaking his head, before taking off his shirt and getting into the water, feeling the cool touch, he instantly felt calm and lend against the rock closing his eyes, ignoring that fact that Pao and Harn continue on talking about Lalin but his ears somehow was wide open and took in what they were saying.

Phet swum off to Mim, lifting her up, he carried her further into the waterfall as she yelled at him to stop, pinching his ears she gave him a peck on the forehead, smiling at him. Ratee looked over pouting.

“What’s wrong Ratee, jealous?” Namfon asked swimming closer to Ratee teasing her.

“Yes, I am” she admitted without hesitation.

“You will find your guy” Lalin said swimming around enjoying the cool feeling running through her body.

“I have, San” Ratee said pointing at San whom was resting over at the other side.

“San only see’s you as a sister, you know that” Namfon cleared to Ratee breaking her heart without care.

Ratee frown and splash water into Namfon’s face “Well you wouldn’t know the feeling of a heart break since you have a lover” Ratee said as her eyes caught a fish swim by and quickly tried catching it “come back here” she yelled at the fish before swimming off to catch it.

“Namfon, you have a lover?” Lalin asked, she has been here for days but never notice Namfon with anyone.

“That guy over there.” Namfon nodded her head over to the rock near the water falling down.

Lalin looked over and saw Pao jumping from the top making a big splash onto San, waking him up. Namfon and Lalin burst into laughter, coming up from the water, it was like a sudden slow motion, head appearing following the eyes, nose and mouth, shaking his head to get the access water off, smiling over at them, making them both blush...

“Woah, Namfon, you got a good-looking boyfriend” Lalin said as she had a proper look at Pao.

“fiancé” Namfon corrected.

Lalin nodded smiling at her with a cheeky look before swimming off… San saw her swimming off, looking around to check that no one was watching he followed her. He was wrong, Namfon was sitting down on the rock and saw San swimming after Lalin, raising a brow.

“So, I must be right, there is something between them” Namfon said to herself.

“Right about what?” Pao asked popping up next to her, smiling he picked the flower, removing her hair away from her ear and placing the flower there.

“Pao” Namfon said blushing as she touched the flower.

Pao followed where she was looking and turned back to her “Lalin and San?” he said surprising her.

“Ho-How did you know?” she asked shocked.

“You’re not the only one noticing something between them, I saw on the first day they got here, from them kissing and Lalin wearing his shirt, that is more than an old friend” Pao stated his point looking at Namfon with a proud look.

“Well okay, Mr smarty pants” Namfon said pinching his ears laughing…

Sitting on the rock, Lalin played around the water while scanning the area, closing her eyes she listening to the sound of running water, relaxing as her legs as they slowly flow with the current. San found Lalin, seeing her with her eyes closes he quietly walked to her, looking up at her, he smiled, she looked peaceful and relax, pulling himself up he sat next to her on the rock.

“This place is amazing, isn’t it?” San begun.

Frightening Lalin, she opened her eyes looking at him in relief “It’s wonderful, definitely understand why you can’t sell this place” Lalin replied. San nodded looking around, “I’m not going anywhere, you know, I can exactly escape this place, I wouldn’t want to as well. It’s hard to find a place as wonderful as this, I think you should put a swing somewhere around here, would make it funnier” Lalin suggested smiling at San.

“We do have some, around the place, there is one over there” San pointed to the left.

Lalin looked over and there was a swing, only a few meters away from her, “How did I not see that” Lalin said laughing before trying to get up but stop half way touching her legs “Ouch” she cried.

San looked at her frowning “What’s wrong now” he asked.

“Pin’s and needles” she said massaging her legs gently. “Fantastic, now I miss out on playing on the swing” she whinged looking at San sadly.

Rolling his eyes as he shook his head, San slid down the rock facing Lalin, lending out his hand to her. Lalin looked at him with question “I’ll carry you over” he said grabbing her hand and putting in on his shoulder, before grabbing her waist and swooping his hands underneath her butt carrying her.

“San!” Lalin screamed holding onto him tightly “put me down” she cried.

“I won’t do anything; do you want to play on the swing or not?” he said walking over to the swing.

Lalin didn’t say anything, she does want to play on the swing but on the other hand, it just didn’t feel right having him carrying her like this, looking at his head she touched the cloth, feeling it being wet “You’re not supposed to get your wound wet, it is probably infected now” Lalin said glaring at him.

“It’s too late now” San said looking up at her smirking.

Shaking her head, she looked at him in the eyes as he did the same, unknowing she smiled at him as he put her down on the swing, getting herself comfortable San pushed the swing for her. Lalin frown, “what a bipolar guy” she thought looking at him. Ignoring it she just enjoyed him pushing the swing, feeling her legs getting better she kick the water around, smiling she as it was a beautiful day, letting one hand go, she played with the water smiling. San looked down at her smiling, why was he smiling at her, he doesn’t know but it just made him happy, seeing her smiling, lending down a bit he took in a scent of her hair, closing his eyes. Lalin felt the swing stopping, she frowned looking up only to come into contact with San’s face and lips crashing into each other, San quickly open his eyes looking at Lalin, they didn’t move, they just stopped and stayed where they were…

Getting out off the car and lending his hand out to Prima, Kawin pulled her out of the car, walking inside with other people following them. They got to Sai as she walked to them with questioning look.

“Is something happening tonight, why is Pin here with her crew?” Sai asked as Lumpao came to them as well.

“We have a business party tonight, it was short notice” Kawin replied kissing Sai’s cheeks.

“Can I come?” Lumpao said running to her brother grabbing hold of his arm, shaking it.

“I don’t think you will enough it Lumpao, it’s many adults there talking about business” Kawin said as he pointed for Pin to go get their things ready in the spare room.

“I don’t mind but I just want to eat” Lumpao said pouting.

“She can come, I need some company while you’re off talking to people.” Prima pointed out.

“Alright” Kawin replied “Well then we have to hurry on now that there will be three of us” Kawin said pushing them both upstairs “Do you want to join us mother?” Kawin asked turning back to her.

“No, no, you kids enjoy your time” Sai said shaking her hands and walking back into the kitchen…

Not long, Lumpao and Prima was done as they had their makeup and outfit done at the same time, Kawin didn’t have much has it was just his suit and a little touch on foundation which Pin suggested on putting on to make him look more alive. Looking in the mirror Kawin held onto Prima’s waist while looking at her, bright red tight dress, showing her curves and the dress showed her back as the zip was just at her waist.

“Stunning” he whispered in her ears smiling at her.

“Thank you” Prima blushed turning to Lumpao.

Lumpao wore a black dress, knee length and off the shoulder “Pin, I love your choice in clothing” Lumpao said spinning around in circles watching her dressing swirl around.

“You missy are growing up way too fast” Pin said putting her hand on Lumpao’s shoulder.

“I agree, I have one more year left of study and I will hit the adult life” Lumpao whinge.

“You are living in this household, so don’t complain” Kawin said pinching her ears.

Lumpao rolled her eyes and went to the door, well we better hurry or we will be late” she said as she opened the door and walked out.

Kawin and Prima followed thanking Pin, bidding Sai bye as they got into the car and left. Half an hour later they arrived, getting out of the car, Kawin gave both his arms to Prima and Lumpao to link arms with him. Lumpao was shocked as there were many reporters and flashes everywhere, smiling nervously at her brother as they walked up the stairs smiling at the cameras. Entering the house, they were greeted by calming music and waitress’s offering them drinks and food. Lumpao let go of her brother and excuses herself to the food table. Kawin and Prima made their way to the host.

“Kawin, Prima, you made it” Wat said shaking Kawin’s and kissing Prima’s hand.

And it begun, the night of business talk and meeting new business owners who may be interest in joining companies for better profit and international promotions. Lumpao put some crackers and cheese on her plate.

“These foods look amazing” she squeals grabbing some chocolate cookie, sensing something more chocolaty, “Cake!” quickly turning to it she didn’t see the person next to her, bumping into the person and dropped her plate “I am so sorry!” she apologies picking up the food on the floor.

“That is okay, I didn’t watch where I was going” the person replied looking up at her



They both yelled, putting the plate on the waitress tray, she dusted her dress glaring at Natt, “What are you going here?” she asked folding her arms.

“Why can’t I, it’s a business party for high companies” Natt replied wiping his hands and throwing the tissue at her.

“Doesn’t suit you, well anyways, I’m hungry so get out of my way” Lumpao said pushing Natt away, grabbing another plate, she grabbed the mud cake, moving over to the crackers, Natt saw a quickly stood in her way blocking her with his body and arms as he kept grabbing crackers. Smiling at her cheekily he grabbed some cheese and use one of his fingers to push her forehead moving her out of way as he went back to his table. Rolling her eyes, she quickly grabbed the crackers and cheese and went to her table, sitting down she started eating while making eye contact with him while he did the same.

Prima soon came over with a plate of food and sat down with Lumpao “how are you doing Lumpao” Prima asked

“This is boring but the food is amazing” Lumpao said eating her mini cupcake.

“It’s not that bad but I agree with the food” Prima said looking around.

“Prima, Natt is here, should we tell Kawin? I don’t want him causing a scene” Lumpao said nodded her head towards Natt’s table.

Prima looked over hoping to see San as well but unfortunately it was only Natt, smiling at him while he smiled back, Prima turned back to Lumpao “No, we won’t, not here” Prima said stirring her food.

“Are you girls alright?” Kawin asked appearing next to Prima putting his hand o her shoulder.

“Good, good, but I am getting tired” Lumpao said quickly looking over at Natt.

“Well, they are about to start playing some slow music if you would like to dance with me” Kawin said to Prima. Smiling Prima accepted and held his hands.

“One song and we will leave, it’s hitting 10pm” Kawin said to Lumpao and led Prima to the dance floor as the music begun.

Smiling at each other, Prima held onto Kawin’s shoulder with one hand while the other held his hands, they started moving to the rhythm to the music, left then right, back then forth. Kawin stared at Prima, she was as beautiful as ever, he can pull her in closers and kissed her forehead. Prima blushed as she moved with him.

“Thank you for everything” Kawin said as he rubbed their nose together.

Prima smiled nodding her head, though this was a business party but Kawin had not made her feel as she was just an accessory, that she meant something to him as he introduced her to everyone they meet as his beloved wife. Being spun around in circles her smile widen, facing Kawin again she frowned, the person she saw in front of her was not Kawin but San. Remembering the time, they dance on their prom night to their engagement night came into her mind. Quickly getting out of her thoughts she smiled at Kawin and sigh quietly. The song finished and they both walked over to Lumpao, nodding to her Lumpao got up and they walked over to Wat bidding goodbye and thank you they left…

Laying down on the bed, Kawin stretch and yawn “that party went quick, I made more business promotions with people, hopefully hearing from them soon” Kawin said turning to Prima.

Smiling Prima laid down, yawning pulled the pillow down a little “That is good” she said closing her eyes.

Kawin smiled, moving over to her, putting her head on his chest he grabbed her hand holding onto it and rubbed it with his thumb, yawning on last time he dim the light and close his eyes heading to dreamland as well…


sarNie Oldmaid
Yess! I love it girl!! Keep it up. Thanks for another cute update. I can’t wait to hear good news for Kawin & Prima (baby news) lol. Oh & what a cliffhanger of San & Lalin! Haha. I’m cheesing like crazy now.


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Yayyyyyy thankkkkyouuuuu!!:love::love::love::love: Im so happy. You've definitely put a huge smile on my face.
When I read the part lalin touch her stomach, i started thinking in my mind, one day there will be a bun in the oven and she'll touch her stomach. Then getting all these ideas running in my head imagining things. What if this happens or that happens....:nut::nut::nut::nut::nut::nut::nut:
I hope Prima and Kawin will have a baby soon...
:thumbup::worship2::worship2: thankyouuu looking forward to more!:icon12:


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
@Xiongurl26 @alissaax
You girls make me so happy *screaming* you girls are my motivation to keep writing and knowing my story is making sense hahahaha
I love fanfics.. i used to read a lot of kidol fanfics on soompi and this old site called winglin then i was on asianfanfics... its just so sad when some fanfics get abandon and forgotten so they arent fully completed. :crybaby2::crybaby2:


sarNie Egg
I love fanfics.. i used to read a lot of kidol fanfics on soompi and this old site called winglin then i was on asianfanfics... its just so sad when some fanfics get abandon and forgotten so they arent fully completed. :crybaby2::crybaby2:
No way!! Winglin was one of my favourite site to read fanfics, it made me so upset when it was deleted or so, I didn't know what happened to it but definitely made me cry since some of the fanfics could not be found on other sites.
When fanfics aren't finished, I just imagine the rest hehehe


sarNie Egg
Chapter Fourteen

“Yes boss, I am almost there, I have the sketch pad and the large cheque for those islanders, they will definitely be fools if they refuse this one big offer” Pu said sitting on the boat.

“We are here” His lawyer said standing up.

“I will give you the news soon, hopefully good news” Pu said hanging up, “Let’s get this over and done with” Pu said putting the sketch pad in his bag and jumping down smirking at his lawyer…

“We leave tomorrow first thing in the morning” San said walking with Mim. “I have to get back to work”.

“That’s fine, just you letting us stay for a couple of more days just to make it for Namfon’s wedding is enough” Mim said thanking San.

“Will Lalin be going home?” Mim asked San making him stop walking, he didn’t reply so Mim continue, “I have seen you two for the pass few days and it doesn’t seem like she has been kidnapped, more like on holiday” Mim said, “It’s like you have gone soft on her sweetie” Mim finished off before excusing herself to go check on the bride.

“San, Pu is here again” Pao said appearing next to San.

“Pao, why aren’t you getting ready?” San asked looking at his outfit.

“Not until the afternoon, knowing Namfon, she is probably catching up on sleep” Pao said walking with San to Pu. “He got the completed sketch of what they will do, it is unbelievable they want to build a casino” Pao explained what he had heard whilst ears dropping on Pu and Pinit.

“Well, I am glad that I am still here for both your wedding and to finalise one last time” San said walking up the stairs and opened the door. “Pu, haven’t I told you to never show your face here again” San said standing next to Pinit.

“San, glad you are here” Pu said snatching the sketch off Pinit and handing it to San.

San took the sketch, it was of the entire island, how has Pu managed to know every spot of the island, he even included the waterfall making a spa and a bar there, casino and hotel was all he saw, “This is not going to happen Pu, I have told you no, and it is still a no” San said slamming the sketch on the table.

“Fine, then my boss has offered this one last cheque” Pu pulled out placing it in front of Pinit and San.

They took a look at the cheque shocked at the price Pinit picked it up, “200,000,000 baht” Pinit read out loud, “This is more than enough… my family means the world to me and I would do anything to live in peace, this is our home Pu, tell your boss that my answer is still the same” Pinit said looking at San then at Pinit handing him the cheque.

“Pinit, come on, don’t let a fool like this man fool you” Pu said tapping on Pinit’s shoulder.

San breath in heavily and out, standing up he grab hold of Pu, pulling onto his collar, San dragged Pu out of the room and down the stairs. “This is it, the fool is you who keep going on about buying this island, we are not for sale and will never be” San said throwing Pu into his lawyer.

Pinit followed behind and stood next to San, “Thank you Pu for this, but it is one final answer, if you come back, my people will not welcome you in a nice way anymore” Pinit said.

“Dad, is there something wrong” Namfon said walking up to Pinit with Ratee, Mim and Lalin.

“nothing big Namfon, go get ready, it’s your wedding day don’t want you to stress” Thip said holding on Namfon, the villagers came towards them and stood around listening to what was going on.

“Namfon, it’s your wedding day? Congratulations” Pu said with his arms out walking to Namfon to give her a hug but Pao stood in the way.

“We don’t need your blessings, take your things and get lost” Pao said glaring at Pu.

“You know, you can have a big wedding, at a million-dollar hotel with famous musicians with 5-star meals” Pu said, “Sell this dumb island and live a life with no more working and relaxation” Pu said pulling the cheque out.

“200,000,000” Ratee read out in woah as everyone had the same expression whispering.

Lalin snatch the cheque from Ratee and hand it back to Pu, “this island is worth more than you think, nothing you do will make us sell this place” Lalin said backing off and stood next to Namfon.

“Woah” Pu said checking Lalin out, then looked at the other girls, “You know, you girls are not bad looking, going over to the main land, I know for sure, you will attract many men’s rich mans, you will have a better life than now and better clothes, girls like you can have good use in the main land” Pu finished off touching Ratee’s hair and rubbed her arm.

Ratee glared at him slapping his arm off her, San came to them about to punch Pu but Lalin beat him to Pu and turn him around slapping Pu then back hand slap him again shocking everyone, Namfon held onto Lalin.

“The first slap is to tell you to get out, the second one is looking down on them, they are human as well, nothing gives you the right to look down on them, they may be islanders with no frame but their heart is bigger than you and your boss” Lalin said glaring Pu, “if I see you here or hear that you make a return, I will kill you myself” Lalin said breathing heavily as Mim also came to her holding her back.

Pu wiped his lips glaring at everyone, “you are all fools” he yelled before storming off with his lawyer, the villagers made way glaring at Pu and his lawyer.

Thip walked to Lalin pinching her cheeks, “thank you my sweet, now you girls go, we can’t have the bride and groom together for too long” Thip said pushing the girls away with her.

The guys looked at each other nodding their head, “well, we tried months trying to Pu to back, Lalin has only been here 2 weeks and she has destroyed him” Pao said laughing.

“Cute girl” Harn said smiling at San.

San shook his head, “well let’s go get ready, it’s almost time” he said walking off…

Walking down the beach, her feet touching the sand and breeze blowing against her and hair, everyone stood in line watching Namfon walking down to the beach to Pao, throwing flower petals as Namfon came down to Pao, Ratee, Mim and Lalin smiled nodding their heads at Namfon cheering her on. Namfon got to Pao as he reached his hand out to her holding her hand, they stood in front of each other as Pinit stood in between them giving them blessings and promising vows.

“Through thick and thin, you both vow to always be together forever till death do you apart” Pinit said looking both of them.

“I do” Namfon said smiling at Pao.

“I do” Pao respond grinning at Namfon.

“Yayyy” Everyone scream throwing more flowers around as Namfon and Pao kissed. Pao picked Namfon up and spun her around laughing, everyone clapped and a water fight soon started between everyone, running around splashing water at each other. Ratee held onto San as she patted his face drying his face…

The sun set, people bought out food to the tables next to the beach as there were candles everywhere, lighting up the area making it both romantic and beautiful as ever, sitting down everyone ate and drank listening to the music some of the villagers were playing. They guys were dancing and drinking alcohol, the girls sat down talking and watching the guys.

“Congratulations Namfon” Ratee said eating the cake she baked today.

“Next thing is to make some babies!” Mim said giggling.

“Really” they said laughing.

“What?” Mim asked confused.

“You and Phet have been married for months now, where are your babies” Ratee explained raising her brows.

“We are busy…” Mim said looking away avoiding eye contact… “Alright, we just want to save up more money first plus we haven’t… haven’t done anything yet” Mim told them covering her eyes.

“Really!” they said laughing “well let’s race then, who gets a little lump first” Namfon said grinning.

Mim turned to them “fine, I’ve been wanting one for a long time now” lending her hand out to Namfon, shaking hands they smiled.

“Namfon!!” Pao yelled dancing his way to Namfon, “come dance with me” he said doing a spin in front of them.

“Pao you are drunk” Mim said laughing.

“Not only me, take a look over there” Pao pointed to San, Harn and Phet.

“Wooooo, drink, drink, drink!” the villagers yelled as San, Harn and Phet drank from a large cup of mixed drinks.

Their jaws dropped, shocked at the sight, Mim shook her head standing up, “I don’t want to clean up his vomit so, excuse me” Mim said walking over to Phet, taking the drink off him and put it down on the table, Phet held onto her dancing with her.

Pao dragged Namfon to dance as well, as Ratee grab hold of Lalin before Lalin could run off, dancing together Ratee took Phet’s drink and drunk it, Lalin laughed holding onto it and took it off her but Ratee held onto it and continue drinking while one hand held onto Lalin dancing with her.

“Now everyone, we are going to play this song, for the newlyweds” the musician said and started to play his guitar.

Pao held hands with Namfon, drunk but he could still make her blush, slowly dancing with her. Everyone soon started joining after watching the couple dance, San looked over at Lalin, not too sure if he should ask her or just leave it, he stood there just staring at her, before he could walk to her, Ratee came to him.

“San, San, let’s dance” Ratee said holding onto his arm, grinning while dancing.

San smiled and spun Ratee around, he was also drunk but still had some sense in him. Lalin sat down, exhausted from dancing she poured herself some orange juice and drank it. She looked around, everyone here was beautiful, they were all family who had each other’s back, rubbing her arms it was getting cool, by the looks of it everyone was started to leave, looking over at Namfon and Pao, Namfon held onto Pao with Pinit and Thip taking him to their house to give them one more blessing. Mim and Phet left with Harn, while Ratee was baring able to stand up, putting the cup down she got up and walked over to Ratee clinging onto San.

“Maybe we should take her to bed now” Lalin said holding onto Ratee and put Ratee’s arm over her shoulder, “…San?” Lalin called as he did not reply. Turning around San was all red, wiping- his forehead he slowly nodded to Lalin and grab Ratee’s arm and put it over his shoulder but fell down on the ground. “San!” Lalin yelled, looking around there was no one else around, “I’ll come back for you” Lalin said.

“No… No, I can get up” San said slowly getting up and went over to Lalin holding onto her.

Sighing she walked with both San and Ratee hanging onto her, “This is fantastic” she said sarcastically, getting to Ratee house, she told San to hang onto the post, opening the door she put Ratee down on the bed covering her up, Lalin grabbed a bowl and cloth leaving it on the side table with medicine. Closing the door, she looked at San, who was swinging left and right, “werido” she said walking down the stairs, “let’s go” she said grabbing onto San and pulled him along while San was just singing. Walking up the stairs, Lalin opened the door, she let him go as he fell on the bed, groaning he rolled over to the side, putting a water bottle on the table, she put medicine down and shook San, “I’m leaving now” Lalin said. San grab her hand pulling her down onto him, grinning he wrapped his arms around her holding onto her tightly.

“You smell nice” San said sniffing her.

“I know, you’ve told me many times” Lalin replied, “Let me go, I am tired” she said pushing at him.

“Nope, not until you give me a kiss” San said smiling.

“Crazy, I don’t need to” Lalin replied rolling her eyes.

“Fine” San said wrapping his hand on her head and pushed her to him kissing her lips, Lalin pushed San but he held on tight, kissing her deep and with more passion, Lalin soon fell into the kiss, there was something about it that she liked, San move his hands down to her shirt unbuttoning the first button, feeling the buttons being undone Lalin open her eyes pushing San’s hands away and got up, looking at San she ran to the door and slam it closed.

“What was I thinking…” she said wiping her forehead, “I can’t, he kidnapped me, he is a crazy person” Lalin looked at the door, “I can’t think this, I have to go home” walking down the stairs Lalin walked off to her house…

Hugging everyone goodbye Lalin smiled at them, “I am going to miss you all, thank you so much for the hospitality, take care of each other, not like you already are” she said waving at them.

“Thank you for coming here, thank you San for introducing such a beautiful person to us” Thip said.

“See you all soon” San said hugging Namfon and Ratee, turning to Mim, Phet and Lalin, “Let’s go” he said waving to everyone.

Getting on the boat, they wave one last time before Phet started driving off. Lalin sat down smiling, though she was kidnapped, the best part was meeting these wonderful people… Getting to the island, Mim, Phet got up, San held onto Lalin and pushed her up as Phet grabbed onto her pulling her.

“Of course, I am blindfolded, I only got to see the sea for a few minutes before you blind fold me” Lalin whinge holding onto Phet.

“Though you were good, I am still not letting you go” San said, “I am going to stay with mum for a few days, I need to check on the business” he said starting the engine, “Keep an eye on this mess, don’t leave her alone” he said and drive off.

“Lalin, hold onto me, I will guide you, let’s go rest today and tomorrow we will clean the house” Mim said as she started walking, n0t long they got to the house, taking the blind fold off Lalin, they looked around the house.

“Damn, looked like the storm had also hit this island” Lalin said looking around.

“yeah, well you will be stay in this house until San comes back, I do not have the energy to walk back and forth, you and Phet stay here and clean the place up, I will go pick the fruits and vegetables to cook food” Mim said putting her bag down and walked off.

Phet and Lalin looked at each other, Lalin picked up the broom, “I sweep, you pick up branches?” she said.

“Deal” Phet said and rolled up his sleeves.

Mim got to the garden with a basket, “oh dear” she said putting her hands on her waist, “this will be a big job” looking around there were fruits and vegetables everywhere, some trees have fallen down, thankfully not all of the trees fell down, walking over she picked what was left.

Piling up the dirt, Lalin sweep it into the bucket and put it in the bin, filling up the bucket with water, grabbing the mop she dipped the mop in and mopped the floor, Phet came back from taking the branches down stairs, trusting that Lalin would not run away. Mim came back and put the basket down.

“Lalin, did you want to swap and I do the clean while you cook or are you good?” Mim said walking to Lalin.

“You can cook, your food is the best” Lalin said grinning.

“Alright, well afterwards, just go shower, Phet will take you to the spare from” Mim said going upstairs with the basket.

Finishing off the mop, Lalin threw the bucket of water down onto the plants, wiping her hands she went upstairs with Phet whom was waiting for her to finish. Walking passed Mim, with both groan at the smell of what she was cooking. Phet unlock a door and opened it.

“This is your room for now” he said, “everything is in this room” he said closing the door.

Putting the bag down Lalin opened the draws putting her clean clothes in, walking into the shower, she grabbed the towel and turn the tap on warming up the water.

Mim put the plates down and sat down, “enjoy” she said scooping food onto her plate.

Smiling at each other they ate in silence… finished of the dishes Lalin yawn and stretched, sitting down on the couch, it was a tiring 2 weeks for her so she might just rest up for the day…

“This is the place we found, it has an amazing view and the place is for sale, the owner of the land wants to sell the land so he can go overseas to travel, selling it for a good price and definitely worth everything we have in mind” Mike said pointing at the photos.

“Incredible, definitely, this is the place” San said nodding his head and smiling at his team.

“But… There is one problem boss” Risa said looking around nervously.

San frowned looking at them, “What problem” he asked…

“San is also looking at the land in Chiang Mai?” Kawin asked standing up.

“Yes boss, I asked the owner of the land who was looking at the land and he is this other guy and San Pongsakorn is looking at buying it” Kate said playing around with her fingers.

“Of course, it has to be him” Kawin said looking at Prima.

Prima smiled at Kawin, “well if we put up a bigger price, there might be a opportunity to buy the land” Prima suggested.

“When is the quickest we can go see him?” Kawin asked.

“He is busy for the next few months but he has cleared a time for us in 2 months’ time” Tom said.

“There is also a problem with that” Kate said nervously laughing.

“What now?” Kawin asked already getting annoyed.

“He only has one day and has schedule all 3 of the companies on the same day?!?” San yelled.

Scaring his team whom hid behind their books and laptop. “Yes boss” Risa said breathing heavily.

San put his hands over his head, “you got to be kidding me, out of everyone in the world it had to be him” San said in frustration, looking at his team, “are there any other lands or even old Resorts that are for sale with this kind of views?” he asked rubbing his thumb.

“Not that we can find, it’s taken us 2 weeks to find a good land like this, unless we change the location then we might have to take the risk of going and facing Kawin boss” Bee said smiling.

“Fine, then lock it in, confirm with the owner we will go” San said sighing.

“perfect, I will contact him now.” Mike said taking out his phone.

“While Mike is calling, I will show you what ideas we have designs” Risa said giving San the sketches.

San took the sketches and looked through them, smiling “I like what I am seeing but can we have a different design for the pool area, it’s similar to what we already have” San said handing the sketches back, “I want the rooms at the top view to have a different design, like make it look expensive like the clients paid a good price for the view but also the room.” San continue on.

“Yes, thank you, see you in 2 months’ time” Kate said hanging up. “We are confirmed in boss” Kate said looking at Kawin.

Sighing Kawin closed his eyes, “I can’t believe I have to do this” Kawin said dropping his head.

“Think of it as we are going for the business and our team, we have worked so hard” Prima asked holding onto Kawin’s hand.

Smiling he held onto her hand and nodded to everyone, “well let’s see what you have come up with” Kawin said asking for the sketches…

Getting out of the car, Kawin held onto Prima’s hand, turning to her as they walked up the stairs, “I can’t believe out of all people in the world it has to be him” Kawin said shaking his head.

Smiling Prima just stayed quiet, “We will have to do our best to win, I know San will do everything to get the land.” Prima explained.

“And if he doesn’t tell me where Lalin is, I will kill him and it will be a win for land and sister.” Kawin said taking his shoes off.

“We don’t know for sure yet that it is him, I am not defending him but I want you to be patient” Prima said.

Getting to the living room, Meka was sitting there with Sai and Lumpao.

“Kawin, I tried calling you” Meka said standing up.

“Sit down, it is fine, I had my phone off during the meeting and forgot to turn it on, apologies” Kawin explain sitting down with Prima.

“San has returned this morning, for 2 weeks he had not come to the company, I thought he went on a holiday but heard that he had to go to an island to help some villagers” Meka said.

“Perfect, then get your team and we will go see him now, if we get your team he will sure to spill or he will be imprisoned” Kawin said standing up.

“But the photos are to show it may be his guards but it is not so clear to see it is them, it’s just an assumption” Meka explain.

“Then can you not take him to question or so?” Kawin asked in a hurry.

“We can” Meka said standing up, if you are so sure, if he continues to deny and we have no more evidence, then it will all depend on you, I cannot do anymore” Meka explain with an apologetic look.

“I understand” Kawin said, “I will be back” he said as he walked off with Meka.

“Mother, will Kawin be able to get Lalin back this time” Lumpao asked holding onto Sai’s hands.

“He will his best, it’s been months now, I don’t know how she is doing” Sai said tearing up.

Prima sat there staring at Sai and Lumpao, hoping, just hoping that Kawin will get answers and if San did not take Lalin then she will be happy but if he did then he has gone overboard…

Sitting down, San was having afternoon tea with family explaining the situation of the island and why he had gone for 2 weeks, making sure he did not mention Lalin. Drinking his coffee San lend back yawning.

“You should go have a rest son, you look like you have not rested in days” Kaew said standing up.

“I shall” San said getting up as well.

“San, Kaew, Wai, Natt, the police are here with Kawin” the maid yelled running in.

“You are kidding me, am I going to be able to have my rest” San whinge walking outside to them while his family followed behind. “What do you want Kawin?” San asked annoyed.

“San Pongsakorn, I have evidence here that your workers may be involved in the kidnapping of Lalin Wongwilai, we will need you and your men to follow us to the station for questioning” Meka said handing out the warrant.

“Oooh, he has gone to getting the police involved” Natt whispered to his mother as she pinched him to be quiet.

“That is perfectly fine, I am not done anything wrong, I am not scared” San said walking in front of Kawin smirking as he got into the car telling Sak and Pon to follow.

“One last time, these men aren’t my people, Pon and Sak were at my house, they do not leave unless giving out notice” San denied in front of the police. “My men have no reason to get involved with these people, I can’t even go near them” San finished off.

“Liar, you know you are, I know exactly why you did this” Kawin yelled as the police held onto him.

“It is probably karma, maybe if you give Prima back to me, karma might let Lalin go” San said smirking at Kawin.

“San!” Kawin yelled launching at San, punching him.

“Kawin, hold in your anger, or you will be the one in jail” Meka said sitting Kawin down.

“Really, officer, I do not know anything of Lalin” Sak said. “I was fast asleep that night, every night by 9pm I go to sleep” Sak continue on.

“I was also asleep at that time, I would not do such a thing to get involve with the Wongwilai, it is beyond my control” Pon said yawning.

“You have hold us here for hours now, I am going to put a complaint if you do not let us go now, us two men that look almost like my workers does not mean it is them” San said tapping his foot.

“Alright, we will go find more evidence, I believe you are telling the truth but if it is your men then it is twice as much punishment for your knowledge” the officer said writing the information down.

Getting up, San walked passed Kawin making sure to bump into Kawin, Kawin fist his hands glaring at San as Meka held onto him tightly.

“San!! That liar” Kawin yelled throwing the books around.

Sai, Lumpao and Prima came the study room shocked at Kawin’s actions, “Kawin, calm down” Sai said holding onto Kawin.

“He continued on liar, even when the punishment will increase twice as much if they catch that it was him.” Kawin said breathing heavily.

“Kawin, like I said, have someone following San around until we find Lalin” Lumpao said.

“It’s no used, he has been no to us, keeping it low” Kawin said.

Prima stood there thinking looking at everyone, she hesitates but had to suggest it… “what if… what if I talk to him?” Prima finally said…


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
No way!! Winglin was one of my favourite site to read fanfics, it made me so upset when it was deleted or so, I didn't know what happened to it but definitely made me cry since some of the fanfics could not be found on other sites.
When fanfics aren't finished, I just imagine the rest hehehe
Omg i know right, it was the most wonderful place for fanficss... im thankful that some moved onto asianfanfics and continue their work.. i really loved this one author that had a dbsk series but she moved onto her own personal livejournal but never finished her works. I lost the link to her livejournal and I saved her works but then my old laptop broke so i dont have them anymore.
You can still sort of open up some links of winglin.
I mostly download free ebooks and use wattpad now. I hate radish because some books you need to buy coin for chapters, so sad that some of my fav writers uses radish now so they can earn money.
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Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
:thumbup::worship2::worship2:Omggg updateeee!!! Yay thankyou... i got excited thinking lalin was going to give in to San.
i just hope kawin doesnt find out where lalin is yet, i want lalin and san to spend more time together so when they must part, they'll keep missing each other and cant stop thinking of one another.


sarNie Oldmaid
@Xiongurl26 @alissaax
You girls make me so happy *screaming* you girls are my motivation to keep writing and knowing my story is making sense hahahaha
Awhh lol no worries! I love the story girl. Keep it up!! As a writer myself, I get nervous bc I fear no one will read it. Happy to keep you motivated.

Ouu! Lalin almost gave in to San. Wish he could have lowkey remembered aha. OMG. If Prima talks to San, I’m going to freak. That’s such a cliff hanger ahh.


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Awhh lol no worries! I love the story girl. Keep it up!! As a writer myself, I get nervous bc I fear no one will read it. Happy to keep you motivated.

Ouu! Lalin almost gave in to San. Wish he could have lowkey remembered aha. OMG. If Prima talks to San, I’m going to freak. That’s such a cliff hanger ahh.
Lol ithink maybe he does remember. imagine him teasing her nonstop though.... slapandkiss
San probably be thinking Prima will go back to him if she talks to him


sarNie Egg
Chapter Fifth teen

Kawin stood up, “Prima, I am not having you talking to San.”

“If the police can’t even get San to talk then maybe I can tr-”

Cutting her off, “I don’t want you to go talk to him, Prima” Kawin said walking to her.

“Why?” Prima asked, “I know that San and I were lovers but I am with you now…” Prima continue on.

“I think Prima is right, she should talk to him, I have a good feeling that it might work” Lumpao said standing next to Prima.

“What is there to fear Kawin?” Sai asked holding his hand.

“I don’t need to explain, I don’t want you to go see him Prima and that is final” Kawin said before storming off to his room.

Prima sat down, tearing up, “He doesn’t trust me” Prima said, “After all these months, there is no trust in this relationship…”

Lumpao sat down with Prima, “Don’t think too much, he might just be worried” she said holding onto Prima’s shoulder.

Prima smiled nodding, “I will still try my best to talk to him, I want to help” Prima said getting up “I will do talk to him, this is all my fault” she said walking upstairs.

Sai held onto Lumpao “when will still stop, in the end, there will be no winner as pain will be the only thing everyone will feel” Sai said looking at Lumpao.

Prima sat down on the bed, sighing she looked at Kawin’s back facing her, “Kawin, can you just let me explain, please” Prima said touching his back, not hearing him reply Prima continue on. “I’ve spent month with you without loving you, I loved San but now I can try to love you, but without trust, why are you still with me?” Prima said sniffing.

Kawin closed his eyes, it’s not he does not trust her but it was because he was scared of what San might say, he knows San, San will not give up until he gets what he wants. Turning around he faced her, seeing teary face he sat up and bought his hand up wiping her face, “It’s not that I don’t trust you Prima” Kawin said holding her hand. “I know what San is thinking and I’m not giving you back to him, I love you too much Prima”.

“But don’t you love Lalin? She is your sister, I just want to talk to him because I know he will never lie to me” Prima said rubbing his hands.

“What if he wants to trade?” Kawin asked.

“Then I won’t go, I’m happy with the life I have now, I am happy with you” Prima said. “all I want to do is help you, trust me please” Prima said hugging him.

Hugging her back, maybe he should, if Prima really is happy with him then he will let her talk to San, looking down at her he smiled, “I will let you call him tomorrow” Kawin said.

Prima smiled, leaning up she kissed his lips with a peck but he held her back kissing her more, Prima smiled as he kissed her putting her arms around his neck, Kawin hands guide Prima to sit on his lap then moved to rubbing her legs, feeling her soft skin and the taste of her sweet lips made him groan. Running out of breath, they parted staring at each other in the eyes, smiling Prima kissed his nose then back to his lips running her hands through his hair, Kawin’s hands ran up her shirt feeling her warm skin against his cold skin turned him on, removing his hands from under her shirt, he went to the buttons and started unbuttoning one by one, getting the last one he pulled her shirt off her making her hands fly back and showing him her beautiful breast. Kawin grin pulling Prima back into his embrace and attack her chest, feeling heated he quickly unclipped her bra and threw it aside before taking one breast in his mouth making Prima moan in pleasure.

“Ahhh Kawin” Prima moan as her hands gripped on his shirt tugging on it, pulling his shirt up she rub his chest feeling his abs she smiled, Kawin moved to her next breast nibbling and pulling at it, raising the pleasure metre for Prima, laying her down, he took of his shirt and shorts leaning down he showered her with kisses from her chest sliding down her ally and belly while his hands roam freely around her legs moving to her thighs, kissing her belly made her giggle and blush as her hands gripped on the bed sheets, her breath quicken as Kawin kissed her thighs nibbling leaving little marks in the area. Finishing of his teasing Kawin grabbed onto the rim of her shorts and undies pulling it down exposing her body to him, smiling Kawin knew he score seeing such a wonderful sight in front of him, getting off the bed he kicked his shorts off along with his boxes before sliding back on the bed and between Prima’s legs not forgetting to kiss her belly and chest as his hands rubbed both her legs and body, Kawin faced Prima smiling at her, leaning down he caught her bottom lip biting and pulling at it as Prima did the same with his upper lip, continuing to kiss her deeper his hands made it’s way under her knees and spread her legs wide open for him while he rubbed his weapon onto her entrance.

“Kawinnn” Prima moan in pleasure as her entrance became wetter as the second passes by.

“I’m going in” Kawin said kissing her once more as he quickly enters, parting lips he groans loudly as he meets her tight warm inside.

“Ahhh, Kawin, i-it hurts” Prima cried out as pain came in, wrapping his arms around Kawin she bit his shoulder hoping to take away the pain.

“Ugh” Kawin moan as he slowly pulled out before slamming back in.

Prima gripped onto Kawin tighten as the pain was still there, she slowly breath out and in, calming herself down, feeling Kawin in her made her wild but the pain was definitely horrible. Closing her eyes, she felt her tears falling down, Kawin saw her crying and stop moving, wiping her tears.

“I can stop if this is hurting” Kawin said about to move off her.

“NO, no, it’s great I will be fine keeping going” Prima encourage as she did not want him to stop.

Kawin smiled kissing her lips again, he allow his tongue to enter into Prima’s mouth, France kissing her before continuing on, distracting her from the pain, he was slow but his thrust was strong, after a few thrusted, Prima started moaning rubbing his back and wrapped her legs around Kawin making him go further in, Kawin felt her relaxing body, grinning he lean up with one hand holding onto her leg and thrust in faster, moaning he pulled her closer to him kissing her legs. Looking down at her he smiled seeing her moaning in pleasure, knowing she is enjoying this as much as him make him thrust in faster and deeper, the sound of their moans got louder and louder, the bed started shaking with each thrust Kawin was throwing at Prima, the sound of skin slapping was getting louder as Prima was getting wetter making a noise with Kawin’s weapon. Pulling out Kawin pull Prima up sitting her on his lap, he stretched out his legs, Prima place her hands on his shoulder and slid down into his weapon.

“Ahh Prima” Kawin bite his lips, gripping onto her waist he helped her by pulling her up and slamming up into her.

Prima hugged Kawin, rubbing her breast onto his chest and face, which he gladly accepted by kissing it as it passes by, the room started getting hotter, sweat appeared on their bodies, Prima slammed down harder and Kawin felt himself about to come, flipping her around but still connecting their parts, he held onto the end boarder wrapping Prima’s legs around him and thrust in harder and starter.

“Kawin, oh god, yes, ahhh” Prima moan wrapping her legs tighter moving with Kawin, making the bed shake more.

“I’m coming, ahh, yes” Kawin groan grabbing her waist and slamming in a few more times as his hot liquid came out making its way into Prima’s body, making sure it went all in, he pulled out and rolled over laying down next to Prima, chest raising up and down quickly.

Prima smiled, rolling into his embrace, “That was wonderful” Prima whisper kissing his cheek and wrapped her arms around him.

“That’s good” Kawin said kissing her forehead, smiling he lean in kissing her one more time for the next before the rest up for the morning…

Letting out the sigh of confusion, San lean down on the balcony looking far into the distance, the feeling inside him was mix, for sure he was happy he won, that the cops no longer on his track to Lalin but there was the feeling of what if… what if they found her, would he let her go?... sighing once more he smiled, thinking about their times at the island, the kissed thewy shared at the waterfall to the time he would watch her from a far seeing her sitting down looking at the sunset making her look extremely beautiful, onto the night she carried him to his bed to almost giving in to him, smiling he continue looking up the stars not realizing that he was falling in love with his prisoner…

Sitting down at her desk, Lumpao took out her books for her music class, her friends came and sat down with her.

“morning” they said.

“morning, I am so not ready for today’s class” Lumpao said yawning.

“No sleep last night?” one friend asked taking out her notepad.

“Nope, too busy studying for the exam” she replied.

“Or you were too busy finding a way to prison my brother” Natt said sitting in front of Lumpao with his friends.

“What?” Lumpao asked folding her arms.

“You know, accusing that my brother had something to do with your messing sister” Natt said smiling, “What a shame though that my brother would not do such a thing, so unfortunately for your family”.

“Your family was the one that started this entire thing so don’t come through shit at me” Lumpao yelled, getting frustrated she was both exhausted from school and family, not needing this to stress her out would be great.

“Pfft, your family is the one who takes whatever they want, Prima for example, so if your sister got taken you all deserved it” Natt said without thinking.

“Natt, too much” his friend pulled him back once they saw the look on Lumpao’s face, never seeing her this mad.

Natt realized and turn to Lumpao to apologise but got into contact with her fist, turning back he only received another punch as Lumpao was out of control.

“You do never say that in front of me Natthadet, your family is the one who deserves to lose everything, you didn’t lose a father, you didn’t lose a sister, my father died because of your father but never do I say your family deserves to die” Lumpao screamed as tears fell down her eyes, her friends pulled her back as she fight to throw more punches at him.


“Natthadet, Lumpao!” the teacher yelled walking into the room, “what is the meaning of this?” he asked folding his arms frowning.

Everyone stood out of the way and bow their heads, Lumpao’s friends let go of her and backed away…

Sweeping the canteen area, Natt glances at Lumpao once in a while, nervous he was, not knowing whether he should approach her or not, the regret he had in him was strong, he never felt so bad in saying another to her, yes, they both don’t like each other’s faces but he never meant to say anything so personal and hurtful, he isn’t that type of person… well not that he knows of…

Coughing Natt took a breather in and slowly out, “I’ve come this far, what is there to lose” Natt said touching his lips whinging at the pain. Making his way to her he stood beside her, coughing to get her attention.

Lumpao looked up at Natt with teary eyes, looking away she walked away to the other side. Letting out a sigh he rubbed his hair looking at her figure walking away, following her, he stood next to her again, “Look, I am truly sorry, I did not mean to say that, you can punch me as many times as you want if it makes you feel any better, I am just so sorry” Natt said biting his lips.

Letting out a sigh, Lumpao sat down on the table, “do you know how hard it is to come to school, try my best to keep up when my mind is on Lalin, she is my sister, helped me through everything without hesitation, but here I am, can’t even help find her and it’s been months, since my father died, I only had my sister and mother to help me through my schooling as I can pass when all I had in my mind was my father, my family went through so much pain… But your family, not one was in pain, not one came to see if the rumours were right or even see if we were okay, selfish was what your family did to mine” Lumpao said crying.

Natt stood there looking at Lumpao as one tear drop after another, bending down, he looked up at her wiping her tears away, “I am so sorry that your family had to go through all this” Natt said feeling guilty inside of him, she was right, the two family was closer than any other but once one rumour came out, it just somehow broke them apart leaving Lumpao’s family to go through so much, sitting down next to her he made her face him, “I will help you, I will go talk to my brother, I will find out if he is the one” Natt said rubbing her head.

Smiling Lumpao nodded, sniffing she played with her fingers, Natt fist his hands not so sure if he should or shouldn’t, in the end, he moved her head to his chest, letting her cry on him, while his hands rubbed her back, reassuring her that everything was going to be okay…

Making their way out of the meeting room, the teams giggled looking at Kawin and Prima, throughout the entire meeting, Kawin was fiddling with Prima’s hands only having eyes on her, it was normal for him to be sweet to her but today was extra sweet. Sitting down at their tables they watch as their boss got into the elevator as the doors closed, they all turn to each other.

“Ooooo what is that bet they went to lala land last night” Kate said grinning.

“Who wouldn’t think that, he was all kissy, kissy with her today” Peter point out as he ate his sandwich.

“How adorable! Ahhh gosh we will definitely be expecting a bump soon” Mook said squealing spinning her chair around.

“How exciting!!” they all said at once laughing…

Natt was waiting at the front door of the house, looking around he checked his watch every few seconds to see when his brother would return back home, seeing his Hyundai pull up and parked, Natt walked over to the car opening the door for his brother.

“Thanks, Natt, you must need something since you took the effort to walk all the way here and opened the door for me” San asked buttoning his first few buttons.

“Yes… I do need something… It’s about the Wongwilai” Natt said scratching his hair, he was nervous because never would he think his brother would do just a thing but because he had promise to get answers for Lumpao he had to do this.

San frowned, looking up at his brother, San stared into his eyes hoping to find a hint of joke, not seeing any sign of joke, San cough and glared at Natt, “what about them” he asked, “If it was about Kawin coming in yesterday then I have nothing to do with Lalin” San quickly defend himself walking off but Natt held onto San’s shoulder stopping him from walking off.

“You are my brother, whether you have taken Lalin or not but if you did, I hope you know what you are doing, revenge isn’t the answer, you will only hurt yourself…” Natt said staring at his brother.

“So, Kawin gets away with taking Prima but I get thrown at for taking Lalin?” San burst out without realizing. Natt’s eyes widen, shocked at San words but San quickly cut him off, “I meant if I had taken her, this would be my treatment?”

Natt stayed quiet, there was no words he can say, nor did he know how to reply, San shook his hand off, glancing at Natt once last time before walking inside the house. Sighing Natt watched his brother walk inside the house, “you did take her…”

Sitting in the car, Kawin played with his phone, spinning it around having the thoughts of Prima meeting San today, he still does not feel comfortable of the two meeting, not because he was afraid that she will go back to him but because he is afraid of what San will say, the car slowed down stopping in front of the gate.

“Let’s go” Prima said hoping out of the car.

Frowning he got up holding onto her hand, “I guess…” letting out a deep sigh, he looked around the house.

Prima smiled looking at him, pressing the door bell they heard it ringing across the yard, soon a maid came opening the door, smiling she greet them but stopped half way.

“Miss Prima, Kawin…” she said shocked, concern appeared on her face, looking at both Kawin and Prima, smiling nervously…

San was in his office room, reading through some paperwork, putting them down he thought of about Natt, “I know what time doing, I’m just waiting for her” San said to himself.

There was a knock on the door, coming in a maid stood at the front of his desk nervously looking at him, he looked at her smiling, “what is it?” he asked putting the paperwork back in the book.

“You have a visitor”

“Who is it?” he asked standing up, walking to the door.

“Prima” she said turning to him.

A big smile appeared on his face, finally, she is here! She is ready to come back to him, the feeling inside him was unexplainable, his heart bumping fast as he quickly opened the door running down the flight of stairs…

Kawin stood at the car, watching Prima walking around in the garden, she was looking around, happy… She was happy, her face showed it, walking around she smelt the roses and smiled, feeling that someone was watching her she looked over to Kawin, indeed he was watching her, smiling at him she waved blowing him a kiss making him laugh. For sure he definitely loves this girl. San opened the door to the yard, seeing Prima he called her name, running to her, reaching her he pulled her into a hug, a tight hug, a longing hug he had long for.

“Prima, you finally came back, are you okay?!” San asked checking on her.

Kawin saw the interaction, straightening up, he wanted to go in and separated them but he promised to stay away and let her talked to San alone, he was certainly not going to look away though.

“I’m fine, how are you?” she asked back smiling at him.

“Happier now that you are here, you’re coming back right, this is why you are here, you don’t want to be with him, you are coming back to me, right?” San asked holding onto her cheeks.

Prima stared at him, oh how she has missed him not denying that there was a hint of love she still has left for San, but she couldn’t, shaking her head a tear fell down, “San… I am not here to come back to you…” Prima said backing away by a step.

San watched her move back, feeling a piece of his heart falling down, keeping his smile, he was staying positive, “then why are you here?” he asked.

Not saying anything, Prima slowly let out a breath, looking back at him, she gave him a small smile, “I am here for Lalin, I am here to ask if you have taken her, if you did, I want her back…” Prima said staring into his eyes, she has to stare into those eyes, she has known San for so long, she knows when he is lying and when he is telling the truth.

San backed away letting out a small laugh, “So you are here for the same reason, you don’t want to come back to me? You don’t love me anymore? Tell me that he is forcing you, tell me the truth that you want to come back” San said taking a step towards her again but she backed up.

“No one forced me, I came here because I need to know, tell me the truth San, you don’t lie to me” Prima let out grabbing his face to make him look at her, staring into those eyes, she saw it, the sign that told her, he did take her, letting go she nodded, “where is she San? Bring her back, give her back to my family” Prima ordered sniffing.

San chuckled, shaking his head, he looked up at her, not believing what she had just said, “your family… I am your family Prima! I am the one you love, why are you defending these people, they are not good people!” San yelled grabbing her arms and shaking her.

Screaming, Prima pushed him off, Kawin quickly stormed to him in anger, no one lays a hand on her like that, only reaching a couple of meters, Prima put up her hand to stop him, telling him she’s got this, San looked over to where she was looking, shaking his head a tear fell down but he quickly wiped it clean.

“You are no different right now, this is not a game San, people will get hurt” Prima said getting his attention, “What must we do to get Lalin back? You have no idea h0w much everyone is worrying, not only for Lalin but for you” Prima said grabbing his face, “this isn’t the man I fell in love with…”

San stared at her, hurt was what he was feeling, how can she do this to him, they loved each other, for years they had been together, looking back at Kawin, he saw the anger on his face, smirking San looked back at Prima, holding her hand he rubbed it, “If you want Lalin back, come back to me, marry me and stay with me and I will let Lalin go” San told her smiling at her, for sure this will work, this will be it.

Prima looked at him with disbelief, backing away she let out a cry, shaking her head, Kawin came forward, he heard San right, San does have his sister and he is doing exactly what Kawin’s had thought all along, a trade…

“I’m not going back San… There was still a hint of love I had for you but now, there is none, this is not the man I loved… Where is Lalin, San” Prima wiped her tears glaring at San.

Shocked at the expression Prima was giving him, never had Prima ever looked at him with so much hate with both hurt in it, laughing he walked to her holding her hands, “not until you come back Prima, come back to me and she is free” San asked smiling, he was going mad, he was blocking what she was saying, he will get her to come back, no matter what…

“San, I am not going back, I don’t love you, I love Kawin, you are being childish now tell me where she is!” Prima raised her voice shaking his hands off her.

Kawin couldn’t take it any longer, storming towards San, he spun San around throwing punches at San, before throwing him on the ground and throwing more punches. “Where is she San! Where did you put her!” Kawin yelled pulling at his collar.

San wiped the blood coming down his mouth, smirking at Kawin he grabbed Kawin’s collar and kicked him off, by that time, everyone came around to see what was going on, Natt came out from behind the tree, he was reading his book before hearing Prima yelling, Kaew and Wai came down looking at them with questioning to why Kawin was back but this time with Prima, everything was all happening at once, Prima held onto Kawin, stopping him from launching at San.

“Simple, if you want your sister back, give Prima back to me” San offered barely his hands out smirking at Kawin, “what will it be Kawin” San asked now glaring at him, for sure he knows that Kawin will chose his sister.

Kawin looked down at Prima, looking into those orbs he just couldn’t lose her, closing his eyes he turned back to San, Prima locked their hands, holding on firm, San saw, crack, his heart was broken even more, the scene was a nightmare he never wanted.

“I’m not going back to you, even if Kawin trades me in, I will still go back to him, end this now San” Prima pled holding onto Kawin.

Shocked Kaew and Wai came forward, staring at the 3 of them, not ever did they think that San would do this, they knew San was hurt but never thought that he would take revenge, Kaew walked over to San grabbing his hand but he only pushed it off and backed away. The feeling inside him was unexplainable, nodding his head he finally looked at Kawin and Prima.

“I understand…” San said continuing to nod.

Both smiled at each other, Kawin tighten his hold on Prima’s hand. Prima gave San a thank you look…


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Our question has been answered! Lol.

This chapter was intense and HOT!! Kawin & Prima are definitely trying to get a little one haha. Oh my heart strings we’re getting pulled towards the end of the chapter. Prima was so strong through out the whole ordeal. Poor San, I hope he doesn’t do anything irrational to Lalin.
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