Pat Napapa: Beautiful Girl


sarNie Coma
wow, pat look different in this shoot. more mature. yes, gorgeous indeed. the contacts are so in right now

thanks kristy


sarNie Oldmaid
uh-huh..she does look more mature...eheehe..she's too beautiful...argh! i didn't even notice the blue eye prettie.but it's okay i like my natural brown asian eyes...azn power! yay! eheehe
all the actresses now wear contacts in photoshoots, and she's great with blue eyes! :)


sarNie Oldmaid
Pat look gorgeous. love the blue eyes. I really like this photoshoot, she look mature,her makeup suit her, esp love the pink high cheek bones. hehe Thank for sharing N'Kristy! ;)


The Realist guy here period
Thanks Kristy. She does look more mature especially after seeing her in Mafia Tee Ruk. Plus, these clothing suit her more than the ones on MTR. Pat is Suay mak.


sarNie Juvenile
i love the dresses she has on. they really look nice esp. the blue one. as always she gergeous as ever.


sarNie Juvenile
OMG...this photoshoot is the bomb....she look soooo awesome.......the way she pose and smile......loving the second picture...