Peak Marn


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Hey everyone. I wanted to know if any of you out there know where I can get the OST to Peak Marn. I've been trying to look for it everywhere but nothings come up so far. I really want the main song I think its by Ford. Tai Oratai has a version of it as well. I believe the title is
Talod wela-ตลอดเวลา
Here's a link to Tai's verison on youtube.
Any info will help! Thanks! :rolleyes:


I know what you mean by looking. Same here. Anyways this drama pissed me off. He was too much a mama's boy. and she was just making me mad. hahaha this lakorn made me dislike ace. he is such a stalker in this lakorn. lol


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does anione know where i can find this lakorn online ?? i never finished it T_T ...