Peesard Sean Gol(Chulumpi)


More actor and actress here are:

M Apinun
Ice Apitsada
Pok Kosawit
Toon Hirunyasup

Khem Rujira act as Goy´s evil sister , nangrai but not really very evil....

It is a same crew from Khun Mae Jum Leang



I find something wrong with Koy's hair. Is she wearing a wig? o_O
Glad to see Khem. Num Gunchai is here too! Ice looks really pretty! A lot of the ladies looks good cept Koy. Prolly cus of her hair?....


sarNie Hatchling
Koy looks okay in the one she was wearing the hat on page one, but she looks old in the photos above.... I don't think she's that pretty or cute, but let's just hope that she looks good on camera instaed of picturehmmm

whats the story about anyways? Anyone know??? Did I miss it!