Peung Kunya Leenuttapong Official Thread


sarNie Hatchling
Well....first of all not too sure if anyone had already start a thread about this beautiful actress....Peung....if not i would like to start off a topic thread for her. I am so inlove with Peung...because not all Thai actress has the look. Alot of viewer says she a little to chubby to be na'ek...but truly i disagree. One thing i dislike thai actress for one reason is that they are way too skinny...bony....too thin. At least carry some meat to make themselves look healthy. But for Peung...she is not too fat too skinny but just PERFECT the way she is. Her Innocence is just too sweet and drop gorgeous! Her doll face just so beautiful and the most kindest face ever! Many dislike her but she is new so there is really nothing to compare her for and judge her yet. Not too much bashing...but here on i will start this thread...for some reason if someone run a thread already please let me know.

*** If u do like her too...please do help with this thread...she needs to be heard...very under-rate yet soon to be popular! ****


* Name: Kunya Leenuttapong
* Nickname: Peung
* Profession: Actress, Model
* Date of birth: January 11, 1990
* Birthplace: ???
* Height: ???
* Star sign: ???
* Blood type: ???
* Marital Status:singel
* Hobbies: ???
* Education: Chulalongkorn University​

About Peung

Peung is a new leading actress for Exact, that has starting in many music video before getting her first acting career in "Tarb Sin Din Fah" which she was luck to act along side with Sam Yuranun and Mam Katheeleya. After this lakorn she lead her first role in "Ngao Asoke" along side with Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak, which this lakorn is a re-make.​


* Tarb Sin Din Fah (Ch 5 and Apr 30, 2008)
* Ngao Asoke (2008) (Ch 5 and Jun 9, 2008)with Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak
* Kwarm Lub Kaung Superstar (2008) (Special Guest)(Ch 5)​


* Citra
* Sheene’ Oil Free

Music Video

* Toe Ma Wa Ruk By: Bie The Star
* Bpen Faen Teo-Daa By: Free Play
* Doo lae kow hai dee dee By:Da Endorphine


* Siam dara award

Ngao Asoke Music Videos
Ngao Asok MV [Eng. Sub] - Credited to Kashie19
Ngqo Asoke Fanmade MV - Credited to tuktukland
Ngao Asok (FanMade MV) II - Credited by tuktukland
MV - Ngao Asoke (Pong&Pueng) - Credited to pukpostmun
Ngao Asoke 2008 MV - Credited to madzyvandy
[Fanmade Mv]Ngao Asoke 2008 - Credited to sarNieAddict
[Fanmade MV] Pong & Pueng - song by Aof Pongsak -Credited to JiebFanclub

Ngao Asoke Best Scene Ever
The Kissing Scene - Credited by Lakornlover10

Ngao Asoke Ost
Main Theme

Peung's Interviews
Peung Kanya Interview Lakorn "Ngao Asoke" English(Sub) - Credited to Leel4nh

Peung in Talk Show
Ngao Asoke Cast in 3 Num 3 Mum [ Part One ] [ Part Two ]
She looks sorta old don't you think so? She's only 18 but she looks 25... :rolleyes: But then again that's just me. Honestly, she isn't too fat though cause the other actresses are somewhat way too skinny.


Expired Sarnie
Are they out of their mind, she is fat. I think some people need their eyes checked. She is not even close to thick. I say America Ferrera is average in size. And I got to agree with some people, she is only 18 turning 19 soon and she looks 25. The things that bother me nowadays are not about thinness; it’s about age looks. I am fine with actress that looks young naturally and they are in their mid 30s. But young kids are just looking a lot older =( these days. As for acting, I didn’t finished Ngao Asoke so I can’t really judge much.


What fun? I don't think she's fat but then reading your comment I think you might have meant she isn't fat since you said she's not even close to thick.

Wow she is 8 months older than me lol. She's cute though but she still needs improvement in acting like all new actresses. With time, I think she has the potential to improve hopefully.


sarNie Adult
Yea, she working on lost some of her weight....But I do like to see Peung in more lakorn...she will improve with time...


sarNie Oldmaid
OMFG! i totallie love Peung Kanya :wub:

she's my fav. newbie...i think she has such an adorable..face..just like a doll....and i've neva seen a more precious looking nang' i wouldn't wanna even touch her..i feel i'm gonna stain her! but i did not knoe she's only 11 months older than looks quite mature..i would guess 20...

but acting-wise..i will say her preformance in Ngao Asok was okies...reallie bad at times and quite convincing at times...bad=wen monthai pulled her out of the fire..instead of looking passed out and sounding frighten...she looked liked she wanted to sleep and sounded like she was sleep talking...good = tat kiss scene..wen she got reallie mad that Monthai would tink she would want to hurt his mother..then the night after the kiss outside was also ver convincing...i see potential in her... :) ( see i'm a fan..but i'm not bias)

i would love to see her work w/ more actor and in more diverse roles


Expired Sarnie
What fun? I don't think she's fat but then reading your comment I think you might have meant she isn't fat since you said she's not even close to thick.
No she is not fat. I am just saying those that says she is needs a eyes check. Ahahaha seriously they do unless they are like freaking skinner than Peung, I guess that is why they called her fat. Ahahaha.

i would love to see her work w/ more actor and in more diverse roles
I think she is like totally adorable too. Not just too fond of her acting and also I was bias when watching the first few episode of Ngao Asoke (not much of a Pong's fan- by the way don't attack me and no offense to his fans).


sarNie Oldmaid
I didn't watch her lakorn but I saw bits of it when my mom was watching it on the satellite..My mom likes her because she's not skinny and acts mature..I don't think she is fat at all!! I think she is perfect the way she looks and its great to look different from the other actresses out there who is crazy about weight just to keep the nang aek image..Since they always say nang aeks should be super thin to look right to be nang aek..I find that stupid..So what is it..? Normal sized people can't be nang aek..? But overall I think she should get promoted more..


sarNie Adult
I like Peung too. She has a beutiful face and nice skin. I hope she is a rising star one day and have more lakorns out in the future. I like her to pair with Bie, Captain, Moss, Pong agian.


sarNie Adult
she is soo not FAT!!! hahahaha
she's adorable!!! dang onliee 18 omg same as me can't believe that she's only older than me by ONE day ONLy!! lols..


sarNie Oldmaid
i love peung, she's my favorite newbie. and no, she's not fat, she has a very beautiful body, just like scarlet johanson! of course, if you compare her with all the other skinny actress... i love her in "ngao asoke" and god knows how much i love the first one with ae!


sarNie Oldmaid
she is so not FAT... whoever says that is so blind.. she's just perfect. I don't see any fatness... She's really cute and aodrable. Even though I didn't watch any of her lakorns... I still like her... I only watch parts and bits of Ngao Asoke and I thought that she is really beautiful. She doesn't need to lose any weight. I would love to see her in a lakorn with Bie. I want to see her in a strong role.


sarNie Egg
peung super cute,white skin,doll face(like doll :ai-bonbon),she is very different from other thai actress.
if she is in ch3,maybe can get more performance opportunity.i hope watch her next drama quickly.


sarNie Elites
eww i don't like her, she looks cross eyed. something is wrong with her eyes and she is not n'ek material to me.


sarNie Juvenile
Thank you, genn04 for made this thread for Peung...I have been waiting a thread of Peung for a long timed..I don't know alot about her which its good that you stared it...She's one of my favorite actress for the young nang'ek too..I'm staring to like her after "Ngao Asoke" Peung is very cute and pretty than most of the young nang'ek at Ch5..Hope she will has more projects such as lakorns and magazines out..I really want to see her on screen again..


sarNie Oldmaid
eww i don't like her, she looks cross eyed. something is wrong with her eyes and she is not n'ek material to me.
u know actuallie wen i first saw her i was like tis girl has such a weird looking face... <_< ..i didn't tink she was all that prettie either..but i kept watching her and gosh she's so beautiful now


sarNie Adult
OMFG, she's my age!!! older but MY AGE!!! I can't believe it!
I like her a lot for a beginner and I definitely don't think she's
chubby at all! She's perfect if you ask me. Very cute! I love her
face structure, reminds me of my beautiful FANG! LOL.