Philosophical and psychological debate on karma, what do you believe?


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Ok, so the lakorn Plerng Boon somewhat inspired this post. In the lakorn nang'ek is basically a sociopath that highly likely has a mental disability. Now, when people think mental disability they think mentally retarded and etc. However, not all mental disabilities are considered retardation. Opposite, some of the most mentally disturbed and disabled can be some of the brightest people out there. (Example, people who suffer from Asperger or some form of autism - Think Reid (Criminal Mins) or Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) or Smackle (Girl Meets World)). Although it is never confirmed, it is sometimes implied in those shows.

Ok, so, the question is. If some people are biologically created to be incapable of feeling things the way other humans feel them and commit crimes or sin, do you believe they will or should receive karmic punishment? If yes, why? If no, why? If you were created to be the way you are and have no control of biological factors, is it fair to be punished like those who were born capable of those things?

Note: Some serial killers, murderers, and etc. have been shown to have a smaller frontal cortex than the average person or damage to the frontal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for judgement, personality, mood, and etc. While life experiences also contribute, the neurological component is also pretty compelling as a base.

Sorry, I was just interested in this as I was watching lakorns. Also, I'm a huge history, anthropology, archaeology and true crime buff lol,

So, what do you believe?