Phoenix from the Ashes


sarNie Adult
Has anyone seen this? Its like watching a lakorn. There's previews and clips of it at youtube. Usually the only Chinese series I watch are the martial arts/ancient ones, the modern stuff doesn't interest me at all but this is the exception mainly because I think Shawn is cute. :lol: I was wondering if there's a dubbed Thai version out there somewhere? My mom watched it in Mandarin and she had to tell me what they were talking about cause I can't understand a lick of it.

Anyhow its a good story, like a lakorn the revenge type stuff. The ending was so sad and I'm dying to get my hands on a Thai version so I can understand it better.


sarNie Hatchling
Hi Jeanie,

I just finish watching this series in mandarin.

I love the song its soo nice.

Yeah shawn is hella cute in there, and kristy pretty as always..

Yeah its sad, and I really this series...