Phooj Ywg Lub Neej


sarNie Adult
anyone seen this movie? it's that guy npawg tooj or whatever his name is in it. i think he plays as twin. produce by keeb kuj txuj ci hmoob production.


sarNie Adult
i have heard it but i haven't seen it yet. it a good movie and also funny. that guy kooj hawj was way too funny i only like some of his movie


sarNie Egg
is that really npawg xwm? hahahaha LOL that would be funny but darn not to be mean but i dislake that funny face guy movies... sort of get on my nerve most of the time


sarNie Hatchling
I think my family was watching it but I never have the time to watch it. Not to diss but that guy is funny whenever he does his movies. I just like to watch it whenever I need a good laughing. kekekekekekekek...............