Phor Noo Pen Superstar [DaraVDO]




sarNie Adult
wow, jakjan does good at ch 7. sound good with this one. Jakjan is quite good with comedy.


sarNie Adult
I want to see Weir pair with Yui as main couple. I haven't see these two pair together before.


sarNie Adult
Is this the same lakorn somebody post last time they only have one lakorn together and if it is I love the cast?


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wow.. jakjann is like the new star of ch7 lol..
she's having more roles than the others hehe..
so happy.. her n weir xp..


Yay, more of Weir & Teng! Love those two.
Weir & Jakjan will be a cute couple.
Hope it's a comedy. Jakjan's awesome in that role!
I have a feeling that Grace is going to be the n'rai...


No I think she can be a Nang ek she is fit for this role as a nang ek very much


sarNie Granny
finally...jakajaan is finally a n'ek...can't wait to see her...hope she's with tengnung...i like her more with him...


sarNie Egg
what how can ne one fink jakjan and weir be a cute couple...i also fink bad casting too...hope dey change di na ek if its gonna be a musical...come on its weir we're talking about....need someone dat can sing... i noe jakjun can sing buh not in a muscially way...if u noe what i mean like in plengruk rhim fang khong...


sarNie Egg
Okay so i think its for real that jakkajun going to be n'ek
and it means my dad is a superstar i know in spicyforum net
people were wondering if it was dad i'm a superstar or my dad a superstar...
i think the lakorn sound cute and weir outfit looks so ahh Hott well from what i see in the video
and its kinda of weird that the daughter in there is 15 year old ( doesn't really look like it could be weir and jakkajun kid)
so jakkajun and weir must have go togther very young...
here the link for the fitting
credit to spicyforumnet also stay tune cause poh from rook kard has some funny moves too hehe


sarNie Egg
what im so weir and jakjun are a couple....ying is dere daughter and weir is the dad so he is a superstar rite?, jakjun looks old enough to be weirs mum is sexy in dat outfit....y couldnt it be weir and pinky as di mum and dad....