Photoshop CS2/3


Lakorn Obsesser
Does anyone have CS2/3 that I can download? Please reply! I tired the Adobe website but it's complicated.


Sticky Rice
^ I'm not specifically sure, but usually it's just the features.
Most versions of Photoshop can perform almost the same things though, such as enhancing photos/making banners etc.


You're Average Person :)
I dl both programs but I dont know what to do...I'm installing it but it told me to enter the username and organization...anybody know what to do


im stuck. i download one from a topic back in 2007 call photoshop. But its no different from the folder and New stuff. Is this one free?? which one do u recomment to download? 8 or 9?



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hm. i dont' know but i got the ps7 and it's free.
in the download folder, there should be a keygen attachment.


cecil did you get it on here? and wats does keygen mean?



sarNie Elites
i just dl version8 and i'm stuck on the screen where i have to put on the serial number, activation code and number..dunno what to do


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when you install it or run it, make sure to pick 'ACTIVATION by phone' to get the actual serial to validate the software.

as for the first serial -- the key generator should have spit one out -- just copy all the # on the first box, then paste in adobe when it ask you for the first serial #.


sarNie Hatchling
i, just installing version 8 but i dont know to do ask me the serial number ...can someone give me the link or where can i get it


sarNie Juvenile
I think it's better to stay in ps 8/9 because
cs2/3 don't have the animation thingy that comes w/it anymore.
Of course, that's only if you want to
make your pictures move.