Pic Aum & Vee in WAn wan yang wan yu


sarNie Coma
whos sitting so close to Aom with the red sweater..but yeh..aum looks like she gotten skinnier..her legs look so bony


sarNie Egg
yup.. i agree! VEE is lookin good! n aum looks really cute!! loving her hair!


Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!
I like Vee's hair a lil shorter, but yeah he's still HOT in my eyes. LOL


sarNie Adult
Vee needs a haircut...but he's still HOT...Aump is pretty in that dress...and the hairstyle she has....i do like them as a couple...cute...


sarNie Elites
ThanamasFanclub said:
Aum came out like how many times now...They need to stop bringing out the same people...Getting boring now...

what are you talking about? it's very normal for the same celebrities to appear on a show more than once. and the reason why they come is because they're promoting their most recent work, and in aum's case, it's song saneha.


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YM_gurl said:
is it just me? or did Vee get fat? huh?
i think vee and thai actors in general need to tone up a bit. they are either too skinny or flabby. where are the muscles people or at least look toned!


sarNie Hatchling
ooh i so want to see this show. Vee is cuter as ever. gosh! Aums legs are so bony. but she still is pretty.


sarNie Elites
I really like this talkshow, but I can't stand it much becuz of Kik. :blink: :huh: I would like it better if they pick a different co-host for pAom!!!