Pigeon's Love :: Rteam [ one shot ]


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Who could ever forget their first love? That one innocent crush contains many bittersweet memories. It was that love which introduced you to everything. It made you love them, they loved you back but in the end -- they broke your heart. Still, being the foolish us; no matter how hurt you are, you'll always love them. No matter how hard you try to forget them and 'get over it', they'll always stay with you forever. As much as you try to deny it, you will compare every other guy to him, and none will live it up -- because, he was your first love.Then, after months of letting go; when you finally think you're over him -- he'll call, or you'll hear 'your' song or something that reminds you of how much he meant to you and how much you really loved him and then you realize -- you're not completely over him, and never will be.

I am the foolish girl.

-- Ring .. RinGgGg .. RinGgGgGg .. --

"Hello?? Rita!! You here?!?"





"Huh? What happened Jess?"



"Uhm...well, I've just met a couple of our old highschool friends..."


"Turns out...your ex...erm, he got into a serious accident last month. Got admitted to the hospital...and--"

"...and what Jess??"

"I think it's better if you just go visit him..."

"I don't know..."

"Up to you Rita, I'll text you the name of the hospital and his room number...the rest, well...you should know best."

- beep -

Great, just great. The man that I've been trying so hard to forget -- for the past 10 years -- is coming back into my life. As much as I hate meeting him, I think I love him more.

' You got a text message '

Next stop, hospital.

"Excuse me miss, where's room 502?"

"Room 502? Oh, that's Mr. Rome's room isn't it?"


"He's quite popular among the nurses here...he's hot."

"Why am I not surprise..."

"Haha, anyway...just walk straight and then turn right. You'll see a big metallic sign wif the number 502 on it."


Fine, the moment of truth. I knocked the door, yet no one answered. I knocked harder...finally, "Who's there?"

I walked in with a fruit basket on my right hand, "It's me...Rita."


"Yea...'wow'..." I placed the fruit basket on the side table.

"It's been a long time since we've met...how are you, Rita?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that question Mister..."

"Hahaha....no biggie...doctor said, I'm paralyzed...that's all."



"Can you just stop acting cool for once, Rome?! I can't stand it anymore!"



"Nah, you're right. That's the reason why we break up...isn't it?"


"Anyway, can you do me a favour...Miss Lawyer?"


"I'm trusting you with all of my asset...I want you to help me donate it to the poor."

"All of them??"

"Yeah...all of them..."


"Because they need it more than I do."

"I don't understand you Rome...how about your medical fees?"

"I got that all taken care off."

"Oh...still...why me?"

"Cos, I don't have any family members to help me do it...plus, you're the only one I trust."

"You're not going to die Rome...you can do this good deed on your own."

"I can't, Rita! Can't you see?! I'm just like a statue, I can't move or do anything. I'm useless."

"Fine. I'll help you."

I left the room as fast as I could. I can't bare looking at him lying down like that -- paralyzed. I would have hugged him if I could but NO, he's not my boyfriend anymore. Nor am I his girlfriend anymore. I did as I was told. I often visit him at the hospital for official matter -- I needed his signature for the documents. Apart from them that, I think our bond grew stronger as the days, weeks and months past. I can't deceive myself any longer, I knew I still loved him and if that's the case; as long as he's happy, I'm happy too. Being with him for the past 6 months lightened up my life. I looked forward to see his smile and aww-ed by his words.

It's 2 September 2008; it was his birthday. I bought his favourite raspberry cheesecake. It was such a happy day. I walked into his room and shouted "Surprise!!" but, no one was there. No, to be precise -- it looked as if the room was vacant and no one ever stayed there in the first place. Was I in the wrong room? No, it's still room 502.

"Eh, who are you...Miss?" A nurse came walking in.

"Ah, hi...do you know where the patient named Rome is?"

"Oh, Rome. Are you by any chance....Rita?"

"Yes, I'm Rita...why?"

"Mr. Rome asked us to pass this cassette player to you...before..."


"He passed away."




The birthday cake fell on the floor. I was shocked, speechless....

"Miss! Are you ok?"

"...fine...I'm fine..."

She pulled me up onto the bed -- the same one he slept on for the past few months.

"If you say so Miss. If you do need anything, I'll be outside..."

"Ok. Thanks." I sounded, robotic.

The nurse left the room, leaving me alone with his cassette player. I hit the 'play' button.

-- "It's 12.01am here, which means...it's my birthday! Happy birthday to me...hahahhaha...Rita, thanks for helping this stupid statue here, ey? I'm glad you were my pigeon. You know, the pigeon and statue love story...I loved that fairytale! Thanks for completing my final wish. You know what's playing in my head right now?? Haha...the last thing you told me during our breakup been haunting me for the past 10 years Rita...you said...'IF I end up being the one walking away. I want you to know that it wasn’t because I stopped loving you but because you stopped loving me.' Scary isn't it? Haha. Actually Rita...I had never stopped loving you. Since the day I met you...my heart only beat when it sees you. But I have to end our relationship...when the doctor told me I'm having brain cancer...during our senior year. Plus, with my current health condition and a paralyzed body, it's unfair for you to love me. I'm sorry...my cute lil pigeon." --

"This pigeon...love you too."

I'll cherish...our song. (Click it)




sarNie Adult
omg that was beautiful and you really know how to make me cry...and the song just sets it all...great story whoo amazing


sarNie Adult
now that i think about it rome is so stupid omg if he loved it wouldn't matter if he wouldn't live long as long as he spend his days with rita..still so sad rita never got over him


maplestory addict xD
thanks for the comments gurls ^^ i was just so stressed yesterday that i felt like writing lols

ahahaha .. write a happy oneshot of Rteam? true though...i've been making them suffer all the time lols

but if u gurls realise, im kinda good in writing sad fic lols .. kinda suck in comedy n all xD


Aws, that was a cute story of Rteam! Sad but cute! Their love had never ended even tho their relationship ended ten years ago...the song is really nice!


maplestory addict xD
thanks noy ^^

anyway, i might have a happy oneshot for them. it's called Crush Center. hehe...speculate bout the plot ks :p


sarNie Adult
what a sad ending.. just if rome didn't break up with her, then they will be happy for at least 10 years. sigh...

yea.. please make a happy ending for them to top up for his sad ending.. :p


sarNie Adult
Crush Center sounds good can't wait for that happy one shot...and u don't suck at comedy Cursed Amulet is a good romance/comedy when is the next ch for that?