Pin Mook [CH7]


sarNie Juvenile
in "pin mook"
aum's dad was a rich guy and her mom was a servant in his house
the g'ma found out about the relationship and made aum's dad married three wives to get rid of aum's mother, but never accomplish
the 2nd & 3rd wife had a son & daughters---meaning 3 sibs.
when aum's dad went on a biz trip
the 2nd wife & g'ma beat & locked up aum's mom cuz she was preg. & wouldn't leave aum's dad
somehow aum's mom left later on & dad came back being told bout aum's mom's absent by framing her for having another man & no one has seen her since
20 yrs. later aum found out about her bg. & went back to the house as a servant named "pin" to find s.t. about a will left for her
when she got their she found out about her father's death
1st wife being head house, Cee--her stepbro, adopt by 1st wife to steal the assets of the family
2nd wife & daugther r mean except son
3rd wife & daughter nice
g'ma --- crazy
and how her mother lived her life in the rich house
all the elders were amazed when they saw that aum looked like her mom
Cee was suspious of aum at times cuz she be acting weird s.times
aum's nice bro, sis, 3rd wife found out that aum was family & kept it a secret
the bad sis & her mom always tries to trouble aum for this & tat
as aum recog the place she digs for the will
dont really remember the relation aum & cee had
but the bad sis liked Cee too cuz she thought Cee was gonna get e.t.
the bad guy liked aum & always wonder who she was
cuz in & out of the house she is always switching roles from self to servant
guy next door to the house like aum too & the nice sis likes him
nice bro acts gayish but is not cuz he likes the girl next which is the sis of tat guy
as time goes by Cee and his foster mom got into a fight about nagging Cee to claim all the assests in foster mom's stead
but he wouldn't & took off back to his real mom
at tat time 2nd wife & daughter hired s.o. to do fake will saying tat they get e.t.
1st wife went crazy for a bit & aum found out y g'ma was crazy
it was cuz of the meds. tat 2nd wife always gives for her to drink
once the fake will was annouce, 2nd wife & daughter hired men to take all the other family members to mental hospital
Cee came back, heard the news, & rescue e.o. in exchange to marry bad sis
at tat time aum already found the real will but hid it to announce at a good time
bad guy & bad sis was having an affair, she him y she had to marry Cee
and bad guy said tat he can to the job of biz will
so on wedding day bad sis decided to marry bad guy instead
bad guy took over the company & bad sis was preg.
finally at the end as family were being kickin out aum took the chance to expose herself & the actual will as bad guy was going to take full control of the family assets and sale it off
e.o. was shocked and by tat time g'ma and 1st wife were back to normal
all the bad pplz tried to dispose the actual will but couldn't & were all arrested
2nd wife became craze, bad sis preg & killed her hubby
all the family came back to live peace full life and aum as the rightful owner
Cee left to his real mom again but aum and Cee got each other at the end