Pinky Savika: Absolute Fabulist


sarNie Adult
I have to say that this is not one of Pinky's better photoshoots. I don't like the dark make up, and the cover doesn't please her body shape at all.


Lakorn Obsesser
Ewww... This photoshoot is so plain! It must be one of her worst!


sarNie Juvenile
I find this a nice angle on Pinky. She's very pretty. Very sexy but natural.


sarNie Elites
Pinky is so beautiful, but I do not really like this photoshoot as well. She surely has model potential, though : )


sarNie Egg
now this is cute of PINKY! i love the last photo of her it makes her look soo natural! love it!


Save World Save Life
pinky is pretty but the photoshoots outfit and makeup so ugly gotta go not the best magazine of hers black lipstick sick and the outfit so ugly