Pinky Sawika


sarNie Juvenile
Pinky looks beautiful as always but I think she is too skinny and it makes her head look bigger than her body. For example the third pix.


sarNie Oldmaid
aw thanks a lot for sharing. Pinky look so cute & pretty. she is gorgeous. she especially has a pretty face. i like her voice. so cute. she knows how to use her voice in acting and in singing too. unlike many actress who has weak irritating voice which make their acting bad too. i miss her a lot. i read she may be having 3 new la korns. whoa! hope it's true. i can't wait.


sarNie Egg
Love pinky!!!!!!! she is always pretty. Oh,Really Teedee, she is gonna 3 more lakorns????...great news!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!YAY!!!! Can't wait!!!!!


Staff member
wow. alot of pinky news this year. 3 lakorns? that's quite alot.

anyway, pinky's pretty in here ja.