Pinky's Indian Movie

Muddie Murda

They really went to India for that...? Because I see only one Indian cast and the rest are most likely Thai lol Is this really an Indian movie or Thai movie featuring Indian Pra'ek? Anyway I hope to see a video teaser soon!

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sarNie Hatchling
Wasn't there a controversy about these pictures, that they were actually taken in Thailand because most of those people were Thai and this wasn't part of her movie?


sarNie OldFart
Someone mentioned that he looked like Peck in lyn's blog or was it Dirtii Laundry?
anywho; She looks more Indian esp. with the traditional clothes.
haah i didn't notice that the other girls were thai?
until i read Seunghee's comment lmao
i would've automatically assume that the dancers were Indian also..
it is an Indian movie after all

Im wondering if Pinky speaks the lang?


sarNie Egg
She can for sure speak something because in woody talk show she did. And the reason for her doing the movie with such an ugly actor is because of the money and of course the experience. I think she got 7 digit for this india movie.


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^i don't know how much Pinky got pay but this is not a bollywood movie but a tellywood movie [Dialect/area difference]

She doesn't speak the language, she's learning but to do the movie -- she have to speak it like KARAOKE style/writing.
She mentioned this in WOOD's interview -- she did went to India to shoot this -- whether it's all THAI ACTOR or whatsoever, according to Woody talk, ppl are aware of who she is when he visited her in India.

I dont' want to judge so i'll wait til the movie come out -- it is only then we can define what's real and what's not.


Hmmmm... Looks like an India + Thai wedding altogether.
It'll be nice if she got paired up with someone younger.


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^yup. like SHAID KAPOOR or IMRAN KHAN -- i would be super jealous!


sarNie Egg
LOL, I have to agree with everyone. The guy is really not that good looking and that's weird because I'm used to seeing her act with handsome men. I hope the film is worth watching for Pinky's sake.
And maybe this year will be a better year for her also.

btw, Pinky looks flawless in Indian bridal clothing.


Expired Sarnie
The leading actor doesn't look... not to be mean or anything but he's not good looking. I guess we will have to rely on his acting but I'm not even sure if he's even good. I guess we will have to wait until the movie comes out to give it another critique.

Most of them don't even look Indian, not even close to Arabian lol And seems like the designer is also Thai. Those are not Indian clothing. You can tell by the design. I have seen many Bollywood movie, and especially the detailed design are awkward. I think this movie is probably CHEAP. The red dress is probably the closest thing that looks Indianish.


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all i'm saying is that we shouldn't be too critical on something before we find proves so until then, we should be open mind and not judge right away.
Whether it's real or not -- we dont' know .. wait til we see the proof lol