Pirates of the Carribean 4


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OMG!! :yahoo: I am just so excited that I gotta share this with you guys!!! I just came across this announcement and look what I found. Below is the exact quote from the article of Johnny Depp accepting a role with Disney on 'Alice in Wonderland'. Gosh, I cannot wait for this!

"Disney formally announced the casting Wednesday at a studio presentation. It also said it is officially in development on a fourth installment of "Pirates of the Carribean," which would see Depp reprise his popular role of Captain Jack."


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awe man I'm such a sucker for Pirates!! People think i'm weird... haha. but who cares! Johnny depp is sooo awesome as Jack Sparrows! ^_^


This one, from what I've read, will be about Jack and Barbossa's quest to find the fountain of youth. So, there's not going to be much of Will or Elizabeth in this. As long as Depp is in it, I'm forever happy haha I love the man. :blush: I've probably seen all three parts hundreds of times by now since owning all of the dvd's, but it never gets boring.


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awe, this news break my heart .. i watch it for Will and Elizabeth's story. and captain jack too .. but still .. :lmao:

Yay! so happy ^_^ Heres the link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080925/ennew...CqLxKHIowOs0NUE

Orlando Bloom was drop-dead gorgeous in the third one :wub:
i know, i love him in here as well. so sexy ...
i love that scene before he leave with the ship for 10 years.
the BEACH SCENE are so SIZZLING HOT --- *imagine the rest** LOl


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Well Will and and Miss Swan character was over the had a happy ending while Jack had missions to complete for himself.


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Ah Um....Ummmmm....I've got to do my Robert Pattinson's (aka Edward Cullen from Twilight) biggest fan job here...there's a rumour that he might be considered to play Johnny Depp's Captain Jack's brother. Mind you, it's just a rumour, one that is impossible from what I see but I would be really hopping and so giddy happy and in ecstasy if Rob Pattinson and Johnny Depp were in a movie together.