[pix]ch3 event for their upcoming lakorns


sarNie Coma
omg, jai rao is probaly gonna be airing next month!..well, these 4 lakorn will be airing next batch. other cast from current lakorns airing right now too

credit to pantip

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sarNie Adult
did aff gain weight or something cuz her face is not skinny like b4 and i like her like this with meat on her face?


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thanks tinah... hehehe.. ateam looks so kute.. hehe.. lol.. look at oil .. >_< .. jai rao.. yes..


sarNie Adult
awww. they all look so pretty and cute! I love vicky! she looks gorgeous!


sarNie Oldmaid
really Jai rao for the next slot...goodness i would love tat...i miss Ken so muchie...but why is there only one picha of the hot daddie?? anyways...i'm still impress he's one of the few guys who can make the nerddy professor look work...


sarNie Elites
I am totally excited for Rome and Benz's lakorn, considering that it is ... I guess a musical lakorn? Anyways, I absolutely prefer musical lakorns over any type lakorns! Also, I am very excited for Oil and Bua's lakorn... bonus with Lift : ) I am so excited! I hope that they sing in that lakorn, too! Channel 3 always have interesting lakorns! I cannot wait! Yay! Thanks for sharing the pictures : )


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o gosh...Oil looks eeew with his skinny pants. Ken's pants look big on him while his top shirt look small. Aum looks gay with that hair do....Art looks decent. I like what Vicky is wearing though