Please Answer


sarNie Egg
It seems that all of my help posts I posted got deleted.
I had terrible internet problems and now I cannot find my last 3 posts.
In that last post I asked about where to stream korean dramas I was given 2 sites 1 was called something like dorama online or something cannot find my post any more
D-Aaddicts have shut their torrent section. seems to be offline along with eutorrents. cannot get onto their irc eighter.
Anyone knows please any good asian torrent site? Preferably without invite only.
Or streaming sites.
As I said i cannot find my posts why do you delete it?? What bad gonnsa be to keep it a few month?
I couldn't get it straight awy now it is gone.
It was question about streaming drama called Lifestyte i think i cannot find links.
Thank you and Happy New Year


Staff member
If the question was posted a few days prior to server breakdown, there's a high chance that your information might had not been posted/there due to restore (backup) setting. As for deleting topics, we do not delete them randomly without reasons.  Three things that moderators are responsible for deleting/merging topics are: SPAM, DUPLICATION, and INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT.  Hopefully, this explains a little more in regard to your concern.
Also, I'm not sure if you're referring to this topic.  If it is, the thread still exists here: