Please help out my family...


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In our lifetime, we don't seek any financial support from anyone but until recently, we've encountered some problems and hate to admit that we really need it. We hope we'd be able to reach out to anywhere, everywhere, and anyone whom would be giving us their kind support. Thank you for your time reading it.
Cat aka kitkat


sarNie Adult
Aww, my prayers go out to your father, you and your family! I pray for a fast recovery. I will make my donations.


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That's saddening to hear Cat.  Your poor father, living with cancer that has spread throughout his body.  I wish him well and a speedy recovery.  Hoping for all the best.  I'll be praying for him and your family.  Do stay strong during these times and always stay optimistic in life.  I'll try to help with as much as I can. 
By the way Cat, do you have paypal?  If so, I'll send it through there instead of gofundme.