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OK, so please give me advises about my problem. Ok so I like this one dude, but he have a girlfriend already, and they are getting along well. So what should I do, I can't stop thinking about him.  Please help me. :(  :crush:


Well, I don't really know how to give u advice about this but if he already has a gf then theirs no point on liking him. I'm not trying to be mean but it's the truth. The only thing u can do is tell someone who is close to him and u will feel kind of weird but when it reaches him maybe u guys can be friends.


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Sigh, to have a crush on someone who is already taken...
There's really nothing you can do.  I wouldn't want you to be the third hand and break up a perfectly good relationship.
I would say that there's nothing wrong in trying to befriend the person though.  It never hurts to be their friend.
If you can't stop thinking about him.. then don't stop thinking about him :p hehe j/k j/k.  Try to indulge yourself with other activities such as drawing, reading, etc.. to get your mind side-tracked off the person.
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Awww, I feel you, girl :(
There's not much you can do about this. For one, you should try to stop thinking about him and I know that's a hard task but just think that one day, another guy will come into your life or he'll eventually see you and go to you.
But honestly, you should just stop thinking about him. It's for the best since if you continue liking him even though he has a girl, it'll just hurt you more and more. Do what's best for you.
You can find another guy who's not taken :)


sarNie Adult
Thanks, you guys. I'm very happy about your advises  (I'm crying right now, but I'm ok) I understand what you guys mean. But me and him becoming friends is very unlikely. We use to be enemy when we are little, and I just really regret all the time I have, but I think it's kinda ok now.  I don't really know about him and his girlfriend, but I think they are going to break up, since I don't see them hug anymore, but yeah. Thanks! :D And he's a nice guy. He's faithful to her even though he talks to other girls too and his girlfriend is one year younger than him.   :D


sarNie Adult
And thank you guys for giving me better advices than my friend. And I'm not saying that my friend is bad, but she tell me to just go up yo him and tell everything,  but I can't do that, because it's too shameless. And his girlfriend is my cousin by marriage. :(

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If they're happy just leave them be. Never go after what isn't yours. Don't be known for a homewrecker if you know what I mean....well not to that point yet but don't drive to that point. Nothing you can do so just let things go. You guys can still be friends, but don't dote on it too much. Yours is yet to come...