Pleng Din Klin Dao


sarNie Adult
Cee is having a new lakorn w/Noon. They'll shoot it in France :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Credit IL, and Spicy for the info



sarNie Granny
say it isn't sooo !!! whao .. he getting role with the A-list actress !! In France tooo !! He getting popluar


sarNie Adult
Omg 1st great lakorn wit Aum(luv him wit aum) now awesome noon this is so great this year actually didn't turn out all bad i was watching much lakorn lately but now i hooked on some lakorns now


sarNie Juvenile
really Noon is shooting soooooooo many lakorns at the moment.

I miss her on screen sooooo much, oh the tears TT.TT


sarNie Egg
Hey french people, let's get ready to welcome Noon and cee! :yahoo: ehehe

Moi je me renseigne sur le forum de Noon et si on a des news sur leurs venues on se tient au courant, hein?!! B) Je suis trop contente je vais peut-être enfin voir Noon :yahoo: :spin:


sarNie Adult
i just hope that they will go in France for sure and dont do like other lakorn of channel 7 tho ahahhaaha........

some of them lakorn said that will go over other country but end up in thailand.......

soryy that i have to say this hahha


sarNie Adult
wow! cee is hot!! i'm glad that he's gonna co-star with Noon..heheh..cant wait..hope it's drama and romactic..LOLZ


sarNie Adult
YAY!!!! never that of pairing the two. cee is my fav actor and noon is my fav actress. they looked cute too in the short movie that they made together. hopefully cee gets that play boy role like in ruk tid lob. this made my day!! :D


lol. P'Susie. Cee is really hot! Has this even started filming yet because i want to see it so bad but I have a feeling that it's not going to air anytime soon and I want to see them!


Well I'm glad Noon has another lakorn but with Cee? I don't think him and Aum look good together so don't know if he will with Noon. Cee looks way too young, Aum and Noon look more mature...

Anyways we'll see...thanks for the info


sarNie Adult
They are going to France in Feb ' 07. So this lakorn will take a while to come out. Probably the end of next year. I really wanna see it though. Cee is so HOT :yahoo:


They are going to France in Feb ' 07. So this lakorn will take a while to come out. Probably the end of next year. I really wanna see it though. Cee is so HOT :yahoo:

Agree! cee is so hot! and thanks for the news that they r going to go to france in feb. i am excited for them!!!


sarNie Juvenile
although i'm not a big fan of cee, i'll definitely watch it for Noon. She's so pretty.


sarNie Elites
wow, cee goes with noon? dang, lately cee gets best girls. lol~
i absolutely will watch it just 'cause noon is in it. XDDD
but i hope it doesn't drag or anything like kaew tah pee. -.-"
you know filming in different country usually ruins the story.



Yunho's GF~*
Oh I never come to lakorn section lol

While they were in Paris, someone told me the beginning of the story LOL

Scenes took in Paris are the debut of the lakorn :)

I'm looking forward to watch this ^_^


P'Cee is so damn hot in the photoshoot !!