Pleng Din Klin Dao


sarNie Adult
So I saw and heard that Noon will be singing in this lakorn. I don't know about her voice but will see.


Yunho's GF~*
Can u tell us all what happen in the beginning?
Like I said the debut of the lakorn takes place in Paris :)
P'Noon is a Opera student in Paris she lives there and all...
While P'Cee is on trip (I think he's rich :unsure: )
And of course they meet each other lol
Then he brings her back or something...
Anyways they go back to Thailand.

I'm sorry I can't recall what really happened T_T
This is what I remember lol


sarNie Adult
lol..thanx, 4 the info ^_^

Yea, Cee character is rich. @ spicy I think noiki mentioned that he's the record company owner?!
I really wanna see this. I wish they'll do like ch be airing Paul and Tye lakorn back to back their fans are so


sarNie Egg
Cee and Noon...I don't think they will look good together. I mean Noon looks way mature, and somewhat she's not pretta at all. I don't know but all movies she does, it always bored me. Maybe her acting, or somethang.

Movies that she did that was boring:

-All that she starred in with Khed (didn't finish it)
-"Ban Roy Dork Mai" (w/Utt) (didn't finish it)
-"Suparbarotlookpuchai" (w/Tle) (fastforward almost all the parts throughout the movie)
-"Mae Ey Sa Oon" (w/Vee) (just seen the first part, but never finish)
-"Duang Rang Hang Ruk" (w/Mos) (trying hard to act cute, annoyed by it)
-The movie where she own a fabric factory or something (w/Chakrit) (didn't finish it)

I guess this is the only lakorn I know that she starred in because I don't really keep up with her projects. But the one that she did with Oil was kinda interesting. (Although I just watch the begining and skipped to the end)


sarNie Juvenile
I would have to disagree with you, Rainy. I don't think all of Noon's lakorns are oscar-worthy but she has done pretty good ones. She's a very complete actress and her talent shines through depending on the types of roles she gets. All celebs get bad and good roles. From the ones you pointed out, maybe a couple were pretty weak but the rest was fairly well done. I LOVED Pleng Pa with Chakrit and if you gave it a chance, it's a heartwrenching one. As for Mae Ai, i didnt watch a lot of the episodes because it was too sad but the ending was really worth the time. It's not a wonder she got an award for that one. I watched the rest and i never regretted it. Anyway, we all have our opinions and we agree to disagree. :)


sarNie Hatchling
I love that lakorn with charkit too and noon's a good actress
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait for this lakorn to air! i'm definitely watching this lakorn, partially because Cee's in it and partially because they filmed it in France! :D :D :D


sarNie Adult
looking forward to it... noon and cee looks kinda cute together. when is it going to be on air


sarNie Egg
that girl holding the clothes for Cee is so lucky to be next to him. Ahh, I would love to see how he smells like. HA.


sarNie Juvenile
to be honest i dont think you should say that noon is not pretty at all because people have different opinions i for one think she is beautiful and very cute. you should have said that in your opinion she was not.


love noon and cee, hope that she'll play a role that fits her attitude. and for cee, hope he is not mean, i only like it when he's sweet to the na'ek and nice or naughty.