sarNie Adult
I just found out that they're poisonous. Had to google to making sure it was true and it is. They're definitely poisonous.
So yeah, wash your hands after touching them, and don't go licking or chewing on it. :p
It's the sap that's poisonous.

ETA: Apparently only their stems and leaves are poisonous but I still wouldn't recommend trying to eat the flower, even though some places says it's okay. Just to be on the safe side.


sarNie Adult
Its toxicity can only cause inflammation of skin or skin irritation with its white juice/sap.
It cannot cause serious illness or death since in some thai dishes use it to decorate etc... and it's pretty popular for Spa massage to use these flowers in water to perfume.

If you have dog or cat eating this white milky sap, then, surely that they will be a little knock-out (KO) lol.