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Poo Dee Gammalor

(Fake Poo Dee)


Yaya Urassaya as Airin, the stubborn and feisty tomboy who is Airada's younger sister
Barry Nadech as Wiwit, the charming playboy who is Wanrop's younger cousin
Kim Kimberly as Airada, the sweet and mature older sister of Airin
Mark Prin as Wanrop, the handsome and sincere man who is Wiwit's older cousin
Min Pechaya as Peach, the beautiful and understanding daughter of Khun Pichet
Tengneung Kritanagan as Tawan, the gorgeous and intelligent manager of Wachiratan Construction Company
Marie Brohner as Belle, the daughter of Wachiratan's business partners who falls for Wiwit
Pope Thanawat as Chana, a police officer who is good friends with Wanrop, Wiwit, and Tawan
Noey Chotika as Nit, also one of Wiwit's ex girlfriends who fell head over heels for Wiwit
Gubgib Sumonthip as Mon, one of Wiwit's demanding ex girlfriends
Bovy Attama as Bow, a bartender who has a one night stand with Wiwit
Boy Chokchai as Chart, Bow's ex-boyfriend who later brings troubles to her and the Wachiratans
Chin Chinawut as Chin, Airin's best friend since childhood who secretly has a crush on her
Sawitree Samipak as Mae Duang, Airin and Airada's mother, who is a gambling/alcohol addict
Mu Dilok as Khun Prasoot Wachiratan, Wanrop's father
Mam Jintara as Khun Ying Napa Wachiratan, Wiwit's mother
Num Santisuk as Khun Chai Akkarat Wachiratan, Wiwit's father
Krerk Chiller as Khun Pichet, Peach's father who is also one of the managing executives of Wachiratan Construction Company
Ning Nirut as Akkara Wachiratan, Wanrop and Wiwit's grandfather, who is the founder of Wachiratan Construction Company


The cousins, Wanrop (Mark) and Wiwit (Nadech) are the next heirs for their family’s construction company. Wanrop is the hardworking one while Wiwit is the playboy and slacker. One day, their grandfather (Ning) goes off on Wiwit because he is fed up with Wiwit’s irresponsibility and immature behavior. In order to change Wiwit, their grandfather forces Wiwit to marry another hi-so woman named, Peach (Min), who also happens to be the daughter of an employee at the Wachiratan Construction Company. In order to avoid the arranged wedding, Wiwit lies to his grandfather that he already has a girlfriend. The next day, Wiwit meets the tomboy Airin (Yaya), a poor young woman who is struggling to pay off her mother’s gambling debts. Wiwit is willing to give her money to pay off the debt if she agrees to marry him and be his fake wife. Airin gladly accepts on one condition…Wiwit must not touch her or sleep with her. Wiwit also has one condition…Airin must listen to him and try to act as hi-so as possible to avoid any suspicion. The problem arises when Wiwit began to fall for Airin. Airin, on the other hand, struggles with her poo dee and hi-so life…


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Chapter One
A red Porsche pulled up in front of a fancy Italian restaurant. The driver was the charming Wiwit, accompanying his girlfriend, Mon. Wiwit escorted his lady into the restaurant and the couple were immediately welcomed and seated by the smiling host.
The host…Wiwit couldn’t help but notice that she had an amazingly beautiful smile.
“Wit ka,” said Mon.
Wiwit’s eyes were still on the attractive female host.
“Krub,” said Wiwit.
“What are you staring at?” asked Mon.
“Nothing,” replied Wiwit. “Mai mee arai.”
“What would you like to drink?” asked the server, who had just approached their table.
“Water is fine,” said Mon.
“No, how can you just have water?” asked Wiwit. “I’d like to order wine.”
Wiwit pointed to the wine he wanted on the menu and the server jotted it down.
“I’ll be back with you in just a moment,” said the server.
“My stomach hurts,” said Wiwit, suddenly.
He clutched his stomach with one hand and put the other hand on the table for support.
“Wit, are you alright?” asked Mon.
“Excuse me for a moment,” said Wiwit. “I’m going to the restroom.”
Wiwit got up and walked to the restroom as if he was in pain. Instead, he walked up to the host at the entrance.
“Sawadee krub,” said Wiwit.
“May I help you with something?” asked the host.
“I just wanted to ask you something,” began Wiwit. “You look really familiar. Have we met before?”
The host seemed confused.
“No, I don’t think so,” she replied.
“Oh, I swear I thought I’ve seen you somewhere before,” said Wiwit.
Wiwit noticed the nametag pinned to her shirt.
“Your name is Nit right?” asked Wiwit.
“Ka,” replied the host.
“Don’t you remember me?” asked Wiwit.
“I’m sorry but I don’t,” replied Nit.
“I’m Wiwit Wachiratan,” he said introducing himself to a complete, attractive female stranger.
“Did you mention Wachiratan?” asked Nit.
“Krub,” replied Wiwit, automatically.
“Are you by any chance related to Khun Akkara Wachiratan?” asked Nit.
Wiwit smiled. He knew where this was going. It seemed like this flirting technique worked every time.
“I’m Khun Akkara’s grandson,” replied Wiwit. “The owner of Wachiratan Construction Company.”
“Sorry I still don’t think I know you,” said Nit. “I’m just familiar with Wachiratan Construction Company.”
“Oh well, that’s okay,” said Wiwit. “Here’s my business card in case you want to talk sometime.”
“Uh…ka,” said Nit, accepting his business card.
Wiwit turned around. His girlfriend, Mon, was storming towards him.
“What’re you doing here?” asked Mon, eyeing Nit suspiciously.
“Aow, Mon, I’d like you to meet my friend Nit,” said Wiwit. “Too bad she doesn’t recognize me. We went to high school together.”
“I thought you were going to the restroom,” said Mon.
“I was but…
“But you decided to flirt with her right?” asked Mon.
She stepped towards Nit.
“How shameless can you be,” said Mon. “Flirting with men while working.”
“Mon, jai yen, krub,” said Wiwit, pulling Mon back in case it got physical.
Wiwit was used to it. His past experiences with his girlfriends all involved women slapping and fighting. In the end, Wiwit would move on to another girl.
“Let’s go back to the table,” said Wiwit.
“I’m not in the mood to dine anymore,” said Mon. “I’m leaving!”
Mon stomped out of the restaurant. Wiwit left a massive amount of tip and dashed after Mon. On the way out, he apologized to Nit the host and held up the call me sign up to his ears.
Wiwit shouted after Mon, who was waiting right outside the front of the restaurant.
“Mon, I’m sorry,” said Wiwit. “It’s not what you think, na krub.”
“Wit, if you keep at it like this maybe we should break up for a while,” said Mon.
Wiwit felt his stomach do somersaults of joy. He was finally getting dumped by Mon.
“Mon, mai aow na,” said Wiwit, putting his arms around her waist.
He pecked on her the neck and she pushed him away.
“Wit ka, if you’re not serious about our relationship, we should take a break,” said Mon. “This isn’t the first time you behaved this way. I gave you too many chances already.”
“Mon, I promise I won’t do that anymore na,” said Wiwit, in a fake pleading tone.
“Too late now, ka,” said Mon. “Let’s take a break and just be friends for a while.”
“You don’t have to take me home na ka,” said Mon. “I’ll go home myself.”
After Mon caught a taxi Wiwit threw his arms in the air with joy. He was free to play again.

Wanrop laughed after Wiwit told him that he had just got dumped.
“What’s so funny?” asked Wiwit. “I’m not even bothered by it.”
“Again? Seriously?” asked Wanrop. “Man, you’re really something else. How could you do that?”
Wiwit got up from the chair and went around his cousin’s desk. He patted Wanrop on the shoulder.
“Listen to me brother,” Wiwit began. “You have to go through many different women until you find the right one.”
“That doesn’t mean you have to play them like that,” said Wanrop.
“This woman that I met today though, I think she’s the one,” said Wiwit.
“Oy! I always hear you say that about every woman,” said Wanrop.
“Well just wait and see,” said Wiwit. “I’ll prove it to you.”
Wanrop nodded and tried to hold back his laughter.
“Alright, now get out if you aren’t going to help me with work,” said Wanrop. “The update of your current relationship status isn’t really new to me.”
“Gee, I was just letting you know,” said Wiwit. “You know, brother to brother thing.”
“Okay,” said Wanrop. “So are you going to help me with this work or not?”
“Well, what’s up?” asked Wiwit.
Wanrop shoved a thin black binder towards Wiwit.
“This is our newest project,” said Wanrop. “Our American business partners, Khun William and his wife, Khun Dao, want to build this shopping complex.”
“In this area?” asked Wiwit. “There are a lot of people in this area. If this project is approved, these people will have to relocate.”
“That’s the problem,” said Wanrop. “What do you reckon we should do?”
“I don’t know,” replied Wiwit.
“Well sacrifice some of that precious time you use to flirt with women and think about this issue,” said Wanrop. “Maybe if you take a tour of this area, something might come to mind.”
“Uh okay, I’ll see what I can do,” said Wiwit.

Airin and Airada returned home from a long day of job hunting. Without a college degree, they knew their chances of getting a job were very slim. On top of all that, they were in a massive debt…a debt their mother was responsible for.
“It seems like Khun Mae isn’t home,” said Airada.
“Well, there’s only one place she could be,” said Airin. “If she keeps gambling like this, sooner or later, we won’t have a home.”
“The most we can do is to help settle her debts,” said Airada.
A loud slamming door outside told the sisters that their mother was home. Mae Duang staggered up the small ramp into her little house. Her daughters shook their heads in disbelief. Their mother was drunk again.
“Mae,” said Airin. “When will you quit gambling and drinking?”
The sisters helped escort their mother in the house and steered her to the bed.
“Seems like I gotta go back to my regular job again tomorrow,” said Airin.
“I’m not letting you chok muay anymore,” said Airada. “Do you know how dangerous that is? What if something bad happens to you?”
“Oh come on, P’Da, I’ve been at it for three years now,” said Airin. “I haven’t been critically injured yet, have I?”
“Still, I won’t let you go back to it,” said Airada.
“Mee arai gin mai?” asked their mother.
“Mai mee, there’s nothing,” said Airin. “Maybe if we had some money, we could cook up something for you but no, you just had to gamble it all away.”
Airada pulled her younger sister back.
“Rin, don’t talk to Khun Mae like that,” said Airada.
“This girl isn’t my daughter, she’s more like my mother,” said Duang.
Airin put her hands on her hips.
“Well, have you ever…
“Alright, that’s enough,” said Airada. “There’s still a little bit of food left. I’ll go to the kitchen and see what I can do.”

The next morning, Airada woke up early to prepare some food for her mother and sister. However, neither of them was home. Instead, she decided to go out and continue her job hunt. Airada was about to leave the house when she noticed a note pinned on the wall next to the door. It was Airin’s handwriting.

Going out with Mom. See you later.

Airada smiled and guessed that the pair must’ve gone out on a job search too.

Breakfast that morning at the Wachiratan household was awkwardly quiet. Besides Khun Chai Akkara Wachiratan and his grandson, Wanrop, no one else were at the table. Wanrop’s parents were out of the country on a business trip, which could be understood but Wiwit was suspiciously missing.
“As far as I know, Khun Wiwit didn’t return home last night,” said Pa Morn, who was one of the maids.
Khun Chai Akkara put his cup of coffee down.
“Arai na?” he asked. “Wiwit never came back home?”
“Ka,” replied Pa Morn.
Khun Chai Akkara rolled his eyes onto Wanrop.
“Uh…I have no idea where he is,” said Wanrop quickly.
Of course he didn’t but Wanrop betted anything that Wiwit was out all night with a girl.
“Call him,” said Khun Chai Akkara, speaking directly to Wanrop.
“Uh…krub,” said Wanrop.
He was about to get up from the table and step outside to make the call but his grandfather ordered him to sit back down and place the call right there. The phone rang three or four times before Wiwit answered. However, it wasn’t Wiwit who answered the phone. An unfamiliar woman who still sounded sleepy said hello.
“Uh…may I speak to Khun Wiwit, krub?” asked Wanrop, politely.
“Khun Wiwit is still asleep,” said the woman. “May I ask who’s calling?”
Khun Chai Akkara signaled for Wanrop to hang up.
“I’m going to the company,” said Khun Chai Akkara. “Whenever Wiwit calls you back, tell him to see me in my office.”
“Krub,” replied Wanrop.
His grandfather got up and left. Wanrop gulped and he too, got up from the table. Together, they got in the car and their driver transported them to work.

Half past afternoon, Wiwit showed up at the company and was of course scolded by their grandfather.
“You lack responsibility,” said Khun Akkara, pointing at Wiwit. “You hardly ever come to work and when you do, you don’t even work. You need to restrain yourself from women and stop the late night outings.”
“Alright, from now on, I promise to come to work promptly,” said Wiwit.
“I’ve heard this way too many times,” said Khun Akkara.
There was a soft knock outside and the secretary, Khun Kwanfah, came in.
“Khun Akkara ka, Khun Pichet is outside waiting to see you,” she said.
Khun Akkara nodded and motioned for KwanFah to leave.
“If you have a guest, I’ll leave now,” said Wiwit.
“Hold on,” said Khun Akkara. “Just where do you think you’re going? Khun Pichet is here for business. You must stay here and listen to the conversation too. Perhaps, you might gain some knowledge.”
“Krub,” said Wiwit.
He took a seat on the opposite side of his grandfather at the desk. Khun Pichet came in and seated himself next to Wiwit.
“Aow, Khun Wiwit,” said Khun Pichet. “It’s surprising to see you here today. How are you doing krub?”
“I’m fine,” said Wiwit.
“Alright, let’s begin,” said Khun Akkara.
He turned to Pichet.
“How’s the communication with our business partners going?” asked Khun Akkara.
“Dee krub,” replied Khun Pichet. “Khun William and Khun Dao are very nice people. I think we should arrange for a welcoming party for them and take the opportunity to introduce them properly to our company.”
“That sounds great,” said Khun Akkara. “Wiwit, what do you think?”
“Gaw dee krub,” replied Wiwit.
“Okay, I’ll leave this event to you,” said Khun Akkara.
Wiwit’s eyes widened. Oh no. How was he, Wiwit, supposed to take care of such matter like this? Usually, Wanrop and Khun Pichet were the ones that were responsible for such events.
“Wiwit,” said Khun Akkara.
“Uh…krub,” said Wiwit.
“You’re to assist Khun Pichet in arranging this event, understood?” asked Khun Akkara.
“Krub,” replied Wiwit.
“If that’s so, let’s set the welcoming party two weeks from now,” said Khun Pichet. “Khun William and Khun Dao’s plane arrives tomorrow. We’ll go pick them up at the airport and show them their hotel. What do you think, Khun Wiwit?”
“That sounds good, krub,” answered Wiwit.
Khun Akkara smiled. Wiwit knew that his grandfather was testing him.

“Aie Rop, you have to help me,” said Wiwit. “I have a date tomorrow. I can’t go pick up Khun William and Khun Dao at the airport.”
“That’s your problem,” said Wanrop. “If you can plan a date, you can also cancel it.”
“That’s outrageous!” exclaimed Wiwit. “This woman is very important to me. I can’t just cancel my date with her.”
“So what do you want me to do?” asked Wanrop, twirling his pen.
Wanrop smiled.
“Take my place and go pick up Khun William and Khun Dao,” said Wiwit. “Na, na. Please, I beg you.”
“Mai dai!” exclaimed Wanrop. “There’s no way I’m going to do that. Khun Poo asked you to do it, not me.”
Just then, Wiwit’s phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and by the expression on his face; Wanrop knew that it was a woman calling.
“Hello, Nit ja,” said Wiwit, sweetly. “Ja, I’ll see you tonight.”
After a few more “jas”, Wiwit hung up and smiled at Wanrop.
“Don’t tell me that’s the important woman you were talking about earlier,” said Wanrop.
“Oh yes it is,” said Wiwit. “Bye, bye na ja, pee chai tee san dee.”
Wiwit left his cousin’s office and left the building.

Later that night, Airada arrived home to a surprise. Her mother, Duang, was sitting in their small living room watching TV and her sister, Airin, was nowhere in sight.
“Mae, where’s Airin?” asked Airada.
“Oy, how am I supposed to know,” said Duang. “She has legs so she must’ve gone out somewhere. Don’t worry, she’ll be back soon.”
The door swung opened and in came Airin. Airada and Duang eyed the many bags in Airin’s hands.
“Where have you been?” asked Airada.
“I bought some dinner,” replied Airin.
“Oho, did you win the lottery or something?” asked Duang. “Why did you buy so many?”
Duang grabbed the bags from her youngest daughter and began looking inside them. Airada noticed a purple spot on Airin’s left cheek and went up to her sister to take a closer look.
“You did it again, did you?” asked Airada. “Chok muay eek laew.”
“Uh, I did,” said Airin coolly. “If I didn’t do that, would we have dinner tonight?”
Airada shook her head.
“That’s good,” said Duang.
The girls turned around and looked at their mother, who was sitting on the ground, munching on the food.
“What are you waiting for?” she asked. “Sit down and eat with me. Nee, Nang Da, if Nang Rin wants to chok muay, then let her. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have food to eat. To come to think about it, she might even become a professional fighter one day.”
“Mom, have you ever thought about her safety?” asked Airada.
“Oy, she’ll be fine,” said Duang. “Mun geng. If you want to have a better life than this, find a rich husband and swindle him for his money. Then, we’ll live in luxury forever.”


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Live Love Laugh
Thank you so much for sharing your fan fiction with us.

We appreciate your time and effort na!

Is Chok muay, Thai boxing? If it is then Yaya is definitely a tomboy.

I'm liking this story very much and cannot wait to read more.


sarNie Adult
Thank you so much for sharing your fan fiction with us.

We appreciate your time and effort na!

Is Chok muay, Thai boxing? If it is then Yaya is definitely a tomboy.

I'm liking this story very much and cannot wait to read more.
Aww thanks for reading! Yes, chok muay is Thai boxing.


sarNie Adult
Chapter Two
Unwillingly and uninterested, Wiwit went to the airport to welcome Khun William and his wife, Khun Dao, anyway.
“It’s very nice to meet you,” said Khun William. “I love Thailand and am very happy to work with you.”
“Thank you,” said Wiwit. “Please make yourselves at home.”
“Daddy! Mommy!”
Everyone turned around and a young woman, smiling brightly, approached them. She took Wiwit’s breath away. Beautiful, long, light brown wavy hair and nice appealing skin tone did it for Wiwit. He stood there speechless and awestruck.
“Why didn’t you wait on me?” asked the young woman.
“Well, you said you wanted to look around the gift shop,” said Khun Dao.
Khun William chuckled.
“Khun Wiwit, Khun Pichet, krub, I’d like you to meet my daughter, Belle,” said Khun William.
When Belle laid her eyes on Wiwit, she smiled a bright smile and winked. Wiwit could’ve melted right then and there but he smiled back and held out his hand.
“Nice to meet you krub,” he said. “Welcome to Thailand.”
“Khun William, Khun Dao, you didn’t mention your daughter was coming,” said Khun Pichet. “What a surprise!”
“She decided to come with us the last minute,” said Khun William.
“You’ve made a great decision,” said Khun Pichet to Belle. “Thailand has a lot to offer. I’ll surely ask my daughter, Peach, to accompany you for a tour.”
“I’ll be looking forward to it, ka,” said Belle.
“Leave that to me krub, Khun Pichet,” said Wiwit, stepping forward.
His eyes were still on Belle.
“Alright, we can figure this out later,” said Khun Pichet. “Surely though, we won’t let you down krub, Khun Belle.”
“Thank you,” said Belle.
“Well, if we’re ready, let’s head on over to the hotel,” said Khun Pichet.
“Krub,” said Khun William.

Back at the company, Wanrop made a slideshow presentation of the new shopping complex for the meeting later that day. Just when he finished reviewing it, Wiwit burst in the office.
“Aie Rop, you won’t believe it,” said Wiwit, excitedly.
Wanrop looked up and raised one eyebrow.
“Well who broke up with you this time?” he asked.
“Mai chai,” said Wiwit. “You won’t believe who I just met!”
“Hmm…that’s a no brainer,” said Wanrop. “Khun William and Khun Dao.”
“Yeah, you’re right,” said Wiwit. “I also met their daughter, Belle.”
This seemed to catch Wanrop’s attention because he stood up with a puzzled look on his face.
“Hah?” he asked. “They have a daughter?”
“Of course they do,” replied Wiwit in a smart tone. “She is as beautiful as her name. Her hair, her skin, her legs, her figure….
“Alright, that’s too much information,” said Wanrop. “You better think about flirting with her because if you do, you better think twice. She’s the daughter of Khun William and Khun Dao, our business partners. You can’t just play her like you do other women.”
“Oh come on,” said Wiwit. “Why would I do that? I know better.”
“Well whatever you do, you better not disgrace the Wachiratan name,” said Wanrop, sitting back down.
“Yeah, I know,” said Wiwit. “Well, then I’ll see you later at the meeting then.”
“Whoa, hold up there,” said Wanrop. “Where are you going?”
“I promised Khun William and Khun Dao that I would be taking their daughter around for a tour of the city,” replied Wiwit.
“Don’t you think that’s a bit too fast?” asked Wanrop. “They just got here. Let them rest. Plus, they’ve got a meeting to attend later.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot,” said Wiwit.

Airin knew that her sister, Airada, would be furious with her. At the same time, she knew Airada cared and was worried. Of course, boxing isn’t the most suitable job for a tiny, young woman but Airin didn’t have a choice. Besides, she likes boxing and loves the fact that it can support her family.
“P’Da, please don’t be mad at me,” begged Airin. “I did what I did because we needed the money to help Mom.”
Airada was silent. She even refused to turn to face her sister.
“P’Da, talk to me,” said Airin, tugging her sister’s arm. “I’ll be very careful na ka. I know what I’m doing. Can’t you just trust me?”
Finally, Airada gave in.
“You say you know what you’re doing and getting into,” began Airada. “But do you know how I feel about you getting hurt? Just look at that bruise on your face. It hurts me to see you getting hurt.”
Airin hugged her sister and apologized.
“Promise me you will never go boxing again,” said Airada.
Airin frowned.
“Ka,” she said sadly.
“Nang Rin, Nang Da!”
“It’s Pa Waew next door,” said Airin.
Together, they went out to see Pa Waew at the gate.
“Nang Rin, Nang Da, what’re you two doing?” asked Pa Waew. “Don’t you know your mother, Nang Duang is in trouble at the gambling hall?”
Airin and Airada exchanged looks. Panicking, they thanked Pa Waew for the news and hurried to their mother at the gambling hall. As soon as they got there, they were led to a room, where their mother was tied to a chair. Two massive guys stood on guard on opposite sides and the gambling hall’s owner, Sia Decha was standing there smirking with his arms folded.
“Release my mother!” shouted Airin.
“Not so fast nong sao,” said Sia Decha. “Your mother owes me some money.”
“How much?” asked Airada.
Sia Decha held up six fingers.
“Six thousand?” asked Airin.
“Are you crazy?” asked Sia Decha. “Six million.”
“Six million!” gasped Airada and Airin simultaneously.
“He’s lying!” yelled Duang.
“Shut up!” shouted Sia Decha.
“Are you kidding?!” asked Airin. “Where the hell are we going to find that much money?”
“If you don’t have the knowledge to find that much money, I’ll take one of you as my mia noi,” said Sia Decha.
He and his men laughed loudly. Angry and losing patience with the thugs in front of her, Airin stepped forward. She was just about to kick Sia Decha but Airada grabbed her back.
“Rin, don’t do that,” said Airada. “There’s no way you can beat him.”
“Go ahead Rin,” said Duang. “You have my permission to beat the fat out of him.”
“I like you,” said Sia Decha pointing at the sisters.
“You fat crazy asshole!” shouted Airin. “I will never lower myself and be your mia noi.”
Sia Decha shook his head.
“Not you,” he said. “Who would want a tomboy like you? I was pointing to your sister.”
“If you touch her, I’ll murder you and chop you pieces,” said Airin. “Then, I’ll feed your flesh to the dogs near my house.”
Airada held her angry sister back.
“Alright, we’ll repay you,” said Airada. “But, you have to give us some time. Six million baht is a lot of money and we there is no way we can get our hands on that much money with so little time.”
“Are you crazy Nang Da?” asked Duang. “Where are you going to find that much money?”
“I’ll give you two months,” said Sia Decha.
“Make that three months,” said Airin.
“Two months,” said Sia Decha.
“Three months,” said Airada. “Within three months, I’ll repay you with every baht and every satang.”
“For you my darling, I’ll give you three months,” said Sia Decha.
“Release my mother then,” said Airin.
“Release that woman,” said Sia Decha to his men.

After the meeting at the company, Khun Akkara invited his guests and business partners to dinner. It was at the dinner table when Wiwit’s phone interrupted the ambient atmosphere.
“Excuse me na krub,” he said politely.
“No need to,” said Khun Akkara.
He instructed his grandson to sit back down.
“You must not be rude in front of our guests,” said Khun Akkara.
“Krub,” said Wiwit, putting his phone on silent.
Dinner carried on. When his grandfather wasn’t looking, Wiwit checked his missed call. It turned out he also had several unattended text messages…from Nit and Mon!

When they returned home at night, Khun Akkara instructed Wiwit to take a seat in the living room. Wiwit did as he was told and curiosity overtook him.
“Is there something you want to talk to me about?” Wiwit asked his grandfather.
“I want you to get married,” said Khun Akkara.
Wiwit stood up.
“I’m not ready to get married,” said Wiwit.
“You’re ready to do anything,” said Khun Akkara. “You can’t just go out all the time and have different women cling on to you each day.”
“Well what does that have to do with me getting married?” asked Wiwit. “I have to go through a lot of different women until I find the right one.”
Khun Akkara shook his head.
“Your method of dating is unacceptable,” said Khun Akkara. “Your behavior is unacceptable. What you need to do is settle down. Perhaps, after you get married, your bad behavior will change.”
“Well who do you want me to marry?” asked Wiwit.
He crossed his fingers for Belle.
“Khun Pichet’s daughter, Peach,” replied Khun Akkara.
“Arai na krub?” asked Wiwit. “No, I can’t marry her. We’re just friends.”
“Your friendship will turn into love,” said Khun Akkara. “Noo Peach is a very lovely young woman.”
“No, I can’t…
“I’ve already decided and that’s final,” said Khun Akkara.
Wiwit was doomed. If he marries, he will lose his freedom. He didn’t want to marry anyone…just yet.

It was Saturday morning and as usual, Wiwit slept in. He was just dreaming of Belle when Wanrop interrupted by knocking loudly at the door.
“What do you want?” asked Wiwit, lazily.
He yawned and collapsed back on the bed.
“Get up and get ready,” said Wanrop.
“For what?” asked Wiwit. “It’s Saturday.”
“Go survey that marketplace area with me,” said Wanrop. “The area that we’re planning to build the new shopping complex.”
“Why can’t you just go by yourself?” asked Wiwit.
“Oh come on,” said Wanrop. “Unless you want to stay home and look forward to get scolded by Khun Poo…
“Yeah, I’ll go,” said Wiwit finally.

“Six million baht,” said Airin. “Where are we going to find that much money?”
“Oh come on,” said Duang. “It’s not hard as you think.”
“Oh so you think it’s that easy?” asked Airin. “Do you think six million baht will just fall from the sky and land right in front of us?”
“Chai,” said Duang. “Oy, use your brains. Go out, find a rich guy, make him your husband and there’s six million right there. Who knows, he could be richer than that.”
“Mae!” exclaimed Airin. “This isn’t the time for jokes. We’re trying to help you resolve your debt. If you’re not going to help us think of a plan, then don’t even bother to open your mouth to speak.”
“That’s enough, Rin,” said Airada. “I’m sure we’ll come up with something.”
“Oy, seng!” exclaimed Airin. “I’m going out to get some fresh air.”
Airada followed her sister out. Before they got to the busy intersection at the marketplace, a luxurious car braked abruptly in front of them. The hood of the car was a few inches from Airin’s knees. Furious, Airin kicked the front bumper of the car.
“Are you crazy?!” she yelled out. “Get out here and talk to me you reckless driver!”
“Rin, calm down, they didn’t even hit us,” said Airada.
Wiwit and Wanrop stepped out of the car.
“She’s talking to you man,” said Wanrop to Wiwit. “She seems fierce too.”
“Well are you going to apologize or what?” asked Airin.
“Apologize for what?” asked Wiwit. “I didn’t even hit you.”
“Rin,” said Airada, pulling her sister back a little further.
Airada knew her sister well. When it came to situations like this, things tend to get physical and sometimes violent.
“Oh, I know just what to do,” said Wiwit.
He pulled out his wallet and handed Airin a few hundred thousand baht.
“Here you go,” said Wiwit. “Now get out of my way.”
“Just because you’re rich, you shouldn’t resolve this issue by giving us your money,” said Airada. “We don’t need it.”
“Chai,” said Airin. “Unless you have six million to spare, apologize and get out of my face!”
“Six million?” asked Wiwit and Wanrop simultaneously.
“We didn’t even hit you,” said Wanrop.
“Well at least apologize for recklessly driving in to this street,” said Airin. “Just look at this narrow path, there isn’t even a road for cars. How can you just drive through here with all these people around?”
“Alright,” said Wanrop. “I’m sorry. We just came here for business. We’ve never been down here before so we didn’t know.”
“Rin, have some manners,” said Airada. “That guy just apologized so let’s just end it.”
“No,” said Airin. “He’s not the driver. I’m referring to that weak face guy next to him.”
“Hey, that’s too much!” exclaimed Wiwit. “I’m not going to put up with you anymore. If you’re daring, let’s take it to the police station.”
“Let’s go then!” yelled Airin.
Wanrop tugged Wiwit’s arm.
“That’s enough,” said Wanrop. “Let’s not cause trouble for Khun Poo.”
“Not daring enough?” asked Airin.
“Aie Rop, let me go,” said Wiwit. “Let me rape this tomboy so she’ll learn her lesson. Perhaps, it’ll turn her into a woman.”
“Enough is enough,” said Wanrop. “Don’t forget we have business to tend to. Let’s go.”
Wiwit did not move. His eyes were still on Airin.
“Now!” yelled Wanrop.
He pulled Wiwit into the car and backed out of the marketplace.


sarNie Adult
I added Marie Broenner to the cast to make things more enjoyable. Her character is supposed to fall for Wiwit (Nadech), along with Mon (Gubgib), Nit (Noey), and of course Airin (Yaya).
Hope you all enjoy!


sarNie Adult
Chapter Three

A few days later, Khun Akkara invited Khun Pichet and his daughter, Peach, over for dinner. Peach was a few years younger than Wiwit and Wanrop. When they were younger, they used to play together. Wiwit’s parents used to joke with Peach’s parents about becoming in laws. Now, it seemed like their joke is getting serious.
“We’ll arrange the wedding as soon as Wiwit’s parents and Prasoot return from America,” said Khun Akkara.
“I’m sure Peach’s mother will be overjoyed to know about this too,” said Khun Pichet.
His wife had passed away a few years back due to illness. At the time, Peach was only in her early teens.
“Khun Poo, krub, I have a headache,” said Wiwit. “May I excuse myself to bed?”
“Go ahead,” said Khun Akkara.
Wiwit and Wanrop were surprised. Usually, their grandfather didn’t allow early excuses from the dinner table especially when they had guests.
“Well, we should get going too,” said Khun Pichet to his daughter. “You’ll need plenty of rest to take Khun Belle sightseeing tomorrow.”
“Ka,” replied Peach.

After Khun Pichet and his daughter left, Wiwit went to Wanrop’s room and knocked on the door.
“I thought you had a headache,” said Wanrop.
He sat back down on the bed and continued reading his book. Wiwit slumped next to his cousin and grabbed the book from him.
“Hey,” said Wanrop with an annoyed look.
“Man, I don’t know what to do,” said Wiwit. “You gotta help me out.”
“How am I supposed to help you escape your arranged wedding?” asked Wanrop, snatching his book back from Wiwit.
“Man, you’re useless,” said Wiwit. “You can’t help me with anything.”
“Hey, I helped get out of trouble the other day at the marketplace,” said Wanrop. “If it weren’t for me, Khun Poo would’ve had a fit with you.”
“Damn, don’t even mention that day,” said Wiwit. “That little tomboy girl! You should’ve let me teach her a lesson! What was she thinking asking for six million?!”
“Uh chai,” said Wanrop. “To come to think of it, she sounded really confident and desperate too.”
“She’s crazy,” said Wiwit. “If I meet her again, I’m surely going to teach her a lesson.”
“Good luck with that,” said Wanrop. “Just don’t drag me into your troubles again. I’m not helping you out anymore. If Khun Poo finds out, he’ll be pissed.”
“Look, if you’re going to talk about this, I’m going to bed,” said Wiwit. “I’m so tired of hearing the same thing over and over.”
Wiwit got up and left Wanrop’s room. Shaking his head, Wanrop closed his bedroom door and went to sleep.

The next morning, Wiwit woke up and left before anyone else was awake. He wanted to go somewhere and relieve himself from stress. His phone rang and Wiwit answered it immediately.
“Hello Mon,” he said.
“Why didn’t you answer my calls and texts the other day?” asked Mon, on the other line.
She sounded very angry.
“I was working,” said Wiwit. “I was going to answer but Khun Poo wouldn’t let me. He made me silence my phone.”
“Jing ler?” asked Mon.
“Krub,” replied Wiwit. “Why would I lie to you? I’ve been so busy these past few days that I haven’t had the time to go out anywhere.”
“I’ll believe you for once,” said Mon. “Well where are you now?”
“In the car,” replied Wiwit. “If you want, we can go out today.”
“Okay,” said Mon. “See you later.”

“Are you sure about this?” Airada asked her sister.
“Sure I am,” replied Airin. “It’s better than doing nothing at all. There are lots of stores in the mall and I’m sure at least one of them are hiring. Who knows? I might land myself a job.”
“If that’s so, I’ll go with you,” said Airada. “Perhaps, I might find a job too.”

After their lunch that afternoon, Wiwit and Mon decided to do a little shopping.
“We haven’t been out like this in a while,” said Mon.
Wiwit smiled.
“Are you not mad at me anymore?” asked Wiwit.
“Me?” asked Mon. “Mad at you? Of course not. I don’t know why but I always have to yield to you all the time. Just promise me you won’t get involved with other women.”
“Krub,” said Wiwit. “I promise.”
Mon turned around to look at a rack of clothes and Wiwit rolled his eyes. It if weren’t for his boredom, he wouldn’t have bothered to hang out with her. At the same time, Wiwit wondered why Nit hadn’t called.

After paying for a couple of dresses, Mon whined that she was thirsty so they went to a nearby coffee shop. Wiwit ordered Mon’s favorite, iced mocha with extra whip cream. He put the bags in his hand on the floor without looking down to pay the vendor.
Wiwit looked up and pointed at the tomboy girl in front of him.
“You!” he exclaimed. “What are you doing here? Have you been stalking me?”
“Are you crazy?!” Airin bellowed back. “Go look at yourself in the mirror. Who would want to follow a weak faced guy like you?!”
“You little…
“Wit, what’s going on?” asked Mon, appearing next to Wiwit.
“Rin, let’s go,” said Airada, not wanting to cause trouble.
Airin ignored her sister and continued going off on Wiwit.
“This time you’d better apologize to me!” she exclaimed.
“Apologize for what?” asked Mon. “Wit, who is this woman?”
“You mean tomboy?” asked Wiwit. “She’s crazy.”
“You’re crazy!” shouted Airin. “So are you going to apologize or what?”
“No, I won’t,” said Wiwit.
“Wit, just apologize to his kid and let’s go,” said Mon.
Wiwit gave Mon the are-you-freakin-kidding-look. Just then, Wanrop, Peach, and Belle appeared on the scene.
“What’s going on?” asked Wanrop.
He noticed the sisters, Airin and Airada standing there. Airin was fuming with anger. Wanrop must’ve sensed it because he turned to look at Wiwit.
“Just tell her you’re sorry man,” he told Wiwit. “Really, how hard is it to say sorry?”
“It’s not hard to say but this little tomboy doesn’t deserve the word sorry from me,” said Wiwit.
“Alright, I’ll take it as my fault,” said Airada. “I’m sorry for all of this including the incident from last time.”
Everyone turned to Airada.
“P’Da, are you crazy?” asked Airin. “Why did you apologize for? You didn’t do anything wrong.”
“I don’t care who’s at fault,” said Airada. “If someone has to apologize, let that be me. Let this be over.”
“Khun krub, you really…
“You needn’t say anything else,” said Airada to Wanrop. “Airin, let’s go.”
Airada pulled her sister away. Wanrop asked Peach and Belle to wait at the spot while he ran after Airada and Airin.
“Khun krub!” yelled Wanrop.
Airada and Airin had just reached the parking lot when Wanrop caught up with them. They came to halt and turned to Wanrop.
“Khun krub, I’m so sorry for everything,” said Wanrop. “I’d like to apologize for my cousin, Wiwit.”
“Mai pen rai ka,” said Airada. “Thank you for understanding. It’s not totally his fault. My little sister is at fault too.”
“Aow, P’Rin, how could you say that?” asked Airin.
“Quiet, Rin,” said Airada. “Thank you again na ka. We have to go now.”
“Wait,” said Wanrop. “Here’s my card. If you ever need anything or any help, just give me a call na krub. Take it as an apology from me and Wiwit.”
Airada accepted the card and thanked Wanrop.

“Khun Wanrop, is everything okay?” asked Peach.
“Krub,” replied Wanrop.
“I don’t get it,” said Wiwit. “Why do you have to go after them?”
“Mai mee arai,” replied Wanrop.
Wiwit looked from his cousin to Peach to Belle. Belle! Wiwit was so mad that he didn’t even realize Belle showed up.
“Well, how are you liking Thailand so far?” he asked Belle.
“Dee ka,” replied Belle. “I’ve had a lot fun thanks to Khun Wanrop and Peach.”
“It’s my pleasure,” said Peach. “You’re my friend.”
“Wit ka, let’s go,” said Mon. “I’m not in the mood to shop anymore.”
Mon dragged Wiwit away. His eyes were still on Belle.

After dropping Mon back off at her condo, Wiwit went to the company. Then, he went straight to Wanrop’s office.
“Aie Rop, what are you doing?” asked Wiwit. “I just don’t get it. You were out with both Peach and Belle.”
“Why are you jealous?” asked Wanrop jokingly.
“No,” replied Wiwit. “Out of all the places in Krungthep, you just had to take them to that mall.”
“Well, how am I supposed to know you there with your girlfriend?” asked Wanrop. “Plus those two sisters.”
“Will you step mentioning that bad ass tomboy girl for one minute?” asked Wiwit.
Wanrop laughed.
“Oy, I’m about to die of laughter,” said Wanrop, still laughing. “That scene at the mall earlier is better than any lakorn I’ve seen.”
“I’m serious,” Wiwit blurted. “Will you stop laughing now?”
“Are you afraid Khun Belle will dislike you because of the incident earlier?” asked Wanrop. “Or is it Peach?”
“Look, you know I don’t like Peach,” said Wiwit. “I see her nothing more than a sister.”
“Hmm…now that you mention it, I’m beginning to wonder too,” began Wanrop. “Khun Peach didn’t seem to be bothered by the sight of you and Khun Mon. I guess she doesn’t care that you already have a girlfriend.”
“Geez, it’s not Peach that I’m worried about,” said Wiwit. “It’s Khun Belle!”
“Alright, alright,” said Wanrop. “So you burst into my office just to go off on me about this matter?”
“Yeah, I’m serious about it too,” said Wiwit. “I’m about to go crazy. Do you know what it feels like when you’re forced to marry someone you don’t love?”
Wanrop shook his head and pointed a finger at Wiwit.
“You, my brother, don’t even know the meaning of love,” said Wanrop.
Bam! That ought to shut him up. Wiwit sat there speechless.

Airada looked at the card in her hand.
“Wanrop Wachiratan,” she read.
“So he’s the grandson of Khun Akkara Wachiratan, the owner of Wachiratan Construction Company then?”
Airada looked behind her. Airin was peering over her shoulder.
“When did you get here?” asked Airada.
“Just a little while ago,” replied Airin, drying her hair with the towel in her hands.
She had just gotten out of the shower.
“That other doofus must be related to him then,” said Airin.
“What other doofus?” asked Airada.
“That weak faced guy,” answered Airin.
“Nee, can I ask you something?” asked Airada. “Next time you see him, try to be nice.”
“That all depends on whether he ticks me off or not,” said Airin.
Airada shook her head and continued looking at the card. Suddenly, a bright idea came to her mind.
“Rin!” said Airada excitedly.
“Arai P’Da,” said Airin.
“I have an idea!” exclaimed Airada. “I think I can get a job.”
Airin pulled the towel off and jerked her head in the direction of her sister.
“Really?” asked Airin. “How?”
Airada held up Wanrop’s card.
“I think I’m going to try and ask him for a job,” said Airada.
“No,” said Airin. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I don’t want to work with that Wiwit guy.”
“You don’t have to if you don’t want,” said Airada. “I’m going to give it a try tomorrow.”
Airin made a disgusted face.
“Whatever,” said Airin. “As long as I don’t have to meet that guy anymore.”

Airada wasn’t kidding about getting a job at the Wachiratan Construction Company. By the time Airin woke up next morning, her sister was already gone. Airin guessed Airada must’ve gone to the Wachiratan company. Not wanting to disappoint her sister, Airin decided to go looking for money but the only thing she could think of doing was get back to boxing. She threw on her boxing outfit and left the house.
Just as she turned the corner into the deserted street, Airin noticed two hoodlums beating up a wealthy looking guy. Airin grabbed her fists and charged forward. After a few punches and kicks, the hoodlums ran away. The victim was curled up on the ground in a fetal position.
“Khun, are you alright?” asked Airin.
The guy looked up and Airin recognized him at once.
“You again?!” exclaimed Airin. “What are you doing here this time?”
Wiwit got up, his hand still clutching his stomach. He put another hand over his mouth, which was bleeding and sore.
“Som num naa,” said Airin.
Wiwit looked at Airin.
“You must be very satisfied now to see me all beaten up,” said Wiwit.
“That serves you right,” said Airin. “What are you doing here in the first place?”
“I have business to do here,” replied Wiwit. “I was on my way to the marketplace but I got lost. Then, those two hoodlums jumped out of nowhere and robbed me. Now, I have to put up with you…again.”
“Come here,” said Airin, pulling him closer to her to examine his busted lip.
Wiwit stared deep into her eyes.
“Looks okay,” said Airin. “Not a big deal. Nothing is broken. Just a little busted lip.”
“Oho, how can you say that?” asked Wiwit. “Don’t you see me bleeding?”
“Stop being a baby,” said Airin. “I get busted lips all the time.”
Wiwit stared at her from head to toe. He finally realized she was a wearing a boxing outfit.
“You’re a boxer?” he asked.
Airin nodded slightly.
“Just occasionally,” she replied. “Come with me. I’ll fix you up.”

Airin led Wiwit to her house and cleaned up his bruises.
“You can be nice when you want to huh?” he asked, after she bandaged his forehead.
Airin ignored him.
“So why are you an occasional boxer?” asked Wiwit.
“Because I’m not rich like you,” said Airin.
“What does that mean?” asked Wiwit.
Airin went to fetch him a glass of water and handed it to him.
“It means I’m in debt,” said Airin.
“You? In debt?” asked Wiwit. “That’s unusual. Did you lose a match and end up owing your opponent money?”
Wiwit laughed.
“What’s so funny?” asked Airin. “Of course it’s unusual for wealthy people like you.”
“Well how much is your debt?” asked Wiwit. “As a thank you, I’ll repay your debt for you.”
“Oy, mai tong,” said Airin. “Just don’t let me run into you again. Every time I see you, something bad happens.”
“Look, I’m trying to be nice since you saved my life,” said Wiwit.
“I didn’t know it was you,” said Airin. “If I knew, I wouldn’t have saved you.”
“Alright, whatever,” said Wiwit. “You saved my life anyway so I must repay you somehow. I hate owing people their kindness. Just tell me how much your debt is.”
Airin held up six fingers.
“Six thousand?” asked Wiwit.
“Mai chai,” replied Airin. “Six million.”
Wiwit stood up with a shock on his face.
“Six million!” he exclaimed. “How is boxing going to earn you six million?”
“I don’t know,” said Airin. “At least it gets me somewhere.”
Wiwit thought for a moment.
“I can give you six million,” he said.
“Really?!” asked Airin. “Oho, I can’t believe your life is worth this much.”
“I’m worth much more than that na ya,” said Wiwit. “Like I said, I can give you six million but there’s one condition.”
“Yeah? What is that?” asked Airin.
“You must marry me,” said Wiwit.
“What are you…
“Hold on,” said Wiwit. “I’m not finished. You must marry me and be my fake wife.”
“Fake wife?” asked Airin. “Okay, I agree.”
They shook hands and settled upon their agreement.


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Thanks again for the quick updates!

This story is getting better and better. Wow, Airin is one tough cookie and Wiwit better watchs out!

I so cannot wait to see how their marriage life would be like. Good thing, Airin is a tough and feisty gal because she will have to deal with many of Wiwit's girlfriends.

I have a feeling this fake marriage will not be that peaceful...

:dance2: :dance2: :dance2: :dance1: :dance1: :dance1:


sarNie Adult
Thanks again for the quick updates!

This story is getting better and better. Wow, Airin is one tough cookie and Wiwit better watchs out!

I so cannot wait to see how their marriage life would be like. Good thing, Airin is a tough and feisty gal because she will have to deal with many of Wiwit's girlfriends.

I have a feeling this fake marriage will not be that peaceful...

:dance2: :dance2: :dance2: :dance1: :dance1: :dance1:
Thanks for reading na ka! I'm glad you like it! My first fanfic was initially Dao Duang Mai but I like the plot of this fanfic better so I might end up dropping the first one. If not, I'll just put it off til later after I finish this one.


sarNie Adult
Chapter Four

“Get married?!” asked Airada and Duang in both shock and amazement.
“Which ill fated guy asked you to marry him?” asked Duang.
“Toh Mae,” said Airada. “This ill fated guy is going to help pay off your six million baht debt.”
“Oho, jeng wa,” said Duang.
Airin pinched Airada.
“Ow!” exclaimed Airin. “What did you pinch me for?”
“Stop kidding,” said Airada.
“I’m not kidding P’Da,” said Airin. “You won’t believe who that guy is.”
“Who is it?” asked Airada.
Airin smiled.
“You know him too,” said Airin.
“Rin, quit joking and tell me the truth,” said Airada.
“Oy, it doesn’t matter who she’s marrying,” said Duang. “As long as she can swindle some money from him.”
“Mae, we’re not going to swindle anybody,” said Airada.
“Who says?” asked Airin. “I was planning to swindle a couple of millions from him for pissing me off last two times.”
“Geng jung,” said Duang. “You’re really getting smarter Nang Rin.”
“Rin, don’t tell me the guy is…
“Wiwit Wachiratan!” exclaimed Airin.
“Are you serious?” asked Duang. “Isn’t he the grandson of that Akkara Wachiratan guy that owns that construction company?”
“Chai,” replied Airin. “He’s very rich Mom.”
Duang clapped her hands together and gazed dreamily.
“Awesome!” said Duang. “I’m going to be rich.”
“I’m not letting you marry him for money,” said Airada, looking at her sister.
“Why not?” asked Airin. “He was the one who asked me to marry him. I saved his life and he offered to repay me. Besides, we can swindle millions from him and even repay Mom’s debt.”
“Nee Nang Da, if Nang Rin wants to marry this Wiwit guy, then let her,” said Duang. “That way, we’ll become poo dee and rise up to the hi-so status.”
Duang gave Airin a kiss and smiled.
“Geng jung look Mae,” she said. “I’m going to bed now. If you two still want to quarrel go ahead but just keep it at a low so you won’t disturb my sweet dreams of being rich.”
“Good night na ja Mae,” said Airin.
Duang waved good night and blew kisses and her daughters then went off to sleep. When they were in their bedroom, Airada shot several questions at Airin.
“Rin, you shouldn’t marry Khun Wiwit for his money,” said Airada.
“Oh come on Miss Angel, stop being a nang’ek,” said Airin. “He ticked us off before and today, I even saved his life. If he wants to repay us, then let him. Besides, I’m just going to be his fake wife.”
“Hah?” asked Airada. “Fake wife?”
Airin nodded.
“Don’t let Mom know that though,” she said. “If she knows, she can accidentally expose me one day.”
“Okay,” said Airada. “If you’ve already made up your mind, then be it. Just be careful.”
“I know na,” said Airin. “Oh, how about that job at the Wachiratan Construction Company? Did you get it?”
Airada shook her head and lied down.
“I didn’t even get to meet Khun Wanrop today,” said Airada. “His secretary said he wasn’t in his office.”
“That doesn’t matter anyway now,” said Airin. “As soon as I marry that dumb guy, I can have all the money I want.”
“I have a bad feeling about this,” said Airada.
“Toh, P’Da, it’s gonna be okay na,” said Airin. “Now let’s go to sleep. I have to get my beauty’s rest because that guy is going to introduce me to his grandfather tomorrow.”

“Hah? Are you kidding me?” asked Wanrop, after Wiwit told him about his marriage agreement with Airin. “You hate her more than anything else in the world but you asked to marry her?”
“You just watch,” began Wiwit. “After the wedding, I’m going to torture her for embarrassing me in public the last two times.”
“It’s not worth it,” said Wanrop.
“Of course it is,” said Wiwit. “She needs money and I need to escape from Peach. On top of all that, I get to torture her. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. It’s the perfect plan!”

Next morning at breakfast, everyone was happy to know that Khun Akkarat, Khun Napa, and Khun Prasoot were returning home soon. Khun Akkarat and Khun Napa were Wiwit’s parents and Khun Prasoot was Wanrop’s father. A couple of months back, they went on a business trip to America. Wiwit was excited to learn his parents were coming home soon.
“I can’t wait to introduce them to my girlfriend,” said Wiwit.
Khun Akkara looked up from his plate.
“What girlfriend?” asked Khun Akkara. “You’re to marry Noo Peach.”
“But I already have a girlfriend,” said Wiwit. “I was afraid to tell you this at first because I knew you’d be mad. Now, I’ve made up my mind that I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman. Mom and Dad would surely love her.”
“Who is she?” asked Khun Akkara.
“Her name is Airin,” replied Wiwit.
“Who are her parents?” asked Khun Akkara.
“Her parents are dead,” replied Wiwit. “It doesn’t matter if she’s hi-so or not, I love her.”
“I don’t care if she’s rich or not, I just wanted to know who her parents are,” said Khun Akkara. “Well how long have you been dating?”
Khun Akkara took a sip of his coffee while Wiwit made up a quick lie.
“Two years,” said Wiwit.
“Wow man, you’ve been hiding her for two years?” asked Wanrop, smirking.
“This means you’ve never seen her either,” said Khun Akkara to Wanrop.
“Krub, she’s very…
Wiwit kicked Wanrop under the table.
“Uh, I meant to say, I’ve never seen her but she must be lovely,” said Wanrop.
Wiwit winked at Wanrop. Khun Akkara smiled.
“I’d like to meet her,” he said. “When do you plan on introducing her?”
Wiwit thought for a moment.
“I think the most suitable time would be when Mom and Dad gets back,” said Wiwit. “Then, everyone will get to know her…properly.”
“You know this might upset Khun Pichet and Noo Peach a bit but I’ll explain to them,” said Khun Akkara.
“Krub,” said Wiwit. “Khob jai Khun Poo mak na krub.”

Later that day, Peach called Wiwit and asked to meet him at a café. Wiwit agreed so he could talk to her about their wedding complications. After the call, Wiwit assumed that she must’ve known about the wedding cancellation already.
“You must know about it already right?” asked Wiwit.
“Ka,” replied Peach. “Don’t worry about it though; I’m not upset. I wasn’t prepared to get married anyway. I’ve always looked up to you as an elder brother figure.”
“Really?” asked Wiwit. “You don’t mind? Wow, I’ve always seen you as a lovely younger sister too. I didn’t want to break your heart so I might as well tell you now.”
Peach smiled.
“There’s no need to worry then,” she said.
“I’m glad you understand,” said Wiwit. “Come on, let’s go for a walk in the mall. As an elder brother, I want to take you, my lovely younger sister, shopping.”
They both stood up from the table and hugged.
Wiwit turned around and saw Nit storming towards him.
“Who is this girl?”asked Nit.
“Where did you come from?” asked Wiwit.
“Answer my question!” declared Nit. “Who is this girl?”
“She’s my younger sister,” replied Wiwit.
“You’re lying,” said Nit. “You don’t even have a younger sister. Tell me the truth.”
“I’m not lying,” said Wiwit, calmly. “This is Khun Picha, or Peach. She’s like a younger sister to me. There’s nothing between us.”
“Gaw dee ka,” said Nit, pulling Wiwit away from Peach.
“P’Wit, if you’re going to get married, you’d better clear things up with your ex girlfriends,” said Peach.
“Arai na ka,” said Nit. “You’re getting married? I thought you said she’s like your younger sister.”
“Chai,” said Peach. “P’Wit is getting married but not with me. He’s marrying another woman…who also isn’t you.”
“Nang nee!” exclaimed Nit.
She raised her hand to slap Peach but Wiwit held her back.
“Stop it, Nit!” yelled Wiwit. “I’m getting married soon so you might as well leave me alone.”
Nit struck Wiwit across the face and left the café.
“Are you okay?” asked Peach.
“I’m alright,” answered Wiwit. “I just hope she understands.”

Airada and Duang returned from the marketplace and put their bags down. Airin was in the living room watching a lakorn their little TV.
“You’re still here?” asked Duang.
“Where do you expect me to be?” asked Airin, quickly glancing up at her mother and then back to the TV.
“I thought your hi-so husband to be was going to pick you up,” said Duang.
Airada shook her head and carried the bags of food they had just bought to the kitchen.
“He said so but he didn’t say what time,” said Airin.
Duang put her hands on her hips.
“Well go get yourself ready!” she exclaimed.
“Nee, Mae!” shouted Airin. “What’s wrong with you? How can you just come in and annoy me like this? I don’t have to get ready for anyone.”
“Nang nee,” said Duang, raising her hand to slap her daughter.
Airin got up and pointed to her jaw.
“Aow loey Mae,” said Airin. “Go ahead and slap me right here.”
Duang put her hand down and walked into the kitchen with a disturbed look on her face. Then, a few minutes later she reappeared in the living room and headed for the door.
“Mae, where are you going?” asked Airin.
“Pai lhong toon,” replied Duang.
“I’m not letting you go,” said Airada, appearing next to them.
“Aow na,” said Duang. “I’m not going to the gambling hall. I’m going to a friend’s house.”
“Mai dai,” said Airin. “That’s even worse. What if you people get caught by the police?”
“Don’t worry,” said Duang. “We’ve been at it so many times and polices have never shown up. It’ll be fine.”
“They’ll show up sooner or later,” said Airada. “What if you get busted? Don’t forget you’re also in a six million debt.”
“Oy, don’t worry about that,” said Duang. “Nang Rin is about to marry a rich guy. We’ll have unlimited money at our fingertips.”
“Mae, it doesn’t go like that,” said Airin.
“Whatever,” said Duang. “I’m going now.”
Despite the warnings her daughters give her, Duang always gets her way. Now, all they hoped for was for their mother to return home safe and not drunk.

Wiwit arrived to pick up Airin around three that day. When he got there, Airada opened the gate for him to go inside. Airin was not home.
“Is there only two of you living here?” he asked, taking a good look around their crammed front yard.
Airada shook her head and smiled.
“Mai ka,” she replied politely. “We also live with our mother.”
“Your mother?” asked Wiwit. “Is she inside the house?”
“No she isn’t,” answered Airada. “She just went to a friend’s house while ago.”
“P’Da! P’Da!”
Airada and Wiwit went outside the gate to see Airin running towards them.
“Where have you been?” asked Airada. “Khun Wiwit is here to pick you up now.”
“Never mind that,” said Airin, gasping for breath. “Mom…Mom is at the police station!”
“Arai na?!” asked Airada and Wiwit simultaneously.
“I was thinking to come home and get some money to bail her out,” said Airin.
Airin was about to go inside when Wiwit pulled her back out.
“Hold on,” said Wiwit.
Airin pushed him away.
“This is none of your business,” said Airin. “She’s not your mother so you’re not anxious as I am.”
“Rin,” said Airada. “Be polite.”
Wiwit smiled.
“But she’s my future mother in law,” said Wiwit. “And you’re going to be my future wife.”
This seemed to calm Airin down.
“Now what are you just standing there dumbly for?” asked Wiwit. “Let’s go to the police station.”
Together, they went to the police station in Wiwit’s car. It turns out, Duang’s bail wasn’t as much as they expected. When Wiwit saw Duang being escorted out, he rushed up to her immediately.
“Khun Mae, krub,” he said smiling. “Are you okay krub? No need to worry; I’ve taken care of everything already.”
Duang looked at him confused.
“I didn’t know I had a son,” said Duang.
“Mae!” exclaimed Airin.
“Mae krub, I’m Wiwit krub,” said Wiwit. “I’m your future son in law.”
Airada couldn’t help but to laugh.
“Oy, you’re Wiwit Wachiratan?” asked Duang in amazement.
She put her arms around him.
“What a lovely young man,” she said. “You’re handsome too.”
“Mae!” exclaimed Airin for the second time.
“Arai, Nang Rin,” said Duang. “Can’t you have some manners in front of Khun Wiwit?”
“Oh it’s okay krub,” said Wiwit. “I’m used to it.”
He winked at Airin.
“Alright, let’s go home now,” said Airada.

On the way home, Wiwit told Duang to sit in front with him. When Duang said she was hungry, he offered to take her to a restaurant. Airada and Airin had never seen their mother so happy but Airin was getting really annoyed by Wiwit.
Wiwit pulled up into an American restaurant. After parking, he even opened the doors for his passengers.
“Come on, Mae,” said Wiwit, holding his arm out to escort Duang. “This place has really good food. I assure that you will love it!”
“Oho, it looks like a poo dee place,” said Duang.
“Chai krub,” said Wiwit. “It suits you, Khun Mae.”
“Nee, aren’t you a little ashamed of yourself for calling someone else’s mother Mae?” asked Airin.
Duang pinched her daughter.
“Be nice to your future husband,” she said. “I’m his future mother in law so it’s right for him to call me Mae.”
Airin shook her head and went inside the restaurant. Inside, while they were waiting to be seated, Wiwit took a quick glance around. Then, a familiar face caught his eyes. Wiwit picked up a menu and put it over his face. Luckily, they were seated on the opposite side of the restaurant…away from his grandfather, Khun Chai Akkara Wachiratan!


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sarNie Adult
Chapter Five

For the next couple of days, Duang’s favorite subject to talk about was Wiwit. Everything was Wiwit. Wiwit this. Wiwit that. Airin was so annoyed by it that she refused to stay in the same room with her mother whenever she talked about Wiwit.
After dropping them off that day after dinner, Wiwit promised Duang that he would soon introduce Airin to his family whenever his parents returned from America. Of course, Duang was very thrilled.
Airada had also finally gotten a job at the Wachiratan Construction Company. She was personally interviewed by Wanrop, who is now developing a secret little crush on her.
Since she now had a decent job, Airada tried to persuade her sister to change her mind about marrying Wiwit. However, the stubborn Airin, refused.
“How am I going to get revenge on this guy if I don’t marry him?” asked Airin. “Look P’Da, it’s not like I’m serious about him. He’s hiring me to be his fake wife! We get money to pay off Mom’s debt and I get revenge on him!”
“I don’t know,” said Airada. “I just fear that you will cause havoc under the Wachiratan roof. You have to think about this carefully. They’re hi-so and poo dee and look at us! We’re just normal people.”
“Nee P’Da, since when have you been thinking nonsense?” asked Airin. “It doesn’t matter if we’re hi-so or low-so, we’re all humans!”
Airada shook her head.
“Alright, I give up,” she said. “I have to get ready for work now.”
“Oh yeah,” said Airin. “Today is your first day of work. Can I walk you to work?”
“No,” said Airada. “You might cause trouble.”
“Do you really think I’m a troublemaker?” asked Airin. “Na, na, please. There’s nothing to do at home anyway.”
“Okay, alright,” said Airada.

When they got to the company, Airada advised Airin to go home just in case her sister caused any trouble. Airin did as she was told and said goodbye and wished good luck to her sister.
Airada went inside the building and was surprised to see someone waiting for her. He was tall and gorgeous.
“Sawadee krub,” said the gentleman. “My name is Tawan, krub. Khun Wanrop asked me to walk you up to your office.”
Airada was confused. Her office?
“What office?” asked Airada.

“Khun Wanrop has arranged for me to set up your office krub,” said Tawan. “It will serve as your future working area and is conveniently right in front of Khun Wanrop’s office. If you ever need anything at all or have questions, you may ask me or Khun Wanrop.”
“Khun Wanrop asked you to do that?” asked Airada.
“Krub,” replied Tawan.
“Before going to the office may I see Khun Wanrop first?” asked Airada.
She felt like she didn’t deserve it. First of all, she didn’t even have a college degree and two, she was unsure if she could perform her duties well or not.
“Krub,” replied Tawan. “I will walk you up to his office right now, krub.”

It turns out Tawan was the chief financial officer of the company. His office was also on the same floor and hall as Wanrop.
Tawan led Airada to Wanrop’s office and knocked softly on the door. There was no response.
“Khun Wanrop is in the new office ka,” said Kwanfah, who is the secretary.
Her desk was situated right in front of Wanrop’s office.
Tawan led Airada to the room next door. They heard Wanrop’s voice and the sound of people moving furniture inside. This time, Tawan opened the door without knocking. When Wanrop saw the sight of them, he immediately went to greet Airada.
“Sawadee krub Khun Airada,” said Wanrop. “How do you like your office? Is it spacious enough?”
Airada felt uneasy.
“I don’t think I need an office,” said Airada.
“Aow, why not?” asked Tawan. “Aie Rop set this up specially for you.”
Airada turned to Wanrop, who looked disappointed.
“Khun Wanrop ka,” began Airada. “I’ve already told you that I lack a good educational background. I don’t deserve a working environment like this. I don’t deserve my own office.”
Wanrop and Tawan exchanged looks.
“Khun Airada krub,” said Wanrop. “Your position doesn’t require a high education. As long as you can read and write, you’re set. We’ll train you.”
“No buts,” said Wanrop. “If you have any questions, just ask me or Tawan. We’ll be glad to help. As for now, you should familiarize yourself with your new office.”
“Ka,” replied Airada.
“Khun Airada krub,” said Tawan. “No need to worry. I’m sure you can do it. You seem like a very intelligent woman.”
“Thank you, ka,” said Airada.

As soon as Airin got home, she changed into her boxing uniform and set out to the boxing gym to practice for a match later that night. When she closed the gate to her house, she turned to see Wiwit leaning on the wall, his arms folded.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“Where do you think?” asked Airin. “Are you blind? Perhaps, I’m going to a fashion show.”
Wiwit burst out laughing.
“If you were really going to be in a fashion show, people would probably run away,” said Wiwit. “Just look at yourself.”
He circled around her a few times and looked up and down.
“You don’t even look like a woman,” said Wiwit.
Airin clenched a fist and was about to punch him. Instead she retracted her arm and smiled.
“I think I’d better save my energy for tonight’s match,” she said.
Wiwit smiled back.
“You’re not going any match tonight,” said Wiwit. “You’re going with me.”
“What?” asked Airin, looking at him with a disgusted look on her face. “And you’re going to stop me?”
Airin continued walking but without warning Wiwit came behind and picked her up.
“Hey!” she exclaimed. “What the hell are you doing?! Put me down!”
Airin tried to wiggle free from his arms.
“Put me down now!” she demanded.
Wiwit ignored her and put her in his car. Then, before she could open the door and get out, he pressed the lock button.
“Look, I hope you remember our agreement,” he said.
“What about it?” asked Airin. “Don’t tell me you’re taking me to meet your family tonight.”
“Chai,” said Wiwit. “But not with you looking like this. My grandfather would probably have a heart attack to see his future granddaughter in law wearing a boxing uniform. He would assume I picked you up off the streets. Wait, I did pick you up from the streets.”
Wiwit laughed. Airin punched in the arm but he grabbed her hands.
“I think you’d better save your energy,” said Wiwit. “We’ve got a long way to go.”

Wiwit and Wanrop’s parents got back the day before. When they learned Wiwit was going to wed his girlfriend of two years, they were very excited for him. Everyone looked forward to meeting Airin, whom Wiwit bragged to be beautiful, lovely, and polite. Now, he had to change her up in order for her to fit his description.
Wiwit dragged Airin into an exquisite looking dress store. He demanded that she picked out several dresses to try on. Not wanting to disappoint the Wachiratan family, Airin did as she was told. If Wiwit broke their agreement, Airin would be doomed. Her mother’s debts would never be settled and her plans of torturing him would fail.
“Hurry up,” said Wiwit.
He was sitting at the sofa reading a magazine.
“Oh wait, never mind,” he said. “Take your time because a tomboy like you requires a significant amount of time to be transformed into a woman.”
Airin turned around and was about to curse him but kept it to herself.
“I’ll add that to my revenge list,” she muttered under her breath.
Finally, Airin narrowed her picks down to seven dresses. She had to try them on one by one for Wiwit to judge but he didn’t like any of them.
“You’re so tasteless,” he said.
Then, he noticed a simple pretty light pink dress sticking out a nearby rack. Wiwit picked it up and tossed it at Airin.
“Go try this one on,” he said.
Airin disappeared behind the dressing room curtains.
“And hurry up,” Wiwit added.
Airin reappeared before Wiwit a few minutes later. He was speechless. His jaws dropped and he just sat there and stared at her.
“What do you think?” asked Airin.
Wiwit blinked his eyes a few times and shrugged. Then, he nodded.
“Gaw okay,” he said. “We’ll take that one but don’t take it off.”
“Why?” asked Airin.
“So you can wear it while we shop, duh,” said Wiwit. “I’m not going to let you wear your boxing uniform while you’re out with me.”
“We still have more shopping to do?!” she asked loudly.
“Of course,” replied Wiwit.
He got up and turned to the saleswoman.
“Khun krub, can you help find some shoes to go with that dress?” he asked.
“Ka,” replied the saleswoman.

Airin had a hard time walking in her new heels and flowing dress. Every once in a while, Wiwit glanced at her laughed. They went into a few more stores and bought a few more dresses and shoes. Finally, Wiwit pulled her into a jewelry store. He told her to shush while he concentrated on deciding which jewelry set matched Airin the most. The saleswoman was kind enough to show Wiwit the most beautiful but simple ones that weren’t too luxurious. Wiwit picked out a simple necklace with diamonds all around and the matching bracelet and earrings. He offered to put them on for Airin but she refused and said she could put them on herself. Afterwards, he steered Airin to a hair salon.
“Just do whatever you can to make her look more girly,” he told the hairdresser.
About forty minutes or so, Airin was finally transformed into a true beauty.
“Suay mak ka,” said the hairdresser, showing her off to Wiwit.
Wiwit nodded.
“Krub, suay mak,” said Wiwit, under his breath.
He paid for the service and they left the mall. The final step was meeting Wiwit’s family…


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Wow after reading all your updates i really can't wait for Airin to move in with him.
That would be fun to read lol
Thank u for much for updating, i love this ff and it's always fun to read it ^^


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Chapter Six

The Wachiratan estate was magnificent. From the gate to the driveway to the grand entrance to the house, everything seemed very elegant.
“Oho,” said Airin, in awe. “Your house is this big?”
“Chai,” said Wiwit, pulling into the driveway.
His family, including Wanrop, was all waiting for them outside on the marble steps. Airin was relieved to see everyone looking content. She took a deep breath and exhaled.
“You scared?” asked Wiwit.
“Me? Scared?” asked Airin. “Please, you’re the one that should be scared.”
Now Wiwit looked scared.
“You better act like a poo dee,” said Wiwit. “Don’t make me lose face.”
“Don’t worry na,” said Airin. “You just wait and see.”
Wiwit parked the car in front of the entrance and opened the door for Airin. Then, he held out his arm to escort her up the steps. Airin put on a smile.
“Everyone, I’d like you to meet Airin, my girlfriend,” said Wiwit.
He looked very proud. Airin pretended that she was in a lakorn that played the role of the nang’ek. This was going to be easy and fun.
“Sawadee ka,” she said, looking at everyone.
Wanrop winked at Wiwit and smiled. Then, a woman who Airin guessed to be Wiwit’s mother stepped down and held out her hand.
“Come here and let me see your beautiful face,” she said.
“Rin ja, this is my mother,” said Wiwit, introducing her. “Khun Ying Napa Wachiratan.”
“Lovely,” said Khun Ying Napa.
“Wiwit, you have sharp eyes,” said the guy standing next to Wanrop.
Wiwit introduced Airin to his uncle, Khun Chai Prasoot Wachiratan. Then, he introduced everyone else to Airin, including the servants, maids, and driver.
“Alright, let’s not waste time,” said Khun Chai Akkarat, Wiwit’s father.
“Dinner should be ready by now,” said Khun Chai Akkara, Wiwit’s grandfather.

At dinner, Airin tried to be as poo dee as she could. However, everything and everyone looked so proper and elegant. Airin started to feel uncomfortable in her dress. The outfit she had on at the moment wasn’t her usual attire. Usually, she rocked jeans, a t-shirt, and Chuck Taylors. Otherwise, she’d be in a boxing uniform. Sitting at the table was especially hard because she had to, of course, sit next to Wiwit. On the other side of her was Khun Ying Napa, Wiwit’s mother. Airin felt uneasy every time Khun Ying Napa glanced over at her. The dining atmosphere was too much for her. On top of all that, she was surrounded by complete strangers.
“So not a long time from now, we’ll be one big happy family,” said Khun Ying Napa.
She seemed to like Airin very much. When they sat down at the table, Khun Ying Napa praised Airin for her good taste in clothing. Then, she praised Airin for her beauty.
Finally, all the food was brought out and set on the table. Airin looked at the dishes before her. She had never seen such a beautiful dinner table set up. Everything looked yummy.
“Noo Airin krub, go ahead and make yourself at home,” said Khun Chai Akkara.
“I hope you like the food here,” said Khun Chai Akkarat.
Wiwit started to pile a few items onto his plate.
“Aie Wit, grab some food for your girlfriend,” said Khun Chai Akkara.
“Yeah, don’t just sit there and enjoy yourself,” said Khun Ying Napa. “Have some responsibility for your girlfriend.”
Wiwit looked around at everybody and rolled his eyes.
“Krub,” he said, and he started to pile some food onto Airin’s plate.

After dinner with the Wachiratans, Wiwit drove Airin home and admitted that his mother really liked her.
“I hope you won’t let me down,” said Wiwit. “I hope you’re worth the six millions that I’m paying you for.”
“Hey, don’t forget that I saved your life too,” said Airin.
“Yeah, whatever,” said Wiwit.
When Airin got home, she told Wiwit that he didn’t have to go in but he insisted.
“I want to go say hello to my mother in law,” he told her.
Duang was thrilled to see Wiwit.
“So how did everything go?” asked Duang. “Did this bad little girl give you any trouble?”
“Mai krub,” answered Wiwit.
“Well when is the wedding?” asked Duang.
That was the problem. Wiwit had told his grandfather that Airin’s parents both passed away. Now, he couldn’t find the right words to explain to Airin’s mother. If his family knew about Airin’s true background, he’ll be in such a huge trouble.
“Uh…I don’t know yet krub,” said Wiwit, answering Duang’s question.
He pinched Airin on the arm and asked to speak to her privately outside.
“What do you want?” asked Airin.
“The thing is I don’t think it’s good for your mother to attend our wedding,” said Wiwit.
“Why?” asked Airin.
“Well think about it,” began Wiwit. “You don’t want my family to know that your mother is a gambler and alcohol addict. If they find out, our plans will be ruined. You won’t get your six million.”
Airin thought for a moment. Wiwit was right. She had to think of a way to steer Duang clear of the wedding.
“Khun Wit!”
Airin and Wiwit turned around.
“Aow, sawadee krub, khun pee sao,” said Wiwit to Airada.
Airada looked worried.
“P’Da, are you okay?” asked Airin.
“Rin, do you know that this whole area in our neighborhood and marketplace will soon be converted into a shopping complex?” asked Airada.
“Oho, don’t tell me Aie Rop put you on this project too,” said Wiwit.
“Chai,” said Airada. “What do you reckon I should do?”
“If this is true, everyone in this area must relocate,” said Airin.
“Khun Wit, you can’t build a shopping complex here,” said Airada. “These people have lived here for years. This is their home. If you demolish this marketplace, what are all these people going to do for a living?”
“Oy, P’Da, don’t waste your time talking to this clueless guy,” said Airin. “Since you work with Khun Wanrop, why don’t you talk to him about it?”
Airin looked at Wiwit.
“As for you, your job here is done,” said Airin. “You may leave now.”

That night, Airin confided in Airada that she had a plan to keep the marketplace.
“Once I marry that guy, I’ll talk to his folks about it,” said Airin.
“You think they’ll listen to you?” asked Airada. “They will lose millions if the project is canceled.”
“There must be a way,” said Airin. “I’m sure I can take care of it, P’Da. Don’t worry.”
They went to bed but Airin was sure her sister couldn’t sleep. The only thing on Airada’s mind was the residents in the area and the future of the marketplace. If the project was approved, it means that they have to relocate too…

Finally, the day of Khun William and Khun Dao’s welcoming party came. Everyone in the Wachiratan house woke up early in the morning to make sure everything was ready for the party later that evening. Belle went to the company along with her parents and planned to go shopping with them later.
“I need a dress for tonight,” she whined.
Wiwit’s ears perked up when he heard Belle’s voice. Perfect. He could offer to take her to the mall to pick out a dress. Since he was so busy the last two weeks, he wanted to make it up to Belle and ask her out…one on one. After all, he did promise her the first day she arrived that he would serve as a tour guide and show her around the city.
“Dee ka,” said Belle, after Wiwit offered to take her to buy a dress.
“Thank you so much na ka,” said Khun Dao, Belle’s mother. “William and I won’t have the time to take her out. We must stay here at the company and talk about our business project.”
“Chai,” agreed Khun William. “We were also looking forward to help prepare tonight’s welcoming event. We can’t just let you guys take care of everything.”
“Krub,” said Wiwit.
“Let’s go now,” said Belle. “I also have to get my hair and nails done too.”
On the way down to his car, Wiwit and Belle ran into Tawan and Peach.
“Where are you guys going?” asked Peach.
“Belle needs a dress for tonight so I offered to take her to buy one,” replied Wiwit.
“You should come too Picha,” said Belle.
Wiwit looked at Tawan and shook his head. He didn’t want Peach to go and spoil his one on one time with Belle. Wiwit winked at Tawan so he could steer Peach away. Tawan, however, did the exact opposite.
“We should go too Khun Picha,” said Tawan, looking at Peach.
“We?” asked Wiwit.
“Yeah, why not?” asked Tawan. “I’m free anyway.”
“Let’s all go, Khun Tawan,” said Peach.
Tawan nodded and Wiwit rolled his eyes. Darn!

While the girls tried on all the different dresses they picked out, Wiwit dragged Tawan out the store to the mall area.
“What the hell were you thinking?!” asked Wiwit. “Why did you two have to come along?”
Tawan laughed.
“Because I knew you wanted to hit on Khun Belle,” replied Tawan. “Honestly though man, I don’t think you should do that. You’re getting married. You should quit your playboy habits.”
“You don’t know the truth,” said Wiwit.
“What truth?” asked Tawan. “The truth is you’re cheating on your girlfriend. Perhaps, I should say fiance.”
Wiwit didn’t want to tell Tawan that he had an agreement with Airin, his supposed bride. The more people knew about, the more his plans had a high chance of being ruined.
Tawan waved his hand in front of Wiwit’s face to get his attention.
“What are you thinking about?” asked Tawan.
“Nothing,” replied Wiwit. “Let’s go back inside. The girls are waiting.”
Peach walked out of the dressing room with a mauve colored dress on. It was long and flowy on one side with a strand of sparkles travelling all the way up her shoulder strap. Tawan was breathless.
“She’s so beautiful,” he said to Wiwit. “Thank you for not marrying her.”
Wiwit grinned.
“You’re welcome,” said Wiwit. “Picha is like my younger sister and I see her nothing more than that.”
“She’s perfect,” said Tawan.
He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Peach twirled in front of the mirrors a few times.
“Very beautiful,” said Belle.
Now, it was Wiwit’s turn to be awestruck. His jaws dropped and his eyes did not blink.
“Suay mak,” said Wiwit.
Belle had on a vanilla colored dress which also had a sparkle design on the front.
“How do I look Khun Wiwit?” asked Belle.
Wiwit was silent. His eyes were still on her. Tawan slapped Wiwit on the back and brought him back into the world.
“Huh,” said Wiwit.
He put two thumbs up for both women. Tawan laughed and shook his head.

Wanrop knocked softly on Airada’s office door. When she called out sweetly for him to come in, Wanrop opened the door and then shut it closed behind him. Airada seemed startled to see the sight of Wanrop. She got up from her rolling chair immediately and greeted him.
“How is everything?” asked Wanrop. “Do you like your job?”
“Ka,” replied Airada.
“You seem unhappy,” said Wanrop. “Is there something wrong?”
Airada looked at Wanrop in the eyes.
“Can I ask you something?” she asked him.
“Of course,” replied Wanrop. “Anything.”
“I’m going to ask you frankly,” began Airada. “What do you think about all those people in the marketplace?”
“I don’t understand,” said Wanrop.
“The marketplace that you’re about to construct your shopping complex,” said Airada. “Have you ever thought about the feelings of all the residents there? What will happen to them after you accomplish your project?”
Wanrop slightly bowed his head and looked at the ground.
“What do you say?” asked Airada. “Have you any idea that the people there all depend on that marketplace for a living? Once you place your shopping complex there, what are those people going to do for a living? Where do you expect them to live?”
“I’ve thought about that before,” said Wanrop. “Do you remember that day when Wiwit and I first met you and Airin? We initially planned to go survey that area and estimate how much it costs to relocate those people.”
“Is that how you’re going to handle this issue?” asked Airada. “Money isn’t always the answer to everything. The people there have feelings too. They’ve lived there for a long time. That area is their home. How would they feel if they suddenly had to relocate?”
“I understand now,” said Wanrop. “That area belongs to the Wachiratan. Leave this matter to me. I’ll do the best I can.”
Airada shook her head.
“It’s too late now,” she said. “Your business partners, Khun William and Khun Dao traveled all the way from America to join you in this project. How are you going to explain to them?”
“I’m sure they’ll understand,” said Wanrop.
He stepped closer to her.
“I promise you I’ll do the best I can,” said Wanrop. “I’m sorry to have put you through this. Trust me; I won’t let you or your family relocate anywhere.”
“Khob jai ka,” said Airada.
“Khun Airada, krub,” said Wanrop. “Uh…
“If you have something else to say, go ahead ka,” said Airada. “I’m sorry I made you feel so bad about this.”
“Please don’t apologize krub,” said Wanrop. “It’s not your fault at all. Uhm…I was going to come in here and ask you to go to the welcome party tonight.”

Airada frowned.
“No, I think it’s better if I don’t go,” said Airada. “Events like that are not for me.”
“As an employee at this company, you should go krub,” said Wanrop. “Come on, I’ll take you out to get a dress.”
Airada looked considerate.
“Mai tong ka,” she said. “Mai dai.”
“Why not?” asked Wanrop.
Airada didn’t know what to say. The more she disagreed with him, the more he insisted. In the end, she found herself in the car with Wanrop to get a dress.

Since Belle was going to be at the party, Wiwit decided to come up with an excuse so that Airin would be absent. Everyone looked forward to seeing Airin but Wiwit lied and told them that she was sick.
“Sick?!” asked Airin angrily.
“Rin, honestly, I don’t think you should go,” said Airada.
Airin was furious after hearing about Wiwit’s lies from Airada. No matter what, she had to show up at the party.
“Mai dai,” said Airin. “I must go.”
“Rin, I didn’t even want to go to this party but Khun Wanrop really insisted,” said Airada. “I wish I didn’t have to but as an employee at the company, it would be kind of rude if I didn’t show up.”
“It’s okay,” said Airin. “I’m going with you and I’m going to…
“Going to what?” asked Airada.
“Nothing,” Airin quickly replied.
She didn’t want her sister know she was going to stir up trouble for Wiwit.
“Just wait and see,” Airin muttered under her breath. “I’m going to make you lose face in front of your girls.”

When the sisters got to the party, Wiwit was standing near the food tables chatting away happily with Belle.
“He think he can beat me,” said Airin. “I’m going to prove he’s no match for me.”
“Rin, please don’t do anything crazy,” said Airada. “I beg you.”
“Oh I won’t,” said Airin. “I know better than to disappoint my future in laws.”
“Khun Airada!”
A smiling Wanrop appeared next to the sisters. When he saw Airin, he seemed a little confused.
“I thought you were sick,” said Wanrop to Airin.
“I feel better now,” said Airin.
“Aow, Noo Rin.”
Khun Ying Napa put her arms around Airin and led her to the table. She introduced her future daughter in law to Khun William and Khun Dao.
“Very beautiful indeed,” said Khun William.
“Khun Wiwit really has sharp eyes,” said Khun Dao.
Khun Ying Napa told Airin to sit beside her. Then, she went to retrieve her son, Wiwit. When Wiwit saw the sight of Airin, he began to feel uneasy. Nevertheless, Khun Ying Napa dragged him back to the table. On the way there, a familiar face caught Wiwit’s attention…Mon! She was making her way towards the table. Wiwit tried to hide behind his mother.
Back at the table, everyone was laughing and seemed to be having a very good time. When Wiwit sat down, people started to congratulate him. Now, he was totally confused.
“Congratulations,” said Tawan, clapping his hands.
“Wiwit, we’ve decided to announce your wedding today!” said Khun Ying Napa happily.
“This is the best chance to do so since everyone is here,” said Khun Chai Akkara.
Wiwit looked at Airin beside him. She too, seemed completely alarmed by the news. At the same time, she was happy because as soon as they announce it, Wiwit was all hers…to control.

Finally, it was time to introduce Khun William, Khun Dao, and their daughter, Belle. Everyone applauded loudly. Then, it was time to announce Wiwit and Airin’s wedding.
Every soul in the room turned towards the door. There stood a woman that only Wiwit was familiar with…Nit! Wiwit could hardly believe it. Two of his ex-girlfriends in the same room with his love interest AND future wife. Now, he was really doomed. His legs were shaking. There were five women in the room all linked to him: two of his ex-girlfriends, Mon and Nit, his previous supposed fiance, Picha, his love interest, Belle, and his future fake wife, Airin. Wiwit stood there frozen next to the smiling Airin.
“How does it feel to be the loser?” she whispered in his ear. “Just look at that. All these women in here are after you. What will your grandfather say? What will people think?”


Live Love Laugh
I won't say I feel sorry for Wiwit. He brought that problem upon himself. He is a charmer and a playboy, but he is also an immature and irresponsible guy.

I have a feeling his grandpa and parents would want him to settle down sooner than later because of his life style. I like Airin's characters: her confident, her responsiblity to her family, and her can do attitude.

Khob khun mark na kha for another awesome update! Keep up the good work and I'll be here to support you.