Poo Furious With Joey’s New Girlfriend


sarNie Oldmaid
Source: Thairath | Translated by: Vicky at SPICY Fourm

She once showed signs of irritation when her ex-boyfriend, “Joey Boy” took his fallen love life to write a song in order to promote himself. Just recently, “Poo Priya” was so irritated once again when reporters broke onto the set of her lakorn, “Jak Ja Ruk Diew Jaht Hai” from Polyplus, in order to ask about Joey’s newest girlfriend “Kara Porter” the young actress and model who gave an interview saying that Poo called and screamed at her because of jealousy.

“I want to know if Kara really said that. I’m really serious about this kind of issue. Honestly, what did she really say? I’m being straightforward, if you ask me if I know of her, I don’t know her at all. All I know is that she goes to school at ‘Egkamai,” other than that I don’t know her. We’ve never worked together, she’s not under contract at Ch 7. I don’t know anything about me calling to yell at her, I would have to know that she’s P’Joe’s girlfriend, but I didn’t even know. What I know is that I erased P’Joe’s number a long time ago. I’ve started a new life and I am dating someone new. I wouldn’t go back and call her. I’m sorry but does she not have anything better to say? Why would she say such a thing? I’ve never done anything to her.”

You say it as if you’re angry?

“Before I wasn’t angry, I’ve left this issue as is for some time now. I’ve stopped being hurt for 2-3 weeks now, right now I’m happy. But once I heard about this, I was like “what the heck is this!” I tried to avoid it, but whatever, let her say what I said to her because I want to know too”

Are you mad then?

“Am I mad? No I’m not, but I think its such a ridiculous issue. I’m more mature now, even though I’m only 17 but I’m mature. P’Kara is older than me, I wouldn’t call her to scream at her. As for P’Joe, he’s someone I once loved, but I still wouldn’t call. If I did call, but I’ll be arguing with myself, because it will look like I want to get back together with him, but I didn’t, why would I call? One day if I did see Kara, I don’t think I would resolve this issue. I think its too silly to even resolve. If she likes Joey then go ahead, but don’t talk about me. They can love each other all the want, but I’m not involved anymore”

What about the new guy you’re currently seeing?

“If its okay, I don’t want to say, but its not anyone on this set and not on the OIC radio show(referring to DJ Man)”


sarNie Juvenile
He is umm... :wacko: looking. Poo is way to sexy to have ever gone out this is dude. She could do much better than that.


sarNie Adult
What do you guys think about Joey? He's so ugly. I don't know how Poo became his girlfriend in the first place. I just think that Poo is way too too pretty for him. And I don't understand why young girls seem to fall for him......maybe he has charms. But for me...charms or money would not work for me....as a regular person. Sorry...if I offend Joey's fans (if he has any):(


bite me x___
OMG.. how could he get any of these ladees? He is so.. EW! uMm.. she can do better then him! So better and he is way TOO old for.. she likes old guys?


sarNie Granny
there not together anymore are they??? poo is way too pretty and talented for him