Poo Priya Takes Her Beauty Out of the Country...P'Nut?



April 17, 2007
Poo Priya takes her beauty out of the country.. Nut afraid that "true love will lose to distance"

She has said that she's going to go study abroad but her love life is so sweet with P'Nut Sarasas like this.. will nong Poo risk with the curse of "true love loses to distance" which has caused many couples to split?

What do you say Poo?
"I'm still going ka. I'm going to fly to see the school soon. Just waiting for the lakorn and movie to wrap up"

And what about P'Nut.. is he worried?
"His mom and dad are worried if i'm going to go like someone else. I've told P'Nut to prepare himself beforehand just in case I really do like someone else. But I don't think so because I'm not that type of person. When I love someone, I really love him."

Has P' Nut said anything?
"P'Nut is afraid. He tells me everyday to be careful. But that's it. P'Nut is older. He knows what should be done and what shouldn't be done. But I really love him. You see, I talk about P'Nut often. Who's going to come out and talk like this...there aren't very many. Other stars don't talk about this. So P'Nut should understand now na"

With so much work, how much time do you get to see each other?
"The day before we got to see each other from 11 o'clock to 2 am. We stayed with each other the whole time. Or like on the day when I finish modeling early, we'll make plans to meet."

Where did you guys go that caused you to stay out until 2 am?
"We went to buy 2 puppies...one for each of us. We helped each other pick and helped each other buy them. They're our dogs. Usually you'll see a boyfriend buy a dog for a girlfriend. P'Nut didn't want that. He was afraid that if we broke-up, he wouldn't get to see the dog. But the dogs are ours. We spent a lot of thousands [baht] on them"

Why did you buy it, you're going abroad soon?
"P'Nut said it was a good idea. He wants to keep them so he won't be lonely, so the dogs can be there in my place for now. The dogs will also have my scent. That's why P'Nut wants the dogs to be with him"


I love how direct Poo is. I hate it when celebs deny relationships or say they're "just friends" or "brother/sisters". :)


if it was any other star i would roll my eyes.. but if poo can stay with joey boy after all that scandals.. she'll stay with this guy unless he himself cheats on her.. plus it's not like he's poor where he cant fly out to see her often..


sarNie Adult
Poo is an attractive girl and it is so likely that she can get another guy cuz it's easy and plus long distance relationship is kinda hard. But if it's true love they might be together after all. It depends on how deep is their love.
hmm...i mean poo sounds honest and all, but who knows, since i don't think that they'll actually last enough to get married, etc., but for the timebeing, i think that they'll be fine. the distance thing might affect their relationship though, but not the issue of poo seeing someone else overboard.


sarNie Adult
cuz she is still ypung there is more likely that she might not end up with him. America is a fun place and people can have so much fun and freedom over here. She still needs to explore, but time will tell and if they r really meant to be with each other.


sarNie Egg
in my opinion i think that poo can find someone better ... she's too pretty for the guys she dates