Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma(No Problem)



Wallie credits: Bellefire

Casts: Por Thrisadee, Ploy Cherman, Tui AF, Maprang
Channel: Ch.3 (No Problem)
Aired Date: July 19th 2009
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“Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma (Headman Lee and Miss Nang)”

Romance/Comedy, 2009, Ch3, Subbed by Wishbone


Malinee (Ploy Cherman) is a famous model living in Bangkok. One day, she receives a letter from Phoo Yai Leenawat (Por Thrisadee), the headman of Howling Dog Creek village. The letter said Madam Wan, her grandmother has passed away and left her several acres of land and her house in Howling Dog Creek village. Her grandmother had dreamed her granddaughter would leave Bangkok and come live in the country. If Malinee or Ma for short can not sell the land to just anyone. If she does not want to keep the land, she must sell it to Poo Yai Lee only.

Malinee had no intentions of going to Howling Dog Creek village until she catches her boyfriend Pradit (”Tui” Kiatkamol Latha) of cheating. To escape him, she takes a trip to Howling Dog Creek village. There, she meets a country guy but does not know it is Poo Yai Lee.

Poo Yai Lee falls in love with Ma instantly but is annoyed by city slicker personality, so he makes it a point to tease her. Like in most lakorns, Ma learns to adjust to country life and falls in love Poo Yai Lee in a comic fashion.
wishboniko has uploaded interview with the cast on Star Stage. Here are the links.

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sarNie Oldmaid
i saw the old version but not quite remember though, i think pra aek was A-Anan and Noi Busakorn. yeah why Por?! he has too many la korns. come on ch3 give him too many la korns. should have get another pra aek. how boring.


sarNie Elites
I totally agree and what's with ch3 doing remakes one after another. Is thailand running out of actors?????


sarNie Oldmaid
i'm happy to see por t again, but why ploy? why not namfon p? :(


sarNie Hatchling
LOL Por's a great actor so I'm happy he's on a roll. And woohoooo ploy! Although namfon would be better but ploy's gorgeous so it doesnt matter.


sarNie OldFart
I want to see Por with Fon again also. Miss them terribiley but I love Por with Ploy also they were the cutest thing in RUk Leh Sanae Luang :wub: I guess No Probelm production is promoting Por. They've only produced one lakorn which was Awayjee See Chompoo and now this one and Por's ion both of them. Their first lakorn was great hope this one will also!


sarNie Adult
I'm glad por has more upcoming lakorns, I love this guy but his n'ek's are...I like them, his n'eks, individually, like I'm a big fan of ploy whether she's playing n'ek or n'rai, but I just haven't found a girl to be his onscreen partner...I like fon but they haven't been in many lakorns, I don't like him adn pat together, I think they look weird together, sorry to their fans...well, since bao is already his offscreen partner, she can be his onscreen one too, hehe
I am anticipating this one, i'm sad awayjee's ending but he has so much more lakorns lining up


sarNie Oldmaid
wow. this will be interesting. Anan and Noi did a great job in the first one cuz i know my parents laughed like no other. I didn't watch all of it, but the parts I watched were funny. Hopefully Por and Ploy can live up to the performance of Anan and Noi.


Expired Sarnie
ploy i am so used to her as nang rai or supporting cast and it should have stay that way. i am not feeling her nang ek roles.


sarNie Oldmaid
ploy's a better actress than some nang'ek though. aw i can't wait for this one. they were so cute in their first one togethe


sarNie Adult
Yup this is a remake.. the old version starring Nattarika (the girl who played with Sarunyu in Dome Tong). N'ek plays like a city girl who goes to the country side and at first was stuck up and later tries to prove herself that she can fit in as well..at least something like that. It was a short Lakorn