Porp Pee Fah (Kantana)


sarNie Adult
i wonder who will be the mute little sister...i remember yardthip play that character very well.

lakorn watcher

sarNie Adult
Aww...Why are they making Yui the second lead? I hate that especially when Yui had a lakorn with Oil before. It's weird to be seeing them not getting paired up.


Official Robert Pattinson Ambassador
Yui might be the Pee Porb (the demon ghost).... who knows she won an award for playing nang rai so she might want to try something new like a ghost part....


sarNie Oldmaid
Nooooooo...I wanted to see Oil and Yui together again..!!! UGH...Hate this..!


sarNie Oldmaid
i read somewhere there are 2 versions before this one. i know noon w is in one but who played in the other version?


sarNie Granny
i want u to play another revenge lakorn again cause the her last lakorn was good but i somehow don't really like the p'ek..i mean he is okay lookin..


sarNie Oldmaid
monrudee was in the old version?
I don't think she was in it..Or maybe she was just I don't remember because it was OLDDDD lol..All I remember was the ghost eating someone lol..Even the pra aek I can't remember who it was..Basically I remember only the eating part lol..