Por's Gallery #44


sarNie Juvenile
THey looks soo freakin HOT!!
I luv them! They r the hottest new couple!


sarNie Adult
Wow, this is a great photo shoot. Both Por and Namfon look so good together!

Can't wait for the ending of Jao Sao Ban Rai to be available-- love watching them onscreen together. :p


sarNie Coma
namfon looks soo pretty!!..gosh they look so darn cute together..i like the black/white picture of them in the background..but yeh have you guys seen these pic..thanx to diamond from spicy!

namfon so pretty!



sarNie Adult
i like these pictures! really cute!! also i like teh picture of por in jao sao ban rai that is hanging on his wall where he touches his hat! that one is cute!! :D