Por's Gallery #48

Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
Credits to www.por23thrisadee.com. This issue of Oops must be for Mother's Day because there is a few page of info on Por's mom. As you can see, Pat and Meji were there with Por and their moms as well. How nice!! I'm glad to see how connected Pat and Por are!! That's really special to see Pat, Por, Meji and their moms on stage together. Look at the way Por stared at Pat in the 5th picture...It's super sweet!! Sorry the pictures are so tiny. I couldn't upload them at their original size.

Awww...nice pose of Pat and Namfon...

What is being kept a secret, Por?

Por and his mom...

If you observe the photo closely,
you will see Por, Pat, Meji and their moms... :p

Por and his mom celebrating his graduation...
Por is always holding his mom's hand...What a sweetheart!! B)

What game is this?