Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)


OM play with both CH3 & CH7? hope they promote him to pr'ake someday.
Om is a Polyplus actor, so therefore he stars in both ch3&ch7 lakorns cus Polyplus is with ch3&ch7

is om handsome???? i never seen him b4......i wish yui is the n'ek...i dunt like aump...
Om was in Jao Ying Lum Sing with Pinky&New as a villain prince. Then there's Mon Ruk Kao Tom Mud with Pat&Film but he was paired up with Ploy Chidjun. And latest lakorn was Sapai Glai Peun Tiang with Ann&Krit, paired with Tarn Kanya.

This is Om.



sarNie Egg
omg weir is super cute with his sunnies.....n i miss watching him....its been 6 months n his lakorns are not aired yet....previous year he had lakorn after lakorn.....n rite now...deres not much about him...its been pretti quite....newase i agree weir should get paired up wit sumone different.....


You're Average Person :)
just wanna spam and say I'm in love with Om Akapan! Too bad he's a baddie in here...but still watch for him lolz


sarNie Adult
i don't want Oum to play the bad guy. is he pair with Yui? hope they get together.


Om said he's going to play a mafia in here......grrr....why he gotta be the bad guy
Er, I don't like him being bad! Why oh why? I'm afraid I'm going to end up not liking him again like in JYL. Lol. But he'll definitely be a cute mafia like how he was such a cute police man in SGPT :wub:



Aum Patcharapa as Janshai
Yui Jeeranan as Pandoen
Weir Sukollawut as Anon
?? Akkarapun as Daycho

Coming Soon @ TV7


sarNie OldFart
I think Wier looks better w/ Yui than Aum. She looks so pale here. But then I think Yui and Om will look good together too. Paweena is in here too? I guess she must be working for Ployplus? She's such a hot nang'rai!


sarNie Egg
ahhhh omgosh the teaser looked so good. wish there was more to watch! aum looks amazingggggg, especially in the scene where she was hugging weir. can't wait for this lakorn...