Precious Stones: Chapter One

Precious Stones
Forbidden love. Wild love. Unexpected love.

The Princesses
Jade portrayed by Noon
Known for her straight-forward attitude and strictness.

Sapphire portrayed by Pinky
Known for her stubborn behavior and signature smile.

Opal portrayed by Pancake
Known for her outgoingness and headstrong attitude.

Other Cast
Cee S. | Win T. | Vier S.

He smiled. "I love you, Jade."
"I love you too," Jade replied. "But you-"
"I'm a commoner, I know. I just wish that we could be together."
"Of course we can be together!"
Cee looked up. "How can we be together?"
"I'll- I'll- I'll run away with you."
"You can't, Jade!" Cee protested. "Your parents, your sisters..."
"They'll be fine without me, I'm sure."
Jade brought her hand up to Cee's lips. "I've made up my mind. Don't change it."


"Princess, you know I can't possibly let you go out and party!" Win protested, sighing.
Sapphire threw her handbag to Win. "I'll do what I want to do, thank you very much."
"Please, Win! I'm 19 and want to party. What is wrong with that?"
"Princess, you can't possibly go party! The king-" Win was cut short.
"Stop thinking about Dad for one moment, will you?"
"I can't, Princess."
Sapphire rolled her eyes. "And stop calling me princess! The name's Sapphire."


"I hate you!" Opal screamed, her eyes filled with rage.
Vier rolled his eyes. "I know you hate me, but we're engaged." He smirked. "You're my fiance."
"Don't you dare use the f word with me..."
"The f word? Oh god."
"Let's make this simple," Opal sighed. "I hate you. You hate me."
"So what? You're my fiance."
"I said no f word!"
Vier shrugged. "What's wrong with the word fiance?"
"I don't like it."
He smirked. "But I do. Besides, what is there about me not to like? I'm a prince!"
Opal rolled her eyes. "And I'm a princess, wow."​


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"What are you doing in my bedroom?" Jade shrieked, her eyes wide with terror.
"I'm here to send you to my boss," the masked man replied. "Why, scared?"
"N- n- no," Jade stuttered. "Of course not."
The masked man grabbed hold of Jade's arm. "Come with me!" he ordered.
"No!" Jade protested, trying to squirm free. "Let me go!"
"You wish," the masked man replied, laughing. He brought his hand up to the princess' lips. "Now shut up."
"Mmmmmmmmm!" Jade screamed.
Just at that moment, the door bursts open. "Let her go!" Cee ordered, bringing out his gun.
Jade bit the masked man's hand and faught free of his grasp. She ran over to Cee, hiding behind him.
However, the masked man brought out his mask, put it on, and lit the sleep bomb.
In a matter of seconds, both Jade and Cee were sprawled on the floor.
"And in the end I was smarter," the masked man snickered. "Again."


"Now what?" Win asked, raising his eyebrow.
Sapphire sighed. "I don't know, ok? How am I supposed to know?" She laughed. "That's what the council is for."
"But Princess Jade is missing!"
"I know, I know. Jeez Win."
"Sorry," Win apologized. "But we really need to think of something fast. Before the king-"
"I'll just say she went with Opal." Sapphire pauses. "By the way, where's Opal?"
Win shrugged. "Maybe she's with her fiance."
Sapphire rolled her eyes. "Unless Jade and Dad are there to make her, Opal's not going anywhere near him."
"What if the masked man also took Princess Opal?" Win asked.
"Impossible! Opal's always with Mom, and Mom has a ton of guards surrounding her."
"Then where is Princess Opal?"
"Stop with the princess thing, alright? Jade, Opal, and I are fine with you calling us by our names."
Just at that moment there was a gunshot from the across the hall.
It was, ironically, Opal's room.


"You bastard, why the hell did you shoot?" Opal yelled. "I told you not to shoot."
Vier sighed. "But the snake-"
Opal rolled her eyes. "There's no snake, Vier."
"I- I- I saw-"
"But there was no snake there! Now the whole palace is going to come to my room and think that we're both dead."
"That gunshot wasn't that loud, you know...," Vier protested.
"Not that loud?" Opal asked rethorically. "Oh yeah, when are you going back to wherever you're from?"
"The king is letting me stay until the wedding, then I take you-" He reached for her hand.
Opal shot Vier a don't-you-dare-touch-me look. "I'm not going anywhere with you!"
Before Vier could reply, he heard Sapphire and Win pounding furiously on the door.
Opal rolled her eyes, swearing at Vier. "It wasn't that loud!" she imitated.
"Opal, are you ok?" Sapphire yelled from outside.
"I'm fine," Opal assured, opening the door. "That was loud, right?"
"Yeah," Win replied. He looks around. "Is by any chance Jade with you?"
Opal shook her head. "No. Last I saw her in her walking to her room. Why?"
"She's missing," Sapphire replied, catching her breath.​


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Next chapter find out who the masked man is. Or was. Either way he's not letting go of Jade & Cee that easily. But what happens when the mess leads to another -bigger- mess?
Chapter One

Jade tried squirming free but it was no use. "You can let me go now, you know..."
The masked man smiled. "Alright, Jade."
Cee stared at Jade and the masked man questioningly. "What- what the hell is going on? Jade?"
"Wait, I can explain," Jade replied. "The guy's name is Peter, he's my cousin."
Peter nodded. "Yeah, that's right. Jade here wanted to have some alone time with you, so she told me about the kidnap plan."
Cee's jaw dropped. "What do you mean 'alone time', Jade?"
" I said earlier," Jade replies. "Why?"
"So you kidnapped the both of us JUST for that?"
Jade sighed. "Listen, Cee. Some time later, when I'm ready, I'll tell you to bring me back. You'll be a savior, and Dad's sure to let us marry."
"How about your sisters, Jade?"
"Sapphire and Opal will be fine without their older sister nagging them, trust me."


"So now what?" Win asked, shaking his head.
Opal shot Vier a warning. "Get out, before I...I- I make Win kick you out!"
"Opal, be nice!" Sapphire reminded, sighing. "He is your fi-"
"Don't you dare say the f word, Sapphire!"
Win laughed.
"Alright, I'm going. You don't have to be so harsh, you know."
"Right, of course," Opal replied, rolling her eyes.
With that, Vier left, slamming the door.
"Will SOMEONE answer my question?" Win asked.
Sapphire raised an eyebrow. "What was your question?"
Win sighed. "My question was what we are going to do next."
Opal smirked. "How about something to eat? I'm hungry."
"It's no time for being hungry, Opal! We need to rescue Jade!"
"You make it sound so easy," Opal commented. "But face the truth: it's not."
"It's not easy to do alone, but we have 3-" She glaced at Win. "Well, maybe 2 1/2 people helping us."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Win whined, making a face. "I'm 1/2 a person?"
Opal laughed. "You said that, not us!"
"Right, listen to Opal Win. You said it yourself."
"Seriously, what are we going to do?" Win asked for a 3rd time.
Sapphire rolled her eyes. "Find Jade." She laughed. "And you said you were smart."
"I meant AFTER that," Win countered.
Opal rolled her eyes. "How about we go to Jade's room to look for clues?"
Win turned towards Opal. "Since when did you become Sherlock Holmes?"
"Since I had Sapphire as a sister," Opal replied, smirking.
"Hey! Take that back!" Sapphire yelled.
"Alright, but only after you accept it's true."
"Fine, maybe it is- is- is- true. Gosh you guys!"
Win laughed. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go already!"​


Jade planned the kidnap herself so she can be alone with Cee and make him look like he's the savior afterwards ^_^
Love the talks between Opal and Sapphire.
Weir walked out. He seems like "kon jai noy" Lol.