Preem,Mew,Bella,Taew,Mint (KULLASATREE Vol.42 no1016 May 2013)


sarNie Juvenile
Commens on the cover page:
Like ranida's pose.. rawr!
I Love taew's dress & make up.. really brings out her beauty. :)
Totally love Mew's make up also.. She's really pretty. 
Bellas looks like a villain .. but still pretty :D
As for chalida.. i love her... as always. LOL
anyways, here's one photo from Mint C's fc fb page:

nahh this is what i so so like..gorgeous M&M (Mew&Mint) <3


sarNie Tombstone
they all look good but except Preem she look awkward and stiff doing those mad face 


Mew & Mint are so pretty!!! Bella look different but she okay I guess and Taew is cute....


Mews make up is soooo much nicer close up!! Bella does look older than the rest and not her best shoot! Taew is so freaking sexy in red!!! Chalida beautiful go figure!!! Lol Preem looks sweet!!!


sarNie Adult
I think Taew is older Bella, BUT Bella look so much older from the rest of the girls. That's why I'm not excited about her part and James J because she look much older than James.


sarNie OldFart
The girls looked great except for Bella.I don't know if it's just me but Bella doesn't look good at all in this magazine shoot. I couldn't even recognize her. I didn't even know who she was until I looked at the pictures longer. I don't think she match dramatic/smoky kind of makeup. Beside that and the girls' looks, the picture came out nice.


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
I don't know...but I'm not that satisfied with this shoot. I like the concept, and they're all lovely ladies in their own way, but I don't find it their best shoot together. They all look good, but only a few pulled off the look, and not the others. All the makeup are nice, but I just don't really like it. :huh: Too lazy to go into details why I find fault with this shoot hehe. :p Preem is the prettiest for this shoot, but in other pictures, she doesn't look that great. And that nose of hers... :nono1: Taew isn't that pretty to me, but she looks decent in some pictures. Mint...ah, poor Chalida still needs to improve on her facial expressions. :) I don't find Mew that pretty either. :no: She stands out the least for this shoot, in my opinion; even Bella stands out more. :lol: Their dresses are pretty, but not that jaw-dropping. Somehow, this shoot isn't that outstanding despite the pretty ladies. :D But it's just me. ^_^


sarNie Adult
Ah, this shoot is ok. I guess they can be a bit unconfrontable because it look like there first shoots. Will for some of the girls. Mint look pretty as alwaies, just some facials bothers me. But I still love her. Taew is cute. Belle and new ahh, they are cute but awkwardly cute