Prison Break


I used to watch it, I used to be addicted to it, and I used to be excited over it but i missed a couple episodes and didn't bother to go back and watch it until i realized how lost i was lol. But let me say WENTWORTH MILLER IS SOOOOOOOOO FINE!


Wanna-Be เจ้าชู้

The boyz need to go back and get the girl.

And the back pack would be wonderful.

And man... does the asian dude irritate me.

He isn't a good bad guy.


sarNie Egg
Wentie is indeed very hot!

I love this show, but imo I think season 1 was so much better. I am glad to hear that season 3 is going back to his roots yeah! I can't wait 5 months! That is too long!

T-bag is awesome! hahaha


sarNie Adult
I already finished season 1 to 3...and it's cool...but for now my fave is still season 1...:lol: I'm so waiting for season 4 or the continuation of season 3 if ever...


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i watch this show. i didn't see season 1. i watched season 2 i think the finale or 1 or 2 episodes n then i finished watching season 3. yea wentworth miller is hot. hes my fave actor. can't wait till season 4.


Just plain obsessed
I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I've been watching continuosly since the first season, it's always so intense and unpredictable...the only thing I'm sure of is that everytime they hit an obstacle, Michael always overcomes it.

So, here's a brief summary of each season:

Season 1: Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominc Purcell) were estranged brothers after their mom died...they went on completely different paths. Michael went on the straight and narrow, he went to a prestigious university, I forgot which when Lincoln landed in prison for assassinating the Vice-President's brother, he cut all ties with him, and took his mother's last name, which is Scoffield...But that changed after Veronica, Lincoln's ex, told Michael the reason why Lincoln got into that much trouble because he had borrowed money from the wrong people to put Michael through college. That's when the plan to break Lincoln out began. With the genius Michael is, he managed to find a way to tattoo the whole prison blueprint on his body...and everything he had on him was a useful tool to help break Lincoln out. Other prisoners slowly started to find out and either were incentives or flight risks...a plan that was set for two people came to about 6. On the outside, Veronica got closer and closer to finding out Lincoln was framed and that the VP's brother is still alive and that a group of people called The Company is behind it all. Of course there's no great conspiracy without a cover-up. This is also when Michael was falling for the prison's nurse and Governor's daughter, Sara...Michael unintentionally got her involved in his breakout.


Just plain obsessed
Season 2: Basically, all the men are on the run with their separate vendettas...But now, the company and the FBI are not only after the men, but anyone involved with them, women and children...Veronica finds out that the VP's brother was never dead, and she called Lincoln to tell him, right after she does, The Company shoots her to death...So Lincoln's son LJ got framed for killing his mom and stepdad to get Lincoln to show his face. But of course, the brothers are able to rescue LJ and let him stay with Veronica. Mahone, a drugged up FBI agent, stops at nothing to track the brothers down, because his family is being threatened by The Company. The brothers finally get reunited with their father, to find out Lincoln was in his pedicament because of his was a short lived reunion when Mahone shoots their father and he dies in Michael's arms. The Company sends their men to find Sara to get Michael...they do that by killing her father first, then torturing her to get information about Michael. But Michael and Sara get reunited, and even the guy that tortured Sara is helping the brothers bring down the VP...without realizing how powerful The Company is. While Sara goes on trial for helping Michael, that man decides to reveal the whole truth about the conspiracy against Lincoln, so all charges against him are dropped. Sara goes to Michael in Panama to tell him only to find out The Company isn't finished with him. They arrange to frame Michael for murder, so he can get sent to prison. But Sara ends up killing the Company's man and Michael takes the fall, because of his love for her and wanting her to be safe.


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Season 3: Michael is stuck in SONA, a dangerous prison in Panama where the inmates have taken over, and most most importantly, no one's ever been able to break out alive. On the outside, Lincoln find out from The Company's worker named Gretchen that they are holding LJ and Sara hostage so the brothers can work for them. Michael has to find a man named Whistler, and break him out...With his nephew and the woman he loves lives' on the line, Michael does everything he can to...even Sucre, Michael's cell mate at Fox River came to help. To motivate Michael and as a warning to the brothers for attempting to rescue Sara and LJ. They cut off Sara's head and sends it to Lincoln. So Michael digs a hole through a secret room in SONA to get himself, Whistler, as well as other felons. Mahone ends up in SONA too after Michael plants drugs on his boat. Bellick, Fox River's prisonguard was framed for murder while he was hunting Michael down Last season...and T-Bag the resident bad guy/perv just got caught. But Michael finds out that Whistler isn't the normal fisherman he claims to be. Lincoln cooperates with Whistler's girlfrend, Sophia, and develops feelings for her. After Michael breaks out, his only concern is to kill the woman that killed Sara. This season ends with the brothers going their separate ways, and Sucre being stuck in SONA.


Just plain obsessed
Season 4 so far: Whistler and Mahone work for The Company to get Scylla, information that can bring down the company. Michael tracks Gretchen to LA to kill her, only to have her tell him she never killed Sara. Whistler tries to tell Michael his plan to take down The Company only to get shot in the head by The Company's hitman. While making a call to Lincoln, Michael and Lincoln get arrested by the FBI...and an agent there makes a deal with the brothers...that if they help him get Scylla, then they are free men, with their slates wiped clean. They instantly decline, and a close friend to Sara bails them out and takes them to where he was hiding Sara. During the reunion, the hitman is already there to kill them all. Now they have no choice but to take the deal, but this time, Michael isn't leaving Sara behind. The FBI agent gets Sucre, Bellick, and Mahone as well as a computer genius to help them. This time, the Company has sent out their ruthless enforcer, who killed Mahone's 6-year-old son to get to him. The FBI is skeptical about the project, so they try to pull the plug on it, right when the gang finds out that Scylla is not just a memory disc, but there are 6 of these discs that they need to get before they can break into a building, that they don't know what or where it is, to get the encoder in order to access the information. T-Bag has become an unknown complication because he took Whistler's position in that very company that The guys will need to get to after they get the cards.

This season is their best and different season so far, with different challenges and a new task for Michael. It's a must see, each episode is more intense and suspenseful than the next. I highly recommend this season. Plus, Michael and Sara get to be together...but something is wrong with Michael, and he knows it. He's hiding how often he gets bloody noses...


Just plain obsessed
I think I'm the only one that watches this show here...but I'll rant anyways...Prisonbreak has always been a show known for it's suspense and intensity, and four years later, nothing has changed...I feel like I'm in a theater watching a movie everytime I watch an episode...especially last night's episode was way intense than any Prisonbreak episode I've ever seen, and I've followed this show since the beginning. So much stuff was going on, plans failing, plans popping up out of nowhere, people completely surprising you...last night's episode was more than a nail biter, it was a finger biter...I kept covering my eyes, screaming, saying "That's what you get," and acting as if the cast can hear me...Well, we all know what happens to men that betray the die. They finally caught the hitman!!! That was crazy, and sometimes, I forget how smart Michael is and underestimate him, so when he does stuff to get things done, it surprises me. They have one card left, then they break into a company for the decoder...I can't wait to see how it will end! Especially what will happen with my precious Wentworth.


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Last night episode was great. I love it. I was disappointed to see the Asian guy to die though. I know he deserved it, but he added something new to the show. Next week episode is going to be crazy. I watched the sneak peek and oh my, poor Michael.