Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tue [Exact]


sarNie Oldmaid
yeah hope it's true also, been wanting to see aom+pong pair up. i've seen the old version with nusaba+suntisouk was a good story


sarNie Coma
i also miss aom. i didnt really watch her previous drama and its her first n'rai role too

hopefully this is true cuz i would love to see her with pong and then chakrit! if possible, tik would be a plus too


Pong and Aom! That's a hot pair!! Hope it's true! Aom haven't had much lakorns out lately...Err, I still need to finish Arthit ching duang. Lol. But, please let this be true! Hot Pong and Gorgeous Aom!!


sarNie Adult
Ahhh I've been waiting for a remake of this forever. Good story, Sarn's type of story. :lol: Aom/Pong should be interesting, hopefully they'll have chemistry.


sarNie Adult
what's the storyline? never seen/heard of this b4 but so glad for aom having a lakorn would this be the first pairing of these two?


sarNie Adult
i love this lakorn and was so hopeing they would remake it. hmmmm aom would be fine but i rather see her with tik since it's channel 5.

excited wow!


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Whoa! Pong&&Aom?!
intresting pairs!
dang! Pong is so handsome that he keeps getting more lakorn after another.
LOL :p
it hope it's confirm XD


why do you know that they do not match at all????

Pong is a great actor and Pi Aom is a super great actress XDDD


sarNie Elites
Aom is a good actress but I don't see the chemistry between them and she looks too old for him anyway.


Aom looks not old for him she looks still young hihi^___^

Pongs born 10 July in year 1978[2521] and Aom in year 1975[2518]