Pyare Mohan

i just watch this movie a couples times ago and i think it's a really good movie.
A very beautifull story which show the world right now and it's like an utopie because it's a story of two friend, one can't see and the another can't watch and they go on the world and show that u don't need anything, only the love and a good heart.... they will meet two sister who sing and fall in love..... the scene is beautifull and it's like u are in a wonderfull world.
here some picture of this film:

Credits to a u-blog bollywood fan


sarNie Egg
It seem like it a funny movies... but I think the n'ke is too pretty for the p'ke.....

it's weird that this movie and TOM DICK AND HARRY came out around the same time....with similar stroylines in that T,D & H are BLIND, DEAF, and Mute. I like Pyare Mohan better though.